• Published 5th Apr 2019
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A Lost Hero - Happy2343

The land of Ooo is gone, all that remains is one of the hero’s who vowed to protect it. What happens when he escapes to Equestria, bringing destruction with him?

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A Broken Soul

Finn stumbled and fell down as the portal began to close behind him. He quickly looked back to make sure nothing came out after him. He readied his sword, its white and ceruleum colors shining in the sunlight overhead. The portal’s green and blue hue finally left in the cool and dry wind; carrying the magical essence away. His defensive stance finally faltered, then fell entirely. His staple green backpack slid off his back as he laid down against a nearby tree. The tree seemed nearly unnaturally alive. But the hero of Ooo didn’t care, he was exhausted. He closed his eyes and looked up, finally relaxing after what felt like a lifetime.

He opened his eyes and looked up to see birds in the sky; chirping and singing as all birds do. ‘At least I’m out,’ he thought. *Snap* He instantly looked back to the bag behind him, it was slightly farther away then he remembered putting it. Out of instinct, he snatched it up; revealing a root-like worm around the straps. Finn attempted to take the bag back but was stopped by the root. It was strong, pulling on the pack as much as, if not stronger than, Finn.

The root began slithering its way up the backpack and to Finn’s left arm. “I don’t… think so!” He said while struggling. His grass sword raced down from his left shoulder and activated; he sliced the root creature in half, causing it to give. He regarded the thrashed root before him. ‘What kind of creature is this?’ He questioned. He knelt down to examine the thing. Poking it a couple of times with his still drawn grass sword. ‘Nothing.’ The grass sword then slithered like a snake up to his left shoulder. He stretched the muscle a couple of times it still burned from the month-long fight he had undertaken. Finn stood back up and reached into his bag. He pulled out a bent and well-used compass. Finn looked a the compass, pointing himself eastward. He looked around a couple of times to make sure he didn’t forget anything, then began his trek.

He pulled out his main sword; swinging and swishing it around to pass the time. He eventually looked up to the canopies of the many trees. ‘Man the tree’s are sure tall here… or is that just me?’ Finn looked to his front, the darkness of the forest was evident despite the sunlight beaming down on him. It no longer concerned him, he had seen enough of the darkness back home. He shook his head, ‘No… not again.’ A voice called out to him, “RUN, Finn GET OUT OF H-” “STOP!” He screamed to nobody. He looked down at his hand and saw that his hand had clutched onto his sword even harder than before; it was hurting from the tension in his hand.

Finn put his blade up by strapping it in between his back and the backpack. He stopped walking, closed his eyes and breathed in and out deeply; attempting to forget. After a few minutes of having his eyes closed and breathing, the anxiousness went away. He opened his eyes and looked at his surroundings. ‘It’s so dark here.’ Finn looked up to the sky to see the moon in the middle of it. ‘Man I really lost track of time this time.’ “Heh.” He chuckled at his own terrible pun. He shook his head and continued walking.

He reached behind him and grabbed his sword, he looked it over while walking. It had received many scrapes since he first got it. ‘It’s been with me this far,’ He thought, ‘ Maybe it will be with me till the end.’

Finn was now walking for well over an hour now; he was so lost in thought that he nearly didn’t see the massive bottomless pit in front of him. He jumped back from where he was, the piece of dirt he was standing on fell off of the land, tumbling on a no-doubt long fall. “That… was close…” He said aloud. He laughed, “I really need a therapist if I keep getting lost in thought, I might just end up dying on my own.” He frowned, ‘Since when have I been this dark?’ He questioned before facepalming himself. “STAY. ON. TASK.” He reminded himself. ‘Sleep when I’m safe, then go and goof off.’ He shook himself awake.

Finn scanned the area around him, spotting a rickety old bridge. ‘I wonder who made th-’ She slapped himself this time. ‘Just get across it Finn; get across it, then rest. Wonder about that later.’ He made his way over to the bridge and regarded it skeptically. He shook it a few times with his free hand. It did not sound well kept. ‘Am I really going to do this?’ He thought, “Yes.” He replied to himself.

He grabbed onto both sides of the rope bridge and began crossing. He made it nearly a few feet onto the bridge when he began having his doubts. ‘I can’t even see over to the other side.’ He thought as he peered across, only being greeted by fog and darkness. He looked up again, ‘At least there is a full moon.’ He thought as he put his foot down on one of the boards. He heard a sharp *Crack* a few moments later. He quickly moved his foot off of the now broken board. *Crack* ‘This is going to suck, isn’t it?’

