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A Lost Hero - Happy2343

The land of Ooo is gone, all that remains is one of the hero’s who vowed to protect it. What happens when he escapes to Equestria, bringing destruction with him?

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A Good Night

Finn’s eyes fluttered open, but he could barely see anything. To call it blurry would be an understatement, everything was a giant blob of color. There were no defined borders, just a transition from one color to another.

Over the course of a few seconds, something orange came into his vision, blocking his view of everything else. ‘What Happened?’ Finn thought as he tried to recall the events of the night before.

Something was said, but when the sound hit his ears, it came back distorted and twisted. He couldn’t make out a single thing. He opened his mouth and attempted to say, “What”, But it came out as a raspy breath.

His hand swept to his head, he felt a bump. He gritted his teeth at the touch on his head. ‘Something… attacked us?’

He felt the heat on his skin. It wasn’t as hot as the fire was. ‘Maybe Luna put it out?’ He coughed. It was a pained cough; one done due to the pain and hurt he had sustained. ‘What did I fight?’

Finn’s vision and hearing began to clear. He looked to his right, the dresser was no longer on fire, instead, it was only scorched black, as if it had only been touched by the fire. ‘Glob, I need to sleep…’ Finn tried to look past the orange mass in front of him to see where Luna is, but was unable to. The orange mass just moved to wherever he looked.

Finn coughed again. His vision sliding from blurry to extremely blurry. He thought he heard someone say, “Sorry Finn.” He recognized the voice.



Immediately his vision had fixed itself along with his hearing. Now clearly in front of him was his girlfriend, tears of flame going down her face. She fell backward into her butt, exhaling hard. She was mumbling something Finn couldn’t hear.

“Flame Princess!” Finn exclaimed.

Her hands were clasped over her mouth, “S-sorry,” She said with trepidation, “And please don’t call me that…” She added with a somber tone, “I’m not really qu-”

“You-you’re alive!”

Phoebe tensed up, then smiled, “Well yeah you dummy,” she said with a laugh, “I was able to escape, but, glob,” she looked Finn in the eyes, “I never thought I’d see you again.” She smirked, “Or do this.”


Phoebe lunged forward hugged him. Her deep red armor rubbing against his sky blue cotton shirt. She buried her head in his chest. Finn, still on the ground, hugged her back. “How’re you?” He’s asked.

“I thought you were gone, dead, and that’s the first thing you ask?” She said as she nestled her head into his chest.

“Wait, how am I not-“

The initial surprise of it gave way to concern, ‘How am I not on fire right now?’ He finished in his mind. He eventually just leaned into it and closed his eyes, ‘Whatever, I’m not on fire am I?’ The warmth in his chest nearly sent him to sleep again.

“Can we just stay here for a minute?” She asked. “I’ve really missed you.”

Finn tried to break off the hug after it hit the 3-minute mark. He wasn’t able to get to say much as he was still weak after fighting Marceline. His eyes popped open, ‘Marceline!’

He was able to break and open his eyes at various points to speak, “Maybe we… could… do this… later.” He said through the various grunts both from Finn and Phoebe. “We’ve got a-“

She squeezed tighter. Phoebe replied in the same manner, “No… way… Finn. I’ve… waited… for years to…” She slightly pulled away, “See you again.” She said, “I knew you didn’t die. I knew it…” She scrunched her eyes scrunched together, holding back more tears. Finn felt Phoebe grow slightly cooler.

Finn was a bit more preoccupied, to admire his girlfriend, “Years?!” Finn said, “Just how long was I gone?”

Phoebe finally broke off the hug with a grunt of disappointment and folded her arms. They both stood up, face to face. Finn was finally able to get a good look at her. She was obviously taller, but they were still the same height, as he was looking directly into her eyes. ‘Did I age too?’ Finn questioned, ‘How?!’

Her armor she was wearing was the same dark reddish armor she had on the day before, but it was dented and bruised and battered beyond repair Chunks of it on the arms and legs were missing entirely, “Well, I guess you do look taller.”

“Yeah, you do too,” Phoebe said.

