• Published 5th Apr 2019
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A Lost Hero - Happy2343

The land of Ooo is gone, all that remains is one of the hero’s who vowed to protect it. What happens when he escapes to Equestria, bringing destruction with him?

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You Can't Help

Luna, still in the air, cautiously flapped her wings as she contemplated, ‘He only has his one sword,’ She cautiously thought, ‘He bluffing. What can he do against a company of well-trained stallions and mares.’ She smirked. Luna weighed the options in her mind.

“You truly believe that you can take down my ponies?” She scoffed. “I’d like to see you try.” She said. She had reason to be arrogant, he was outnumbered, thirty-six to one, Finn was tired still, barely an hour has passed since he had gone to sleep, and finally, Finn had no idea where he was. ‘This should be easy.’ she thought, ‘... should... be…’

Her mind began reeling back a bit. ‘He’s defied odds before.’ She idly noted that she had been flying in place for five minutes without saying anything. Finn caught up on that as well, “What’s going on, cat got your tongue?’

She flew down in front of the guards and in front of Finn. Her face took on an annoying appearance. ‘I can’t read him.’ She thought. She looked at his face, the night sky making it easy for him to conceal his face. ‘His poker face is better than Celestia’s.’ She studied him for a moment.

“What is wrong with you?” She asked, “How could one be so… heartless?” Her voice had a tint of despair in it.

Finn lowered his head so his eyes were barely visible; Luna thought that she heard a sniffle or sob come from him. “A year of constant fighting, running, always looking behind your back... “ He brought his head back up, “It does tend to have that effect.”

Luna turned her head away from the human. ‘I guess it will.’ She thought, she turned back to and opened her mouth to respond. “Fin-” He was closer, much closer, nearly pressed up against the shield. She tried to step back, but then all she saw was white and felt a massive pain in her horn. The guards seemed to react quicker than she did, or so Luna thought, she still couldn’t see or hear, but she felt the ground shake.

‘The shield shattered,’ Luna thought she squinted her eyes at the amount of pain to her head and her magic and put an incessant ringing in her ears. She felt something grab her, “Wha-?” She croaked out. She could barely feel her body, but she could feel two… things around her. One around her neck, the other, a sword, flat against her barrel.

Luna could feel the vibrations shouting in her right ear. She attempted to buck the ground and destabilize Finn, but he swiftly kicked her back hooves and put an end to that plan. Her head still felt like it was on fire, burning up as if she had the flu. The thing around her neck tightened, making it harder for her to breathe. She finally was able to catch the tail-end of another shouting match, “-and I’ll do it if you don’t BACK OFF!” She could tell the voice was Finn’s, it was much louder in her right ear. The thing around her neck loosened.

‘What is that thing…?’ She thought, ‘I need to escape…’ She brought her head to in front of his and got ready to headbutt him, but he seemed to be ready for it. “Oh, I don’t think so Princess.” With a tug of what she assumed to be a whip or rope, her head was brought back to its original position and again tightened. An audible ‘hck’ came from the princess as the whip tightened again; she struggled to breathe. After a few more seconds of this new tightness, it relaxed, allowing her to breathe again. The guards took a step forward instinctively.

“You…*breathe* won’t…*breathe* get...*breathe* away… Finn.” She stammered out. “You’re... surrounded.” True to the Princess’s word, there were guards now on nearly every side of him. Finn looked around himself. Luna continued, “You… should-*hck*” He tightened the thing again, “Be quiet.” The guards instinctively moved forward again, “Ah, ah, ah…” He said to the guards as if they were foals. “Wouldn’t want somebody to get hurt now, do we?”

The guards were all on the line of attacking or backing down, Luna again moved her head, ‘We can’t let him go.’ She thought. “Stop before you pass out.” It tightened slightly, she stopped. “You won’t get away,” Luna said defiantly as much as she said quietly. She gritted her teeth, she wanted to attack them, ‘But how would he act?’ she questioned, ‘probably cut off my airway.’

“Luna!” another voice entered. Luna’s eyes widened, Finn turned his head to the voice. Seeing an opening, Luna pushed her head into Finn’s left shoulder. Her horn made contact with his shirt, she heard Finn gasp, she pushed onward, it was hard. He screamed in pain. The whip around her neck immediately left her throat, finally allowing her to breathe, however, she fell to the ground with an audible thump; this was followed up by a clang to the ground. The guards seemed to be frozen.

Finn was on the ground, convulsing in pain. Twilight landed next to Luna and the human; she looked to Luna and then Finn, then back to Luna, “What did you do to him?” Luna, still slightly dazed, said, “I uh… hit his shoulder with my horn.” She felt the spiral on top of her head, it had a tingling feeling as if it was hit hard on concrete. She next rubbed her neck, feeling the indentations of where the rope or whip once was.