After nearly fifteen minutes of jumping from board to board, Finn finally reached the other side. He practically collapsed on the ground and kissed it. “I will never, go on that stupid bridge… again.” He looked back, the bridge swaying in the wind. Finn then looked forward, his mouth went agape.

In front of him was the ruins of an old castle. It was horribly overgrown with trees and plants, many of the stones were thrown around, ‘Probably been abandoned for millennia or so.’ He reckoned, ‘A great place to find a place to rest.’ He sarcastically concluded. He got up off the ground and brushed the dirt off his knees, then proceeded to arch his back to stretch. “Well,” he said, “Let’s go Finn.”

Pushing one of the two giant wooden doors open Finn was greeted by an odd sight, to say the least. Two giant tapestries of what looked like winged horses with horns greeted him; one was yellow and white while the other was dark and blue. ‘Well great, I’ve landed in a world full of ponies.’ He joked with himself. He closed the door behind him and walked in further.

He saw what looked like miniature statues, paintings, and armor stands of ponies. ‘Yep, definitely ponies…’ He thought as he passed another set of guard armor. Way too small to be a regular horse. Finn reached dual thrones, long unused. ‘What kind of ponies are these. They’re obviously sapient and thinking, but whoever ruled here is long gone.’ He thought, ‘Has it already been here?’ He questioned, Finn looked to the sky, it was in pristine condition, ‘No, it hasn’t; the world would be uninhabitable.’

Finn went off to a side room, finding the library still full of books and scrolls. He walked up to the bookcases. ‘With any luck, the Enchiridion is here.’ He mused. Finn went through bookcase after bookcase only to find ruined books rife with mold and water damage. ‘Ugghhhhhhh.’ “This is hopeless.” He said aloud, “I’ll just look in the morning.” finishing the sentence In a yawn. He stretched his back and arms, earning himself several pops and cracks.
He winced at the pain coming from his left shoulder when he went to stretch it.
Finn instead rubbed it with his right hand. He could feel the grass blade around the wound when he rubbed the shoulder; attempting to heal the injury.

Finn sat down with his back to one of the many bookcases and closed his eyes. He could hear the wind rushing throughout the castle as he fell asleep. ‘So quiet…’ he thought, ‘So peaceful…’

Twilight was pacing around her castle’s table room. Her mood had deteriorated so much from a few hours ago. Instead of a relaxing day with her friends, there was a massive surge of magic that came from the Everfree that had knocked out or disrupted all types of magic. Her friends were all trying to tell her various things.

Rainbow was only making the situation worse by her various guesses at the situation, “Oh, oh; what if it was Tirek again.” She turned to the nervous princess, “You might have to fight Tirek again! That would be soooo-“ Rainbow found her mouth gagged with a recently picked apple. She turned to the farmpony who put it there, “Mmph eh ahh ah-“ This time Fluttershy, usually timid and reserved, spoke up, “Rainbow! Stop!” She said while pointing to Twilight. Rainbow looked and saw Twilight hyperventilating on the ground holding her chest. She finally realized what she had caused. She hastily ate the apple. “Oops, sorry Twi…” she trailed off.

After about ten minutes of coaxing by Fluttershy and Applejack, Twilight finally recovered from her tangent. She immediately began losing it… again. “WHAT IF TIREK GOT OUT?! WHAT IF SOMBRA INVADED?! Oh, this is bad… bad... bad... bad.” Rarity spoke up, attempting to calm Twilight, “Dear, you are jumping to conclusions. This could just be just another small, little thing that can be easily solved.” Twilight began to calm down, but then Pinkie interjected, “Oooh Whatifitissomesuperpowerfulwarriorfromanotherdimenaion *Breathes* andthey’recomingtofindsomesortad-” Applejack walked over and closed the hyper mare’s muzzle; the only things that could be heard were muffled cries of protest and explanations.

Twilight gave Pinkie a confused look as she tried to formulate words to make a reply. “Well... whatever did this is obviously… well versed and powerful in magic.” She began pacing around the table they were all sitting at, “I think… the best course of action is to… check the… Everfree forest for any signs of this magical signature, with any luck we’ll find it in less than a day.” She finished with a smile. The mares all nodded and made for the exit.

