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A Lost Hero - Happy2343

The land of Ooo is gone, all that remains is one of the hero’s who vowed to protect it. What happens when he escapes to Equestria, bringing destruction with him?

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A Day at the Spa...

Celestia seethed at the book on the table in front of her. The small parts of the cover had begun tearing off again, a testament to its age and the ancient knowledge the book must contain. Her little ponies had tried everything to open the book; from using Pinkie’s idea of ‘using a long stick,’ to even calling in one of Rainbow’s Griffin friends to see if they could open it, everything short of begging the darn thing to open up.

Celestia again glanced at the book’s cover. A series of holes in the shape of various gems adorned the cover. She yawned, ‘I must unlock those secrets,’ Celestia thought, ‘I can’t let Lulu stay in someplace we can’t even find. ‘

The alabaster Alicorn has been staying in Twilight’s castle for the better part of a month now, refusing to leave until the confines of the Crystal keep until her sister is found. An idle thought came to her head. A smile crossed her face for a short time, the memory was of her reunion with her sister. It was a pristine memory, so well remembered that she could almost feel her sister’s muzzle on her coat. The smile gave way to a frown. The thought of her not seeing her sister again terrified her.

`I've already lost you once,’ She thought, ‘Why must I lose you again.’ A knock on the door to her temporary bedroom took her out of her thoughts. It was a timid knock, ‘Twilight perhaps?’

“C-come in,” she was able to choke out. The door opened to reveal the familiar face of Twilight Sparkle. Celestia smiled, “Hello Princess Twilight, do you need something?”

“Yes, um, I guess everypony does.” Was her timid reply. Twilight was barely holding her posture together.

Celestia chose to ignore the issue for now. “What is it Twilight?” She asked seriously, her face went stoic.

“Well… um… I guess…” Twilight stuttered out.

“What is it?” Celestia asked, slightly concerned.

“It’s just that… Well…” Twilight sighed, “Nopony has seen you in months, it’s always just me and Cadance.” Twilight looked at the ground, “ It would put our subject’s minds’ at ease if you were to go outside and reassure them.”

Celestia sighed, ‘She’s right, but I can’t give up on my work, I need to fix this…’ Celestia looked at Twilight, she was obviously disappointed in herself too.

“Celestia, please, I don’t think I can keep dodging questions for much longer.” She said, “There is always some reporter whenever I walk outside, they’re always asking me questions.” She shook her head.

Celestia sighed, “Alright…” She said, “I never did warn you of the horrors that those ponies are.”

The remark elicited a small laugh from the smaller princess. “Well I know now,” she replied with a small smile, “I’m going to go out with the girls, if I were you, try and relax for a bit.” Twilight turned.

Celestia laughed a bit, stopping Twilight, “A few years ago, I said that exact thing to you.” She smiled.

Twilight smiled again, “I guess you did.” She turned again and walked out.

Celestia yawned, “I suppose I should go out and get some sun…” she remarked. She turned and walked into the circular hallway. The two guards who were guarding the door snapped to attention at the Princess leaving and fell in step behind her. She glanced at a passing window. She stopped dead in her tracks at her reflection.

‘I look horrid.’ She thought. Her regalia was all messed up, her normally wavy mane and tail were placid, and her eyes were bloodshot red from lack of sleep. Then, a flash burst through the window. She stumbled back, ‘Damn reporters.’ She thought as she ground her teeth.

With a quick spell, she restored herself to what her normal, more regal self looked like, but she Immediately regretted ever stopping. Frustration carried her the rest of the way to the front door of the castle. She took a deep breath. She magically took hold of the doors and opened them.

She was hit with the blinding light of her sun. Then she was hit with gasps and whispers of nearby ponies. She spied Twilight, visibly relaxed at her sight outside of her castle. Then finally, what she was expecting the flashes of more cameras and reporters, blaring questions.

“Where have you been the past month?”

“Did the Element of Loyalty lose her hoof and regrow it?”

“Has there been any sign of this ‘Finn?’”

“Where is Princess Luna?”

“Is it true there’s a sword-wielding monster in the forest?”

“There is some sort of book that even Princess Twilight can’t read. Do you have any comment?”