As Finn was looking at her he only just realized something, “Where’s your crown?” Immediately after asking the question, he felt like turning around and jumping out the window.

“It’s… I’m not a queen anymore… so that means no crown.” She laughed out. It was a forced laugh, a sad one.

Finn saw her depressed look and heard the depressing laugh, ‘Change. The. Subject!’ Immediately went through his head, ”Umm… How’d you find me?”

“Finn,” She deadpanned, “I am made out of fire, I can feel fire.” She explained, “When I felt fire coming from your house again, I just, went…” she said, “Imagine my shock when I found you.” The smile on her face became more genuine.

“Ummm,” Finn then looked down, “I really should’ve known that,” Finn said, he looked at Phoebe. Then he looked at his arms and chest, “So, how come I am not on fire?”

“Oh, just some elemental power.” The former queen replied nonchalantly, “I can choose who or what to burn,” she grabbed Finn’s hand, intertwining their fingers, “And who not to hurt. It did take me a while to figure it out.”

“So,” Finn huffed, retracting his hand, “What do we do now?” A groan behind Phoebe drew their attention.

“Who is that is” Phoebe gestured to Luna with her hand, “A good start,” Phoebe said.

“She’s a Princess from another universe, her name’s Luna.” Finn said, “I’ve been trying to get back to her dimension.”

“And…” Phoebe said, trying to get more information. When Finn didn’t continue she facepalmed, “Can I have more details?”

“Y-yeah,” Finn stammered out, “The dimension under threat from the Lich… I think.”

That gained Phoebe's attention. Her eyes widened and she went taut, “What! How?! Are you sure?”

“Nearly positive,” was Finn’s response, “One of the ones I ran into got infected.” He said dryly, with barely any emotion at all.



“Damn,” Phoebe said, she folded her arms “What are you going to do when you get there?” She asked, “You’re going to live there?”

Finn rolled his eyes, “Yeah, she insisted for me. Said she would vouch for me and all.”

“What, do they just not like outsiders or something?” Phoebe joked.

“Noooo,” Finn seethed through his teeth, “I mighta sorta cut off the infected hoof of that one pony, and I tried to steal their versions of the elementals… and I did k-“


‘Well, at least she didn’t burn me.’ Finn stumbled a bit and looked back at Phoebe, the look on her face radiated anger and disappointment, “Yeah, I know, I know.” Finn said, standing back up and dusting himself off, “I really was just trying to find a way to kill the Lich… I mean… look I thought I had just lost you, my emotions were guiding me…” The human explained, “Making me act… out of turn.”

Finn sat on the bed nearby. “I’m not saying I’m proud of it,” He buried his head in his hands. “I just… did what I felt was necessary.” Phoebe sat down next to him and put her hand on his back.

“I’m sure they’ll forgive you, if you ask for it, Finn.” She asked, “Trust me, I had a hard time controlling my emotions too… you know, when we broke up?”

“Yeah,” Finn replied. He looked to Luna, still on the ground, “Help me move her to the bed,” Finn said, “She’s been up way longer than me.”

Phoebe nodded and looked to the left at the other form on the ground, “But what do we do with her.”

Finn and Phoebe set the vampire queen down on the hard wooden floor. Finn checked the bindings on her wrists and legs. ‘Nothing’s breaking these ropes.’ He looked at the vampire’s face, her eye was still closed. Out of curiosity, he touched the other side of her face where the left eye would be. It was hard, like a rock.

Finn sighed as he stood back up and followed Phoebe to the booth across the room. He sat down across from his girlfriend and sighed. He looked at her, if a fire elemental could sweat, she did.

“So…” she huffed out, “What now?”

“I um… wait till morning maybe?” Finn replied, ‘Why do I never know what to say or do around here?’

She nodded, “That’s, *yawn* fine by me,” Phoebe said as she arched her back, “I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in ages.”

“I don’t doubt it.” Finn said, “You can sleep, I’ll watch Marceline.”

She straightened out, “You sure Finn? There’s still sixish hours left in the night.”