The guards seemed to finally snap out of it and began moving to the pair. Finn laughed from the ground, Luna turned to him, “What is so funny Human? We have you surrounded.” The guards around them began swooping in like vultures. Finn shakily grasped his sword and stood up. His legs were shaking, “We’re not d-done yet.” He said.

The guards still surrounded him, but stopped moving, Finn’s response was to laugh. “You think a whole bunch of Ponies is going to stop me?” He yelled. Luna, stoic as ever, replied, “Yes,” She replied as readied her horn. Twilight hesitantly did the same, “Finn, we can help you, just put down the swo-” “The last princess who told me to put down my sword, who said she could help me, was killed because I put my sword down,” Finn cut her off, Twilight eeped at the outburst, “I don’t think you want to be the next.”

“YOU WILL NOT THREATEN ROYALTY FINN!” Luna roared, now enraged, either because of the insult or lack of oxygen, “Seize Him!” The guards rushed and attempted to seize him. ‘Emphasis on attempt’ Luna thought. Despite his immense pain, Finn was able to fight off the guards. Either pushing them off or throwing them off.

After the tenth guard was thrown off Luna had to take action. ‘I can’t let more of them get hurt by some senseless being.’ She charged Finn, displacing several guards who were in the way. Her horn roared magic, sending spell after spell at Finn, all being deflected back at Luna or blocked outright.

Finn was, however, being slowly pushed back. With each shot of her magic, Luna was taking a step toward Finn, and with each deflection, he had to step back as to have enough time to deflect. ‘It’s only,’ stun spell, blocked; step, ‘A matter,’ knockback spell, deflect; step, ‘Of time,’ stun spell again, deflected; step. Luna knew Finn’s situation was untenable.

The guards and Twilight watched the fight unfold, lest they become pawns in the fight. Twilight would’ve helped if she wasn’t encapsulated by the fight and the intensity of it. Finn’s face and Luna’s face were ones of pure concentration; only on the fight at hand, not of those around him. Finn had barely realized he had hit the edge of the forest. ‘Finally.’ Luna thought, ‘It’s almost over.’

‘Shit.’ Finn thought. He turned around and then turned back to Luna, barely blocking another blast of magic. He couldn’t back up anymore, his back was pressed to the forest’s edge. Luna stopped stepping and shooting her magic and looked at the human. “Finn,” She said in a soothing tone, her horn flared up, “Just give up.”

“You think I’ve gone anywhere in life by giving up?” He yelled, “I’ve never given up or in, and I don’t plan to.” He brought his sword up and tightened his stance. Luna sighed, she turned her head and nodded to the guards. They began, again to swarm around the human’s position. “Finn you are outnumbered. Surrender.”

Finn didn’t respond. The ponies stuck out their spears and swords. Luna stayed behind. ‘I see where this is going,’ He stuck his sword in his sheath, but maintained his stance. ‘Now, just how Rattleballs taught you.’ He placed his right hand on the grip of the sword while the left one moved to the sheath. He kept his eyes on the ponies in front of them.

They stepped forward, Finn tensed up; he could feel sweat dripping from his brow. His grip tightened, ‘C’ mon, just a bit closer.’ Finn looked to the sea of ponies in front of them. He idly regarded Luna and Twilight. The former still standing and looking at the human. The latter was flying in the air, trying to see what is taking place.

They stepped forward again, Finn’s grip tightened again. His eyes shifted from side to side, keeping track of his targets. ‘Shadowless thrust... Don’t fail me now.’ Finn fixed his eyes on Princess Luna, she was studying him equally as hard.

The guards took another step forward, Finn breathed out. If Finn were to take a step forward, he would be impaled on a spear. He breathed in and out, his eyes moved again, he could see several townsponies had woken up to see the commotion. He thought he recognized one of them, but he didn't have time to think about it.

Finn saw one of the guards look to Princess Luna with a questioning look. She returned the look and nodded. That was all Finn needed to see. He swung his sword. Dust and dirt from the ground got thrown in Finn’s eyes, Finn, coughing was completely astounded. ‘It worked!’ He brightened up.

Finn cleared his eyes and turned, nearly all the pony guards were on the ground and coughing, their weapons lay at their hooves, cut in half. Finn smiled. Until he realized Princess Luna was gone.

‘Whatever.’ Finn thought. He turned to the forest and ran.

Finn stopped and put his hands to his legs, panting hard. ‘Did they follow?’ Finn turned back to look at the non-existent path he came down. He took his hands off his legs and stood up straight, and slowed his breathing. ‘Good.’ Finn continued walking, constantly looking off to his sides, ever cautious.

After a short amount of time, Finn stopped and took off his backpack, gently setting it on the ground. He began to take inventory. ‘White healing goop, check. Enchiridion, check. Flute, he pulled out his flute and scrutinized it, check.’