The land was a mix of gray and green. Finn looked to his treehouse, the one he had practically lived in his whole life. All that remained was a shattered and hull ruin, one long in the process of decomposition, he took a step away; he felt the crunch of the dead grass on his shoe. Finn looked down, ‘It always feels so… real.’ He thought. ‘So… lifelike.’

Finn looked off in the distance, he could see the outline of the nearby Candy Kingdom, or what was left of it. The creature that did this rarely leaves survivors. He began walking there anyway. He turned around, seeing a bright blue light in the distance. He looked at it quizzically. After a few moments, he looked back to the ruins in the distance, the gun all guardians still where they lay; dead and broken. Finn looked to where the light was. He slowly began walking toward it. The wind was howling, the sound of leaves and grass crunching became louder.

Finn opened his eyes to the faint sound of rustling nearby. ‘Stop being paranoid Finn.’ He chastised, ‘Go back to sleep.’ He pulled his hat over his eyes letting the cool breeze hit his neck. Despite his best efforts, he couldn’t get his eyes to close again for long; his body couldn’t let his mind sleep without knowing. “Ughhh.” He said out loud. He put his hat back in its place and stood up. His backpack lay a few feet away with his sword looking out. He walked over grudgingly and grabbed both items; dawning his backpack and keeping his sword drawn.

He looked up through the non-existent roof. The sun was beginning to break. Finn breathes in the crisp and cool predawn air while he still could. ‘Always liked the mornings,’ he thought,
‘So serene, so beautiful; which I could take a picture.’ He began walking around the library, keeping up his search for this dimension’s Enchiridion. He passed bookcase after bookcase, the light from the sun now helping his search. ‘Nope, nope, nope, no-‘ his mind stopped thinking of the sounds of talking.

“I’m telling you Fluttershy, whatever this ‘thing’ is, I doubt it’s hurt,” A brash and boastful voice said, “According to Twilight, the thing was strong enough to disrupt magic.”

“Well, you never know Rainbow.” A timid and quiet voice responded. The sound of footsteps, ‘hoofsteps?’ Got closer with each second.

“Well, let’s just search the place and get it over with, I really want to join up with Twi, and help fight some big monster.” The boastful voice, Rainbow, said. ‘She’s overconfident easily, I can take her.’ Finn thought. The human went from bookcase to bookcase; attempting to avoid the pair of voices, but stay close to here the conversation.

“Wow, I’m always amazed at how many books there are still here. No wonder Twilight’s always want to come back.” The timid voice, Fluttershy, said. “Yeah, well, she’s always gonna be an egghe- hey, look at this.” Finn looked at the pair. Both were winged, there was a yellow one with a pink mane, while the other had a cyan coat with a Rainbow mane. They were both looking at the spot where he was sleeping. ‘Uh oh.’

‘Fluttershy’, Finn guessed, rubbed her right forehoof on the spot. “It’s dry!” Fluttershy exclaimed. She looked up at the ceiling, “There’s no ceiling; this spot should be soaking with morning dew.” Finn mentally facepalmed, ‘Rookie mistake Finn.’ He would’ve released a groan of disappointment, but he didn’t want to give his position away. ‘Well,’ he reckoned, ‘time to go.’ He began to silently move away.

“It’s got to be n-near, r-right?” Fluttershy asked while backing up to the wall. Rainbow decided to say the most cliche thing as a joke, “Oh don’t worry Fluttershy, I’m sure it’s long go-“ *Crack* both mares turned towards a bookshelf in the corner. Rainbow Dash immediately went taut. ‘Oh great.’ She thought. Rainbow then did the only thing she thought sensible, protect her friend. She went headfirst into the bookcase that the crack came from; causing it to fall over the perpetrator.

Along with the sound of the crashing bookcase came a pony-like “Oof.” Followed by a groan of pain. Rainbow then immediately yelled, “Shy, go get the others. NOW!” Fluttershy immediately sprang into the air as fast as Rainbow and flew into the distance.