Celestia felt the oncoming headache. She put her hoof to one of her temples. She looked at a passing pony, who was obviously not part of the paparazzi. “Excuse me,” Celestia said in her voice, shushing the gathering crowd. The aqua blue mare turned around, completely stunned that she had been called

“Ummm.. y-yes, y-your majesty?”

“Do you know where Ponyville spa is?”

“Y-Yeah,” she pointed towards a nearby building, “Just past there.”

“Thank you,” Celestia replies in her motherly voice. She began walking and the crowd followed.

Twilight and her friends were sitting around in Fluttershy’s small cottage. Rainbow and Rarity we’re discussing something while Fluttershy seemed to be quietly listening in. She was smiling again, something Twilight hasn’t seen her do in a while. ‘Rainbow losing a hoof really hurt her, I just hope she’s ok.’ Twilight moved her head and saw Applejack and Pinkie talking. Both seemed to be tense about something. She decided to join them.

She was just able to catch the tail end of the conversation they were having.

“-I'm telling you, I’m gonna be outta apples soon.”

Twilight walked up, “Hey you two. How’s it going?”

Pinkie perked up, “I mean, ooookaaaay, but business is booming!” She punctuated by standing on her two hind hooves with her forehooves in the air. “There are sooooo many ponies wanting to interview me, they just walk in. I’m like, ‘Helllllloooo, welcome to Sugarcube Corner, What can I get you?’ And they’re like, ‘I don’t need anything, but can I get an interview,’ or, ‘Statement,’” She finally got back on all four hooves. “I mean, sometimes they are back to back, they hear me give the whole shpiel, and they say the same. Exact. Thing.” She collapsed on the ground, heaving, from not taking a breath the entire rant.

Both Applejack and Twilight stared at the pink party pony. AJ turned to Twilight.”Yeah, that’s what happens to me too,” she said while still looking skeptically at Pinkie, “But I guess not on the scale it’s happenin to her.” She nodded to Pinkie.

“Yeah, I can't walk ten feet without being asked ten questions.” Twilight remarked, “How does Celestia deal with that on a daily basis?”

“Ah do not know Twilight.” AJ replied, “Ah don’t know.” She was smirking for some reason.

“What are you guys talking about?”

Twilight nearly fell over as she heard a voice in her unsuspecting left ear. She stared at the assailant, “Rainbow dear, please, the last thing we need is her to have a heart attack.” She heard Rarity say.

Yeeeeaaaaah,” Rainbow drew, she offered her left forehoof to the Princess, “Sorry.”

Twilight took her hoof, only to realize that it was her “new” hoof. Once she was back on her hooves she didn’t release it. She instead just studied it, its texture, which feels different from normal skin. ‘I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to study what exactly this material is.’

“Um Twi, can you let me go.” Said the weirded out Rainbow Dash.

Twilight blinked, “Sorry,” she let go, “I’m going to need to study your new leg later.”

“What?” Rainbow laughed out, “I mean sure, but,” she paused.

‘It’s as if she’s listening to somepony else,’ Twilight thought as she looked at her friend. The others soon took notice.

“Eh…. Dash,” Applejack Said, “You sorta stopped mid-sentence, you sure you’re okay?”

She shook her head, “Yeah, I’m fine.” She replied, “Just a little tired.”

“I’d imagine so,” Rarity remarked.

“Yeah! You sprouted a whole new leg in like a week.”

Fluttershy just nodded.

Twilight looked at Rainbow’s leg, “I’m sure it’s because your body is trying to readjust.” Twilight said, “You ugh time be out of the count for a while.”

“Yeah right, me, out of the count,” Rainbow replied to Twilight’s tired face, “I’ll never be-“

Rainbow’s eyes looked up with an annoyed look as if she was trying to look at her brain. “Out of the count!” She quickly finished. The other mares in the room exchanged questioning looks. Even Pinkie Pie was bewildered at what was going on inside Rainbow’s head.

“What?” Rainbow asked for nopony in particular, “What?!” She said louder this time.

“Dash are you okay?” Applejack asked, “You’ve been acting all different all day.”

“Of c-course I am,” She defended, “Why wouldn’t I be?” She said on a shaky voice.

Applejack walked up to Rainbow and looked her in the eyes. Twilight trotted up behind her, followed by Rarity, the. pinkie. Fluttershy got in between Rainbow, who had begun backing up, and the others, who were advancing. “Wait,” She said, “she’s been through a lot, I’m sure that it’s just some sort of trauma.”

