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Always Vigilant - TheScotsman

A Solider Torn Away From Combat Duty Is Forced To Adapt To A World That Is Not His Own

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Chapter 2 - Another One Opens - Unedited


The first thing I was able to sense was a ringing in my ear, no doubt from when the bullet hit me.

Shit! I got hit. Fuck!

My memories slowly began to flood back to me in waves. We were ambushed, the operation went to shit, Docherty went down, poor bastard.

I felt like I was currently lying on the most uncomfortable surface known to man and I should know what uncomfortable is given that I sleep on an Army issued tent bed every night. I still couldn't see shit, my eyes where jammed closed and refused to open no matter how hard I tried. Pain still emanated from them as if I had stared at the sun for way too long.

The sound slowly began to make its way back to me although it wasn't what I was expecting. There was no sound of life or anything for that matter. No hospital monitors and no idle chatter, just the wind blowing against my face. Cold wind. The sensation was unfamiliar to me given that id been living in a desert for the past 6 months, it was unusual and quite uncomfortable to feel.

I couldn't seem to get my arms or legs to respond to my commands and I still couldn't see shit, dark thoughts began to plague my mind. Was I paralysed? Was this it for me, left to die in a cold room or wherever the fuck I was? Had I been captured. Shit. If Id been captured then I was in for so much pain I'd rather just die here and now.

As my anxiety started to work its way up my body I tried to force myself to retake control of my body sending messages to every part of my body to start doing something, anything at all to wake my body up from its current state of paralysis.

My efforts began to pay off as very slowly my eyes began to slide open revealing a darkly lit sky with a million stars above me. It must still be night, so I can't have been out here for too long. As I tried to move my eyes from side to side panic encompassed me once again as I noticed something wrong.

I was no longer in the deserts of Afganistan. Far from it, in fact, I appeared to be in the direct opposite of that. I was in some sort of grassy clearing surrounded by a thick forest on my right-hand side. Clearly, someone had moved me whilst I was still unconscious, although how Id been moved to a completely different Biome remained a complete mystery.

Slowly I was able to try and raise my left hand up to look at my mission watch, the watch unbelievable was still in working condition and read the current time as 04:23. Shit, Id been out for almost four hours in which time Id somehow been shot in the head, survived and moved into a completely different area with no sign of life anywhere.

I stayed in a lying position for a couple more minutes before eventually trying to set myself up using my now both working arms. Slowly but surely I began to raise my body into a sitting position, although I still felt very dizzy I was able to hold the position. I must definitely have some sort of concussion after getting hit.

Being in a better position to analyse myself I quickly ran over my kit. I still had my MTP's and my Osprey vest on with all of my equipment attached. In addition, I was still armed with my Glock and my SA80 that I had been lying on top of. My backpack was also still attached to my back so I knew that I still had supplies to sustain myself for a little while longer if need be. I could feel my helmet weighing down on me but I knew better than to take it off, especially when it had just saved my fucking skin.

After a few more minutes of making sure my gear was all in working order I slowly raised myself to a standing position, although not without falling on my ass more than once. However, in my defence Id just been shot by a fucking mountain dick so Id says I was doing great all things considered.

Rising to my full height I began to survey the land around me, however before I could get a chance I heard shouting directly behind me.

"Seize Him, he must be one of the Nightmares Demons!"

Doing a quick 180 I came face to face with the strangest sight id ever seen. I was currently facing down a group of horses all clad in golden looking armour with spears pointed directly at me.

It was official, I was dead.

This must be some loopy hallucination that I get to live through before reaching fucking purgatory. Unable to contain my anger, frustration and sadness I raised my SA80 and shouted back.

"STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU MIND FUCKERS!" Taking the safety off my weapon I pointed at the guard in the middle who had blue markings around his gold plates identifying him as the leader of the pack.

"Seize Him!" The lead guard shouted lowering his spear and advancing towards me.

I felt the fear build up inside me as my mental walls that I had spent years building up suddenly came crashing down with a resounding Crack

The lead horse fell to the ground as two now empty shells ejected themselves from my rifle and fell onto the ground next to me. The world seemed to slow down into a slow-motion movie and the lead guard shouted out in pain as my rifle dropped to my side only being held on by the strap. Unable to keep still I moved to make a B line for the forests edge moving as fast as I could given the circumstances.

