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Hello everyone, I'm the Scotsman. I hope you all enjoy my stories.


Cpt. Daniel Peters, British Army, 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade, 7th Battalion.

That’s who I was, who I try to be even though I can’t.

My life wasn't perfect, wasn't great, wasn't bad either. It was ordinary. Was Ordinary.

Now stuck in candy land I have no idea if I’m dreaming, died and gone to heaven, gone to hell or all three.

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I like it. I hope that you update and I would like to see more of it.

Lol i just finished the second chapter and this came out.

You know strictly going by your username I'm a little surprised you didn't make Daniel Scottish.

I did consider it but I believed English to be more appropriate, though how I came to that conclusion is still a mystery to me 😂

Where did the commander get shot, Head or Chest?
Also this is looking to be a very promising story, keep up the good work!

I got a feeling he would make a great addition to the royal guard
Also by adding the bit with the distress signal it implies that something is going to happen, i look forward to what probably is going to happen

The Captain was shot in the head by a street sniper.

Quick update next chapter should be out within the week. Hopefully!

A whole new world... a whole new world of pain now that he is leaving the hospital ward and is going to experience the pain of his injuries

It’s just... so basic. Human soldier stuck in Equestria really ought to be its own sub-genre...

I’m not saying it’s awful because it isn’t, but crippling unoriginality can often ruin a fic as badly as poor grammar.

I would have to agree with you, however, I will try and make the story unique in some form I do have a few arcs plan that deviate from anything I have personally seen before. I hope that will be enough to push it out of your view of unoriginal.
Either way I hope you check in on the story as it progresses.

Shouldn't it be 8 tickets (including 1 for Spike)

Don’t worry Spike got his ticket off screen per say.
Whilst the Captain was talking to Rarity.

Celestia you utter Fucktard, why give him more guards? Is this just another political game to you? He has stopped giving a fuck about anything and that fight wasn't his fault either! You so called Captain of the Guard called him a fucking Monster and you expect him to just take it?

You're also sending him to the one place he is going to be hated and discriminated against!

Sarcastic clapping well done, well FUCKING done yeah Twat.

"Huh, I kinda thought it would be bigger,"

Its only a model.

Most likely head if it was a bullet but I have an feeling it's the lighting, because in some other Military fics heavy storm pops up and the main character (human) is hit with lighting and sent to ponyland

I feel and think the same, Luna is good pony, sunbutt is dumb fucktard and I kind of wish she gets kicked in face and go to the hospital VERY soon


No she deserves worse, She needs to be Cuntpunted to the Moon!

Kicked in face by Luna and having her horn broken off and broken wing worse?

"I see you have my equipment locked away there," I started pointing to the small metal cage that sat beside my bedside. Ev everything was there including my weapons.

Don't touch my fucking Gjallarhorn and we'll be fine.

Celestia seemed to sense this from me and quickly drew the line of questioning to a quick end. "I'm afraid it's a longer story than we have time for today, perhaps another time,".

She ded lmao

Well I don't know, I would have committed suicide. Heheh, it's better to be dead than to suffer all your life.

Well, if Celestia is such a bitch, I'd be better off staying in Russia.

Wow hey, I thought this story was abandoned hehe, so I've been waiting for a new part!
by the way very good Amigo!

"No Reason!? You call trying to kill us no reason!?" The same voice replied back anger clearly laced through his voice.

Okay, I'm rereading this so I can understand the new chapter and I have to say, this is complete BULLSHIT, I think the ponies would help this thing called Self defense hell he had helped the mane six, had helped stop nightmare moon, and yet you handcuff him, and then accuse him of Murder


"Look, buddy, you've got the wrong idea here," I said still struggling.

"You dare to insult us any more you monster!" The guard continued to shoot.

the fuck? How was ANYTHING he said right there a insult?

still like the story tho

Okay, last time I gonna do this, or atleast for a few chapters

"Captain, whilst you may have earned part of my trust through this conversation, make no mistake that you have committed a crime against one of my ponies and I hope that you understand that there may be consequences that you must face in the future,"

Is self defense just not a thing, or are you and your ponies that fucking brain dead right now


My man Danny just can’t catch a break it seems. :trollestia:

Rereading this chapter, I'm actually expecting him to try to commit suicide, I mean, he's lost Everything, and he said so also, and that he would rather be dead

I have to agree, good to see this going, also good to see Luna have atleast some common sense

Happy to see more, chapter was fine, Luna at start seemed to have lost her common sense for a bit, sunbutt is a demon/stupid bitch, and, this may sound uh, horrible, or just crazy, but I'm kinda happy our human is doing what I think he is, I mean having Deep depression, he lost every reason to live, is literally being sent to a makeshift jail, with even more guards, is thought as a monster for Defending himself, and being a another species that along with the fact all actually personal items are, well were locked away

Note I'm being realistic, I'm not trying to be rude or mean, or even depressing, this story is good, but sunbutt, and shining armor are all OC right now, I mean, just read the last chapter again and you'll get what i mean

This is a very welcome change, I like it

FYI, Looking for some names for our new guards if anyone would like to give a suggestion.
One Male, One Female.

Nightwing for the Female because I guessing there Bat Ponies


While I agree that Sunbitch is being a bit stupid and xenophobic, she is also being reasonably Paranoid as any leader should be.

But it still doesn’t excuse her from basically entrapping a being like he has done some horrible and unrepeatable act against her.


Guiding Star for the male!

I can guess why Celestia is doing this, but I won’t spoil any possible outcomes :pinkiehappy:

Soooo, the suicidal Day Guard is either gonna try and rush back or is going to be knocked out and captured. Would be interesting to have one of them on his side though.

This is really good so far, and I can't wait to read more of it. :pinkiehappy:

Yep, oh and don't forget she was gonna forcibly turn him into a pony which I like to think is kinda forbidden

The moment my hoof made contact with his armour I felt a strong vibration impact my armour as everything suddenly went white.

I'll bet he got teleported with them.

Is this story going to do what so many HIE stories do and make the royal guard look bad so the main character can look good?

Well I don’t know about other stories but the guard is an inherently good force in Equastria, however when it comes to an alien many of them would treat it as they would a common monster, unsure of its intentions and all.
Remember in Equastria monsters can be sentient seen in the form of the Chimera in Somepony To Watch Over Me so it’s not to hard to speculate that’s some of these guards seem wary especially when the first thing this guy did was shoot one of them.
But no the guard are the good guys as we have seen throughout Equastria.

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