“Sorry Fluttershy,” Applejack said, “as much as I want to believe you, we need to be sure.”

Fluttershy stood her ground, “I can’t just…”

“Fluttershy,” Twilight Said, “We need to be sure, Finn said this creature wants to destroy all life.” She shifted her focus from Fluttershy to Rainbow Dash, “We need to be sure.”

Fluttershy turned around to Rainbow. Then turned back and nodded. Rainbow had literally been backed into a corner. Applejack spoke with power, “Rainbow,” Rainbow shied away, “Are you okay

She burst up, “Of course I am! I don’t know what you all see-“ She paused for a moment, “SHUT UP!”

All the other mares narrowed their eyes. “Did I say that out loud?” Rainbow asked, her friends all nodded. She flipped her head back, “UUUUUUUUGH ALRIGHT.” She said, “When I got the new l got the new leg, I mighta sorta started hearing voices.”

“Rainbow,” Twilight Said, “That was 3 weeks ago, why didn’t you tell us?”

“I just thought it wasn’t important.”

Applejack cocked her eye.

“Alright, okay,” She repeated, “I just didn’t want you thinking I was going crazy.”

Applejack turned around, “That’s honesty there.”

“Now then,” Twilight started, “We need answers,” the Princess said.

“Uuuggghhhh, do we have to?”

“Yes,” Twilight responded, “But I feel like we should do that back in the castle.”

The group, minus Rainbow, all gave various approvals to the idea.

Celestia walked out of the Ponyville Spa, completely refreshed. ‘Best half-hour I’ve spent this month.’ She looked at the mare guard who took her offer to also get a massage. She was smiling ear to ear. “How was the massage lieutenant Chaser?”

“It was amazing, your highness,” she replied, “Thank you.”

“Oh, it’s no problem.”

She turned to the stallion, a sergeant Wind Breaker, “And thank you for making sure we were not disturbed, Sergeant.”

“It was no problem, your highness.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. The smile plastered on her face wasn’t forced. Celestia places a bag of bits in the counter. The two pony sisters who ran the spa thanked the Princess with a small bow of their heads.

“So sergeant Breaker, how many journalists tried to get in?” The Princess asked.

“Only four your highness.”

“Really?” Celestia said, he merely nodded again, “I would’ve thought more.” She moved to the door.

“Well,” She said, “Let's go deal with this.”

When the door opened, she was met with many more journalists and reporters than there were earlier. The questions began even before the Princess even left the door.

She sighed, preparing for the headache ahead of her. ‘Luna’s disappearance really has riled up the press.’ She thought, ‘I should get back to work.’ She set a brisk pace as she trotted back to the castle. The press surely followed, taking pictures and asking questions.

As she and the guards neared the castle she was able to see the doors closing, ‘Looks like that returned from their break early.’ Celestia sighed, ‘Something happened, didn’t it?’ She sighed again, more audibly this time.

The guards at the doors to the castle saluted and opened the doors. The two guards who were with Celestia followed her and took up positions at the door leading to the map room. Celestia walked into said room.

As she entered the room, Celestia saw that the element bearers had taken up their respective seats and that they were all targeting Rainbow, as they were all looking at her with looks to a varying degree from confusion to anger, from sympathy to disappointment.

“What is the matter,” Celestia asked as the door shut behind her. Her horn flared, soundproofing the room.

“Princess Celestia,” Applejack said, “Rainbow Dash here,” Celestial looked at Rainbow Dash, “Has been hearing voices.”

Celestia’s eyes widened, “Rainbow Dash,” she asked.


“When did these voices start?”

The Pegasus stood on her chair, “When I got this!” She pointed with her right forehoof to her left one. “Whatever Finn used to cut it left some sort of- I SAID SHUT IT!”

She collapsed in her seat and put her hooves to her temples, “I just said that out loud, didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” Twilight said. She looked mortified. Twilight’s face was filled with a mixture of confusion, anger, sadness, pity.

Celestia again turned to Rainbow. She walked up to the table and sat on her haunches, “Rainbow Dash,” The cyan Pegasus looked up, defeated, embarrassed, out of energy, “What are these voices telling you?”