As I began to limp I noticed a blue looking laser appear out of the corner of my eye. Before I had time to react to the beam impacted with my lower right led making me fall to my knees, I yelled out as my pain went from 60 to 100 like magic.

The pain was real as it sored up through my right leg. This couldn't be fake, this pain was too real, everything here was too real!

It seems I had entered some sort of horrible loopy land where horses reigned supreme and id just shot their leader. Knowing I couldn't stay in this position I pulled my self back up and began to run with all of my remaining strength into the forest.

As I ran I saw a couple more beams of colour shoot by me impacting the trees that exploded around me in all different colours. As I increased my distance from the group of horses I heard their voices become quieter and quieter, telling me that they weren't going to follow me in here.

"We cant follow that thing into the Everfree its too dangours, we'll be killed!"

"We need a medic over here! Its the Captain he's been hit!"

I must have run for around 10 minutes before I finally stopped in the middle of another clearing. Although this time I was surrounded by trees and thick foliage on all sides preventing me from seeing more than 10 meters in any particular direction.

"Alright Danny, think logically here horses don't talk, horses don't shoot lasers and horses aren't in control," as I spoke to myself I didn't take notice of the increase in blue mist that began to surround the clearing.

"Ok, mission priorities. For all intense and purposes, I am in and behind enemy lines being hunted with minimal supplies at my disposal,". Setting myself down in the clearing I took the water canister from my bag and took a quick swig allowing the cold substance to revitalise my dry lungs.

"Survive, Adapt, Win," I told myself. I need to set up a camp around here somewhere and treat myself without getting fucked over by the cavalry.

"Such Strenght, Such Resilance,"

Spinning Around I raised my SA80 to my shoulders and flicked the safety off finally taking notice of the blue mist. "This is Captain Daniel Peters, British Army, Identify Yourself!" I shouted constantly turning around trying to connect the voice to a visual source other than the mist.

"A Soldier?" The voice sounded surprised but slightly patronising. "And here I thought that my kingdom had gone soft after all these years,"

"I'm warning you, Ill use lethal force if I need to, now show yourself," I said trying to sound as authoritative as possible.

"But of course, it would be my pleasure Captain," Out of the left corner of my eye I noticed the mist forming up to form a shape. It continued to grow until it represented a horse, all be it bigger than the one that I shot earlier.

Its body was black with blue armour like that from the Medevil times surrounded its head, torso and hoofs, it had wings that spread out from its sides with the tips edged like those of a bat. Its eyes were slit, reminding me of a snake-like predator. In addition to this, the mist began to form around its head and back forming a floating see-through main and tail that hovered in place. However, its most notable feature besides the wings was a giant horn protruding from its head. I hadn't noticed them on the other horses but I would explain where the beams came from.

"A Unicorn?" I said raising my Rifle towards the being's chest.

"A UNICORN? MWHAHAHAHA. You little foal, do you really know nothing of us?" The being laughed in a mocking tone throwing its head back as if unable to contain its amusement in the situation.

We are an Alicorn and I am Nightmare Moon!" The creature boomed as lightning crackled above her as clouds formed in swirly patterns above her. The sound of the lighting nearly deafened me.

"Jesus Christ lady, mind turning down the fucking special effects for a second!" I yelled over the lightning and crackles still pointing my rifle directly at her chest. Although I doubted if it would do any good against this creature of mist.

"And it's resilient as well, my I am impressed. What are you, little one?" The creature asked with a mocking tone.

"I'm a Human, Captain Daniel Peters, British Army, Service Number 20102320," I stated my gaze not wavering.

"A Human? Really, like from the stories of old. Well, you have impressed me, little Human," The creature moved forward as if to examine my shape and structure but stopped when I cocked my weapon in an offensive manner.

"Oh, a fighter too? We'll just have to..." The creature stopped in her tracks, lifting her head as if she had detected something else. "Huh, they have reached the next phase, how unfortunate and here I thought we would get to know each other a bit better. Oh well, it doesn't look like you'll be going far but how about we just make sure?"