Finn gave his most convincing smile, “Don’t worry Phoebe, I’ll be fine. It’s not the first time I’ve had to stay up all night.”

Phoebe stood up and began taking off pieces of her armor. “Sorry, but I just can’t sleep with this armor on,” She stopped and turned around, “Do you think I’m giving you a show,” Finn’s cheeks turned bright red, “Avert your eyes.” He quickly turned around.

A few seconds of shuffling followed by clanging of what Finn assumed was discarded armor. “Okay Finn,” She said. He turned back to her. She was in the dress she was in when they first met, an orange and yellow sundress, “If you’re sure.” Phoebe laid down the length of the couch. “Wake me up in an hour so I can take over.”

“Sure, Phoebe.” was all Finn was able to stammer out.

He scooted around the booth to where her head is and leans down. He gave a quick peck on her cheek. She mumbled a bit, seemingly already on the verge of sleeping, “What was that?”

“I’m your boyfriend, or at least I think I am,” Finn said, “I just gave you a goodnight kiss.” He gave a light smile, “I’ll see you later.”

“Okay…” she mumbled out followed by another yawn. “Night.” Finn prepared to go back to where he was at the opposite side of the booth, but, seemingly sensing the warmth next to her, Phoebe pulled herself next to Finn’s thigh. Finn’s face went bright red. She meekly mumbled out, “don’t go…”

He nearly pulled away anyway, until her head picked itself up and laid down on his lap. Finn was stunned at what to do. ‘Okay, Ummm.’ She began to turn into a much grayer tone of orange. Soon soft breaths and snores came from the fire elemental beneath him. He broke his head away from the scene below him to instead stare at Marceline’s ties and unmoving body.

As the hours slowly passed, Finn found his gaze subconsciously slipping to the flame below him. Whenever he somehow snapped out of his mesmerizing stare, he would look at Marceline. ‘Why can’t I just stay focused.’ He blinked, only to realize he was looking at the orange flame hair on his girlfriend, no not looking, studying it, memorizing it. He again forced his gaze away from the flames, ‘This isn’t going to stop, is it?’ He sighed, ‘It’s going to be a looong night.’

Luna easily recognized the familiar scenery around her, ‘I do not remember going to sleep,’ She walked through her dreamscape, a lush field of grass and flowers, trees dotted the land. Luna looked up and saw her moon in the sky, slowly inching its way across the sky. She smiled at the serenity of the scene, everything was so peaceful, at rest.

She continued to look at the stars. ‘What is the last thing I remember?’ She closed her eyes. She saw Finn holding a candle and a sword. She opened her eyes, “I was attacked!” She began hyperventilating, “I need to wake up!”

She began to run, trying to get her heartbeat up. She kept looking around as if her head was on a swivel, “There must be a cliff somewhere!” She kept up her pace. Her heart began beating faster. ‘C’ mon, I need to wake up!’

She kept running, and as she did so, her memory began to come back to her. Her going upstairs, something around her neck, Finn’s face, then nothing.

‘What happened?’ She thought, ‘I need to wake up, there could be a fight going on.’ She looked left. A cliff.

There was no hesitation, she turned and began to run to the edge. Time seemed to stretch on as she neared the edge. The clopping of her hooves radiated as she ran. Her heart began to pound faster. Then she jumped.

She didn’t bother to use her wings. She saw the bottom of the cliff. Crashing waves on rocky shores.

Luna hit the ground.

Immediately, the lunar Princess says up in her haunches, breathing heavily. She looked around the room, there was no sign that a fight had occurred other than a scorched dresser. She looked at where she was sitting, the bed. ‘I thought other human held me down on the floor.’ She shook it off and looked around again, ‘Finn’s gone.’ She stood up in the bed. A light hit her eyes. She put her hoof up.

She turned and saw the sync creating over the horizon, ‘Just how long have I been out?’ She put her hoof down and turned away. She jumped off the bed, using her hooves to lighten the fall.

She did one more quick sweep of the room, ‘Nothing.’

She teleported downstairs.