Finn put all the items except the Enchiridion back into his bag. He slung the backpack over his back, made sure his sword was sheathed properly, took the book in his hands and continued walking.

“Let’s see…” He said, “Home…” He flipped through several pages of the book.

Finn walked out of the crass laden forest. His arm was horribly bent. He huffed the pain out of him or at least tried. His eyes were full of tears, barely open and were bloodshot red. ‘What was I thinking?’ He thought.


He turned to the voice, ‘Oh… great.’ She was wearing her dark magenta and brown armor. Finn would’ve run, but the pain had spread from his arm to his head and to his legs.

“I thought I lost you!” She screamed at him, “We need to go back to hel-” “No,” Finn interrupted. Flame princess went taut at his interruption. “WHAT?!” She yelled at him in response. She looked away, to the Candy Kingdom, “They-” “Are already gone… It was burning an hour ago, we’d never make it in time.” He turned away, preparing to walk off.

“What happened to you? You’re like a whole different person Finn.” She walked up to Finn and put her hand on his shoulder, he barely winced. She was thankful, blue, meaning she wouldn’t burn him when she touched him. Finn pushed her away, holding his arm.

“Finn,” She cooed, “At least let me help you.” Finn turned away but gave up his broken arm. She took it in her hands immediately. “What did this?” She asked distressed. Finn mumbled out, “...fell… tree…” She just shook her head.

“You’re gonna need help.” She said, “C’mon, let’s go to the flame kingdom, we can help you there.” Finn pulled his arm out of her grasp. He unintentionally winced at the pain. “I’ll be fine, I’ll just set it and-” “Let it get infected?” She interrupted, “Finn,” She cooed at him, “You can’t fight everything alone… Please… let me help you…”

Finn put his head up and nodded slightly. “...Ok. Let’s go.” She said. She eventually began walking, Finn hesitantly followed. Flame Princess occasionally looked back at Finn, making sure he was still following. The walk dragged on, Flame Princess, trying to break the ice every once and a while with questions like, “How are you holding up?”, and, “Does it still hurt?”

Finn only answered with short answers, “Yes.” and, “No.”, trying to end conversations as quickly as possible. He only wanted to get his arm fixed and leave.

After an hour and a half of walking, the pair finally entered the great Fire Keep. Finn was goaded into accepting a Flame shield spell by Flame princess. Flame Princess, despite knowing she had more pressing matters, such as the imminent invasion of the Lich, she personally led Finn to the infirmary, in fear he would instead leave.

Finn laid on the bed, and time passed. He idly stared out the window, watching the sun and moon rise and fall, the colors always stayed the same, a dark gray signified night, a light gray, day.

Any time she had to spare, Flame Princess used it to make sure Finn was recovering.

2 Weeks Later

‘Phoebe… what are you going to do?’ She looked through the window of the infirmary to the sole occupant of the room. Finn was sitting on the bed, his backpack beside him with his sword on top of it. Finn’s chest rose and fell slowly, ‘He’s given up, hasn’t he?’ she thought. She looked at his once-broken arm. ‘At least that weird white stuff worked.’

“Your Highness!” A gruff voice said behind her.

“Gahhhh!” She cried loudly, she turned around. Still startled, she replied, “Cinnamon Bun?!” She exclaimed, “Don’t scare me like that.”

“Sorry, Princess!” He yelled, still not lowering his voice, “But this is an urgent matter.”

“I swear CB if this isn’t the Lich then I’ll-” “It is the Lich.” He interrupted, “Our scouts have seen a large cloud moving through the abandoned Ice Kingdom.”

Immense dread filled Phoebe, “Council. NOW!”

He saluted and left. Flame Princess, instead went into the Infirmary. The loudness of her entry stirred Finn from his catatonic state. He looked at his former girlfriend. She, however, preempted him, “Finn, we need your help,” She said, “You’re the only one who’s ever fought the Lich.” She grabbed the Human and practically dragged him out of the bed.

For the first time in a fortnight, Finn spoke, “I understand, lemme get my things.” She nodded., “Meet me in the council in ten minutes, otherwise, I’ll find you,” She threatened, “And believe me, you don’t want me to come to get you.”

“J-jeez Phoebe, don’t worry, I’m not that…” He trailed off, he looked up at Flame Princess. She was a bit taken aback at the informal use of her first name. He actually chuckled lightly, “Let’s go.”

Finn put the book down a rock, as a sort of table. “Okay… Home…” Finn began to read off the spell. “ekmai, h ooh o aog nt ,ot.” Finn heard the rustling of the wind, its cool and crisp breeze, starting Finn to have second thoughts.

“oaaean mtekb l ieeapeho,” The breeze stopped, making Finn shiver as the coldness lingered.

“Tmemmtmmeunole.” Finn finished the chant. Before the sound of the portal opened up, Finn heard the snap of a twig. He turned around and at the last moment, a blue blur tackled Finn through the green portal.

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