Rainbow looked back down, “There’s only one voice actually,” She said, “And it mainly has been annoying as Tartarus.” She shook her head. “If it were up to me…” She stopped talking, instead choosing to look at the crystal table.

Celestia sighed, “I really wish I didn’t leave the spa…” She said under her breath; Celestia cleared her throat, and, this time in a more stern tone, spoke to the rainbow-maned pegasus, “Rainbow, what has the voice been saying to you?”

“Mainly nonsense,” Was Rainbow’s reply, it was a tired response. Rainbow sighed again, choosing not to look Celestia in the eye. “About… Finn…”

Celestia, in turn, looked at Applejack. Applejack quickly looked at her friend then to the Princess. She nodded. Celestia looked back at Rainbow. “Tell us something about Finn then,” She commanded, Celestia turned to Twilight, “Twilight, you talked to this Finn, see if it lines up with the way you think he acts.” The Princesses former pupil nodded.

Rainbow briefly looked up and muttered something under her breath. She looked around the room, “Uhhh… gimme a sec,” She paused for a moment, “Finn… used to… save princesses… and he’s a hero.” she said with trepidation.

Celestia looked at Twilight, the purple pony princess said, “He said that to me,” Twilight said.

“Some hero who ponynaps ponies?” Rarity interrupted, “Really? That sounds more like a villain to me.”

“We haven’t met him yet Rarity,” Fluttershy said, “And you know what they say, ‘Never judge a book by its cover.’”

Rarity spoke again, “I understand, but, I mean,” She pointed and looked to Dash, a concerned look on her face, “Just look how much stress and pain this human has caused Dash.”

Celestia was deep in thought, ‘This… is a troubling predicament…’ She thought, ‘Why is there so much conflict? A few months ago they were thick as thieves… an unbreakable bond.’ She sighed, ‘And this voice Rainbow Dash is hearing, who’s is it?’

Celestia looked up, she could sense the tension between the friends. So much conflict, all because of this human. ‘It seems that everything this human tries to do ends in conflict…’ Celestia cleared her throat, stopping the brewing argument in its tracks. “We are getting off-topic here,” She stated, “Rainbow,” the named Pegasus looked at the solar deity, “Whose voice are you hearing? Is it Finn’s or somepony else?”

She lifted up her left forehoof, “I think it’s the hoof’s?” She replied, “I mean…” She paused again.

“Are you hearing the voice right now?” Twilight asked.

Rainbow merely nodded, still listening to the voice inside her head. Rainbow preempted the Princess’s next question, “It’s telling me about itself,” she said, “He said that he came from the sword Finn used to uh… cut off my old left forehoof.”

Pinkie of all ponies stood up, “So is this thing inside your head or something?”

“Uhh… I think he’s the hoof.” Rainbow replied.

“So,” Twilight began, “You’re saying that your err… hoof is it’s own living thing?”

Rainbow waited, listening in her head, “Yeah, pretty much.”

“Well that…” Twilight said, “Doesn’t help at all.” She sighed out. The other ponies in the room all turned to the lavender mare, “I just don’t see how this helps us, there’s nothing we can do.”

Celestia opened her mouth to offer a retort at her former student, then she realized, ‘Twilight’s right, this downstairs help in the slightest.’

‘We were should be trying to find Luna or looking into Finn,’ her thoughts continued, ‘This conversation should end.’

“I agree,” Celestia said to the ponied gathered, “Rainbow Dash is certainly not under any sort of spell, and even if she were,” she paused, “She would’ve made her move by now.” The bearers of the Elements of Harmony all nodded.

Rarity spoke up, “I think we should discuss what we should do if Finn ever shows his face here again.”

“Yeah,” Pinkie said, “We could like super show him to never mess with us again.”

“But we should give him a chance, right?” Applejack said, “I mean we are all for reforming evil ponies and all, how is this any different from Discord or Starlight?”

Well, I mean they just tried to take over Equestria, not hurt anypony,” Rarity said, “while in Finn’s case, he cut off Rainbow’s hoof.”

“But If he didn’t, I would’ve died,” Rainbow said, “There was this infection… okay.”

Rarity started again, “But who gave you this inf-“

“Rarity, stop it, we can’t judge Finn on something like that. He saved RD’s life,” she looked at Twilight, “And if he’s to be believed, he's fighting evil, just like us.”