“Hey Luna,” A dejected voice said. Luna turned around and looked at the table. She saw Finn sitting below the torn painting of what looked like another human. He was staring straight at Luna. “Could’ ya move, I was watching that.”
He gestured behind Luna.

She turned and saw there, on the ground, a gray-skinned human. Half of its head was covered in black ooze and its hands and legs were tied together.

“Who is that?” Luna asked as she moved away from it.

“Marceline,” Finn said, “She was a good friend of mine at one point.”


Finn sighed, “Now, she’s under the Lich’s power.” He shook his head, “I don’t know what we can do with her.”

Luna knelt down and looked at the face of Marceline. She touched her skin with the side of her hoof. Even though her fur she could feel how ice cold it was. “Her father was a demon,” Finn said, “that’s where the gray skin comes from.”

“A demon father?” Luna said in awe and shock, Finn nodded, “and the mother?”

“I dunno,” Finn shrugged, “I never asked her.”

Luna stood up on her hooves. She saw an orange-gray pair of feet barely in the booth of the table. Luna walked over and saw what looked like a fire-person sleeping. She looked up and down the sleeping form.

“And who is this?” Luna pointed with her hoof.

“Fla-“ Finn coughed, “Phoebe. She’s my… girlfriend.”

“Really?” Luna asked Finn nodded, “Hmph. I guess she is responsible for the scorched dresser upstairs?”

“Yeah, saved my life from Marceline.”

Luna again looked over the form. She then walked to the end of the table not supported by a chair and sat in her haunches. Her head still towered over the table. “Do you trust her?”

“O-of course I do,” Finn replied hastily.

“Okay,” she looked at Phoebe, “Then I do too.”

They sat in silence, each staring at each other. “Soooo…” Finn said, “Yeah…”

Luna merely stared at the human, “You said there we pancakes?”

With some magical finessing Luna was able to swap Finn for a pillow. Phoebe not even seeming to notice the change, something Finn was grateful of. “The worst thing you can do is wake up a girl from her sleep,” he said. ‘I suppose Rarity doesn’t like it when she is woken up prematurely.’ Luna thought.

The sizzling of the pan on the stove drew her attention, Finn said his ‘brother’ tried to teach him how to make pancakes at one point. ‘Celestia said she wanted to one day teach me…’ Luna thought, ‘I hope I get the chance.’

Finn walked over to her with two plates. “Here you go.” There was some syrup on the pancakes, “Sorry, the butter was all bad.”

She magically took a fork from the middle of the table and stared down at the circular saucers. She half expected to see a smiley face pop out of nowhere. Her face drooped, but she maintained the smile. “It is no problem, Finn.” She said as she stabbed the pancakes.

“So… Luna began, “How did you and Phoebe meet?”

Finn stuck his fork in the pile of pancakes, “Jake set her up with me… It was really convoluted…” Finn said, “It would probably take like fifteen minutes or so to explain the entire thing.”

Luna finished chewing and swallowed, “Please continue.”

“Okay, okay… let me think. I was wallowing in pain or something and Jake wanted to cheer me up.”

“So,” Luna swallowed another bite, “His logic... was to get you a girlfriend?”

Finn’s eyes narrowed, “Yeah…” He said eventually, “Kinda odd when you put it like that.”

Luna balked, “That’s because it was weird!”

“Hey, she’s still sleeping,” He chastised, “Be quiet please.”

Luna blinked, “I think that’s the first time I’ve heard you say the word please.”

“Well that’s because I’m asking, now lower your voice.”

Luna stabbed the pancakes again, “What is the plan as of now?” She took another bite.

“I say… we summon Hudson, knowing him, he has no idea what is going on here.”

“Hudson is her father, correct?” Luna asked while pointing to Marceline.

Finn nodded, “Then, we can try and see if Prismo is still kicking. If he is, well, maybe we’ll get lucky.”

Luna scoffed, “So we are basing our survival off of luck?”

“That and… time…” Finn’s eyes widened as he looked at Luna, “Oh.”

“Is there something wrong Finn?”


Author's Note:

Done with another. Let’s hope I keep up the schedule!!!

If there are any errors please point them out to me.


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