Without warning the horn of the creature lit up in a dark blue mist that shot towards me without warning. Before I had the chance to react the mist engulfed me making me dizzy and unable to stand straight.

"Sleep now, ill be back for you when this is all over," The Creature said before fading away into the mist again. Without warning, I fell to my knees and collapsed into a dreamless sleep.

I awoke sometime later yet again in another place, although upon waking I didn't feel as much pain than I did before. "At least that's something," I muttered to myself. Doing a quick once over I was happy to see that all my equipment was still where it had been left.

Taking a moment to go through my stuff, I took in the atmosphere around me. No longer was I in a forest. I was now lying on a stone cold floor in what appeared to be a grand ancient hall of some sort, further adding to my confusion. As I was about to look around something stopped me.

Bzzt Bzzt Bzzt

Reaching into my vest I pulled out my iPhone. I completely forgot I had it on me. However, it wasn't the iPhone that took me by surprise rather, what it said on the screen.

Missed Call
One New Voicemail

Not knowing when or how this even happened I looked towards the phone to unlock it before clicking on the voicemail tab.

"You have, One New Message,"

"God, I don't know why I just did this but I feel like because they never found you, you'd still be out there somewhere,"

"Mum," I whispered into the phone.

The service for you was lovely, all your old friends were there as was the whole town and the local MP. They even gave you a fancy medal an all, we were so proud.

As the voicemail continued I felt myself start to shake uncontrollably as emotions were brought straight to the surface.

"Some of your section was there too, well the ones that made it were there. Your friend Archer said some really nice things about you. Told all of us tales from your deployment, told us how you all got along and that you were one big family,".

"No," I said into the phone as if I was expecting a two-way conversation.

"I just want you to know that I and your Dad are so proud of what you did with your life, we couldn't have asked for a better son. We... We know you died doing what you thought was right and just and we'll never. Ever forget you, our little Danny,".

Tears were now rolling down my face as I knew that this was now coming to an end.

"Remember we love you always and well meet one day again, lots of love, your mum and dad, the proudest parents in the whole wide world,".

"End Of Final Message Tuesday 14th December 14:21PM,".

I sat there for what felt like hours just sobbing. All of my emotional firewalls were completely shattered. There was no denying it now. I was dead. I was either dead or not dead and somehow taken here to this fucked up place. I had to go on. I had to survive even though I didn't want to. For them and for their memory of me.

Saying this in my heads did little to lift my spirits or hope but it was all I had right now to stop myself from putting the Glock under my chin.

"Twilight! Where are you?"

Lifting my head I directed it towards the sound of the noise coming from down the hall. Raising my head I stood up and walked down the hall to what looked like the outside world.


As I made my way towards the next hall the voices became more pronounced, obviously, someone was nearby and judging by their voices they were in some serious distress.

"Come on!"

As I entered the back of the new hall I noticed that it was in much worse condition than the one I was just in. The roof was broken clearly after many years of disregard. The sky was clearly visible from the hall and vines supported from different pillars along the hall. However, it wasn't the decor that was the most surprising, rather the five small horses that were now starting to run out of the hall in the opposite direction from me. Quickly seeing that this was my only chance to get some answers I raised my rifle.

"DON'T MOVE!" I yelled.

The five mares gasped and stopped in their tracks all turning to face me, clearly startled by my presence.

"What the Hay is that thing!?" The blue one with a rainbow mane yelled spreading her wings in a defensive posture.

"I was gonna ask you the same goddam thing skittles!" I yelled keeping my weapon trained on them as I switched to burst fire mode.

"Uh, Duh were ponies mister tall and strong!" A voice appeared from behind me. Spinning on my heals I found that one of the ponies (the pink one) had someone managed to move behind me without noticing.

"Gah! How the hell did you do that!?" I yelled, moving back from the pink smiling demon.

"Do what?" she asked innocently.

"Just, never mind," I said leave it for another time. "Ok, Ponies. I'm Captain Peters, British Army, can someone please tell me what the hell is going on!?"