Celestia looked across the table to Twilight, her face also looked tired, ‘This is going to be a long day…’ Celestia sighed.

“So it’s settled then?” Twilight asked, “We give Finn one chance to atone, we reform him, and if he doesn’t-“

Pinkie jumped onto the table, her two forehooves in the air, “Orbital Friendship CANNON!”

“Pinkie,” Twilight sighed as she put a hoof to her face, “I told you not to call it that…” She sighed.

Both Rarity and Fluttershy nodded. Applejack gave a “Eyup” and Rainbow said, “ok.” Twilight looked at Celestia as her friends began to trickle out, “Well, I think that was a terrible day of relaxation…”

Celestia walked up to Twilight and put her majestic wing around her. “That’s what it feels like to be a princess.” She said. Celestia then sighed, “Now I think I have long overstayed, I’m sure Cadance is going to kill me for having her run Equestria for me.” Twilight gave a slight laugh.

“Not as much as my brother is going to kill me for egging you on,” Twilight laughed.

The door closed, signifying the rest of Twilight’s friends left the map room. Celestia began charging her horn to teleport away, “I’d suggest you get some sleep, Twilight.” She looked out the window, “It is almost time for me to raise the moon.”

Twilight nodded, ‘This experience is taking a lot out of everypony.’ Celestia thought. She was able to see Twilight turn around to leave the room. She thought there was a flash of pinkish magic on the table, she quickly scanned the room, but she dismissed it as nothing was out of place, ‘It was probably nothing.’ She thought.

She released her spell.

Her surroundings changed from Twilight’s castle to the pristine marble hall of Canterlot. She walked down the halls to the Rhône room where Cadance and Shining Armor were undoubtedly located.

The halls were filled with more guards than usual, heightened security due to Luna’s sudden disappearance. Celestia walked through the winding halls, eventually finding herself at the doors to the throne room. She took a deep breath, then walked in.

She saw her niece, sitting at her old throne next to Celestia’s and Luna’s throne and her husband standing next to her. The immediately saw her and froze. ‘Well this is going to go well.’

Celestia had ordered the guards and petitions out. The petitioners begrudgingly accepted after the guards were recalled before being asked out again. Celestia then soundproof the room. Cadance stood up out of her chair and walked over. Shining followed

“Well,” She started, “Let’s discuss what-“

Cadance interrupted, “As much as I love to see you Auntie, a little heads up would belt next time.” Celestia closed her mouth, “I mean I thought this was going to be a social call, not a ‘Hey, need to run the kingdom for a few weeks,’ sort of call…”

Celestia opened her mouth to interrupt her niece, but stopped when she saw Shining Armor’s face. Pure terror. He was shaking his head. Celestia tried to stay neutral, but couldn’t help, but smile. Cadance has resorted to pacing back and forth throughout the throne room. She eventually turned and saw Celestia’s smirk.

“Why are you smiling, I’ve had so much to deal with, running the Crystal Empire, Running Equestria, I’m pregnant, I have no time to relax, these stupid mood swings…”

Celestia attempted to calm down Cadance, “Well, I’m sorry, but…” her eyes widened, “WAIT WHAT!?” Shining meanwhile, was babbling incoherently.

Cadance seemed to snap out of her rant. Her eyes going wide, “Uhhh… surprise?”

Shining seemed to find his tongue, “For how long?”

“About two weeks…” she admitted.

“So you were here?” Celestia semi asked, and semi stated, “And I know for a fact you were sharing my bed…” Celestia deadpanned

Cadance and Shining’s cheeks went red. “L-look, we... we’re all adults here…” Shining stuttered out, “We-“

“Had sex… in my bed,” Celestia cocked an eye, “Well, seeing as that happened,” Cadance began nervously twirling her hair with her hooves.

“Auntie… I… um…”

“I think I am going to be staying here until something more significant happens.” She looked at Cadance and Shining Armor, “I think you two could help Twilight in Ponyville as I try to forget the thought of you two… sleeping in my bed,” Celestia began walking off, “I am going to go burn my sheets…” she muttered as she walked to her room.

She was able to hear the Armor say, “You could’ve at least told me,” Celestia quickly looked back and saw, Cadance, her face was still red with embarrassment. ‘Knowing them two, I should probably torch the room.’

Author's Note:

Another chapter done.

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