Rainbow looked back to the form under the bookcase. She could only see what looked like the top half, but she could see that it was wearing some sort of blue cloth on its upper half with a white animal ears hat that covered the top of its head. The unclothed parts had very light hair and were tan in color. “What are you?” Rainbow absentmindedly asked. The all white face turned around to reveal a tan oval with eyes, small nose, and a mouth. “The kind that doesn’t like to be messed with.” The bookcase began to shake as the creature got up. It began to crawl out of the crashed bookcase.

“Oh no, you don’t,” Rainbow remarked. She went on top of the fallen bookcase, adding her weight to the already considerable weight of the case; attempting to force the thing down.

But it didn’t matter. He made it out of the case, which fell to the ground, knocking some of the wind out of her chest. When she saw the bipedal in full, Rainbow saw three new things on the being: the lower half was covered by a blue cloth followed by more tan skin, the next was that there was a green backpack attached to its back, and the third was that there was a white and blue sword strapped to its side. The creature coughed a couple of times, giving Rainbow time to fly at amazing speeds towards the being; crashing into him, forcing the thing back down. “Argh!” He grunted in pain as he fell and hit the stone floor.

The being, on the ground, then said, “You want to play dirty? I’m game.” Rainbow Dash got ready to fly at him again. He quickly got back up and got in a defensive stance. As Rainbow flew at him, he moved out of the way at the last second; sending Rainbow flying headfirst into the nearby stone bookcase. She stumbled as she tried to get back up, her head was spinning. “Are you ready to give up?” ‘Give up?’ Rainbow thought, “That’s the last thing I’d ever do… thing!” She retorted. He deadpanned a the dizzy mare before him. “You’re in no condition to fight. Trust me, I’ve been there before.” The thing said back. “Just give u-” he didn’t finish, a blue mass began flying at him… again; this time, however, much slower and lazily.

He easily dodged Rainbow’s attack, and she continued on, this time into a stone wall behind him. He started to move towards her, drawing his white and blue sword and pointed it at the fallen Pegasus. “Look, you’re done. Any more and you’ll have hurt yourself more than me.” He stated, he used his sword to move a wing out of the way of her face. He knelt down to look above the mare, “Hmph… unconscious… well,” he stood up and looked around. “You’re coming with me, I need someone to answer my questions.” He put his pack on the ground and pulled out a rope.

When he was making his final check, something caught in the corner of his eye, he smiled, ‘Hello there…’ he reached down and picked up a book, the Enchiridion. He looked over the symbols on the book, ‘That’s strange…’

Twilight and Rarity were l looking around the area where this magical disruption was, however, despite sweeping the whole area, all they found was a dead Root Snake; seemingly cut in half by a sharp blade. She stares at the Root, the cut was so clean, there were no splinters poking out of it on either side. She lit up her horn and examined the cut. ‘Whatever cut this will put all our sharpest blades to shame.’ She levitated the object. The magenta aura dissipated when touched the root. ‘This sword also disrupts magic, any unicorn would be defenseless against it.’

“Twilight dear, you’ve been staring at that root for nearly twenty minutes; don’t you think it’s time to give it a rest?” Rarity walked up beside Twilight and looked at the root. “Just grab it and let’s go, we should go meet up with the-” “TWILIGHT!” Both friends turned and looked in the air to find Fluttershy coming down, way out of breath, “We… Rain...bow… found… thing… castle.” She collapsed on the ground, out of breath from the long flight across the forest. “Rarity,” Twilight snapped, “Take care of her, I’ll check the castle.”

Twilight charged her horn and her vision soon turned to the old castle’s throne room. She began running from room to room; not knowing where Rainbow is. ‘Darn it Twilight! Next time ask where she is.’

Eventually, she ventured in the library, it was a wreck; even more so than before. There were several bookcases knocked over, either intentionally or not, but there was a fight here. She looked over the many knocked bookcases, but she was looking for one pony in particular. After fifteen minutes she became frantic. ‘I can’t let something get one of my friends.’ “Rainbow Dash!” She yelled, “Where are you!” Nothing, no witty response or some “Ha, gotcha Twi!”, nothing; just silence.

Twilight kept looking despite the futility of the situation. She saw something blue in the corner, stuck under a bookcase. “Rainbow?!” She Dan over, instead of being greeted by her friend, there was only a blue feather. It probably came off in a struggle of some sort. ‘What happened?’

Eventually, the futility of the situation dawned on her. ‘Rainbow’s been ponynapped,’ she thought, ‘And it’s my fault.’

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