"Army, like a soldier?" The white one with an Eaton sounding accent asked.

"Yeah exactly that, now again can someone please bring me up to speed here?" I said getting more and more frustrated.

"Nightmare Moon has taken Twilight!" The Blue one yelled.

"Nightmare Moon?" I asked. "You mean the big black and blue thing?"

"Yep that's the one," the orange one said stepping up.

"She's a big blue meanie, she's trying to plunge the world into eternal night!" The pink one yelled once again appearing in front of me.

"Fuck it! Stop doing that!" I yelled again moving back from the pony.

"Oh Captain, please help us get our friend back she's been taken by that, by that monster!" The white one yelled as if putting on a play of some sort.

I quickly considered that option. This Nightmare Moon didn't seem the friendliest type when I met her. Plus now that I think about it she must have been the one to kidnap me, leaving me for later I suppose. Plus these little ponies seemed harmless enough.

"Alright, where is your friend now?" I asked using my rifle butt to lower myself down to their level.

"Up there Captain, look!" The blue one said pointing a hoof up to a larger intact structure which currently had bright white lights shining out of it.

"Good, right stay here Ill retrieve your friend," I said. Standing up I began to double time it towards the door only to be blocked by a rainbow blur.

"What! You're not going to just tell us to wait here. Twilights our friend and were not leaving her behind!" The rainbow pony said getting closer to my face.

Sighing to myself, I pulled my bandana down and removed my helmet to in order to let them see my face. "Look ladies you guys are civilians I cant put you in the line of fire, it isn't safe," I tried to reason with them.

"Rainbow Dash is right, we made it through the Everfree and we could do it again!" the orange one spoke up moving closer to "Rainbow Dash" as she called her. Jesus these names.

"Fuck, Fucking fine but stay well behind me, I don't want to see any of you out the corner of my eye, understood?" I said. In return, each of the ponies returned a small nod. "Good, right lets double time it up there quick!".

As we approached the top of the staircase of the hall we could hear lightning and thunder emanate from the room up ahead.

The ponies began to shout ahead calling to their friend only be shut up by me. "Fucking hell, are you idiots? Trying to give away our position? Shut the fuck up before she hears you!" I ordered them. The ponies weren't pleased but they listened.

"You think that you can destroy the elements of harmony just like that?"

I could hear another voice coming from the hallway. It sounded young and feminine. Must be their friend I thought to myself.

"Okay, remember to stay behind me," I whispered to them as I raised my rifle and disengaged the safety.

Running into the room I quickly made out two figures, a small purple one and a larger black and blue one which I immediately identified as my target. Raising my sights to her chest I fired two bursts into her chest.

Crack Crack Crack, Crack Crack Crack

"AHHHHH!" The Nightmare screamed out in pain as the six NATO rounds collided with her chest unexpectedly. The Nightmare instantly reared up on her two hind legs and then pushed them down with a shockwave effect throwing me and the purple one off our feet.

"YOU ARROGANT FOAL!" The Nightmare boomed, shattering the remaining glass in the windows of the hall.

"YOU DARE TO ATTACK ME!" She screeched lowering her horn she fired a large energy beam in my direction.

As the beam propelled itself towards me I didn't have the time to even contemplate moving out of the way of the incoming attack.


As I braced myself for the impact I heard a shout from across the room. When I didn't feel any contact from the beam I looked back towards the Nightmare only to see a very pale pink shield that had been erected in front of me that was absorbing the brunt of the attack.

The shield was clearly being overpowered and within the second the shield faltered and broke allowing the rest of the beam to collide with me with devastating force.

The beam knocked me back a good couple meters and slammed me into the stone wall. I could feel the beam burning into my kevlar vest as I started to lose concinnous yet again.



God, I hate these ponies, curse their existence, curse everything and curse fucking beams.

With that, I fell unconscious yet again leaving the six small ponies to their obvious fate.

Author's Note:

Our Human has arrived in Equestria and has made quite the impression.

He has been falling in and out of consciousness so quickly it's hard to keep track. Thanks for the likes and favourites on the previous chapter and I shall try to get another one out soon.

Thanks Again.