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Always Vigilant - TheScotsman

A Solider Torn Away From Combat Duty Is Forced To Adapt To A World That Is Not His Own

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Chapter 11 - Treachery - Unedited

Canterlot Castle Guest Suites
Equstria, Canterlot
August 2nd 1000

"Wrong, you have every reason to doubt my intentions,". I spoke calmly and softly as I levelled my pistol directly at Luna's forehead.

My pistol was a standard-issue British Army Glock 17 8th Generation, it was a hybrid pistol which could set itself onto stun or onto kill depending on the circumstances. Thinking quickly I pushed the small button on the side as the pistol emitted a light blue colour indicating stun.

"This pistol is set to kill and I want you to listen very carefully to me otherwise things are going to get really ugly," My tone changed to one of assertiveness as I tried to gain tighter control of the situation in order to make an efficient escape.

"Danny?" Luna said her ears drooped as she slowly backed up as her rear made contact with a set of drawers causing her to jump slightly.

"No! I'm talking here. What does your sister want with me?" I asked pushing the pistol closer to her head for effect.

"Danny! Please! I don't know what you're talking about!" Luna shouted back as tears began to form in the side of her eyes.

"Yes, you fucking do! I heard you both last night, now tell me what she's planning or you're never going to be able to keep another secret again!" I was bluffing, of course, I had gone straight to sleep last night, however with my growing lack of faith in the princess of the Sun it never hurt to stay on the safe side even if this scared Blue.

Luna, however, seemed taken aback by what I had just said, in fact, she looked downright mortified as her watery eyes darted from the guest room windows to me and then to the door "I.. I can't!"

Now it was my turn to look confused as I lowered the weapon slightly before catching myself and raising it again further tightening my grip on the handle. "What did you just say?" I asked in an almost whispering tone. I honestly couldn't believe what I was hearing from my supposed friend.

"I can't tell you! I promised not too!" Luna all but shouted tears now rolling down her face.

What happened next seemed to be a blur of events as my apparently unfounded suspicions were being confirmed right in front of my eyes.

"She's trying to lock me up isn't she?" I asked as I took a step forward.


"She's trying to sell me off so it's not her problem anymore is that it?!" Another step forward.


"Is she going to kill me?!" One final step forward.

"NO!" Luna all but screamed into my face as her tears fell downwards as they soaked my boots.

"THEN WHAT! TELL ME LUNA!" I screamed backwards as I jammed the barrel of my pistol into her forehead just below the base of her horn.

"A PONY!" Luna Screamed as she collapsed onto the hard marble floor bursting into tears.

"What?" I asked dumbfounded as I dropped my pistol to my side not being able to hold it in that position any longer.

"She. w..wants to turn you into a pony, s, so you can be one of us!" Luna spoke between her sobs as tears streamed from her face as my reality came to a sudden stop.

Suddenly losing all the momentum I was carrying I dropped to my knees besides Luna as I struggled to process what I just heard.

For the next few moments, we sat in silence with only the occasional sob echoing throughout the tall chamber. After what seemed like an eternity Luna slowly lifted her head her eyes failing to lock with mine instead they stayed glued to the marble tiles that had been soaked with her tears.

"I tried to convince her not to do this, but she, she insisted this was the only way we could have peace, shes afraid of what you're going to do to upset the balance of the kingdom. Luna said as her eyes stayed firmly fixed to the ground.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing, for all of her faults so far I didn't for a moment believe that Celestia would do something so, so human. What was hardest to hear was that Luna didn't seem like she was planning to stop this.. unless...

"That's what that was about, the cage full of my gear? You wanted me to have it? Why?" I ask, looking over to wear all of my gear was resting before turning back to Luna.

After a few more seconds Luna finally raised her eyes to lock with mine before speaking. "Because we weren't going to let her do this to you."

I paused, as I looked to Luna with surprise. "You were going to defy your sister and the ruler of the nation?" I asked once again dumbfounded.

Luna stopped as if to ponder that question for herself before replying. "I did not stay imprisoned for 1000 winters just to see more evil be enforced upon good people."

I scoffed as I stood up turning my back to her as I walked over to the window on the edge of the room. "You think I'm a good person, even after what I've done here?"

"Danny!" Luna shouted as she rose back onto all fours again. "In our eyes, you haven't done anything!"

"What do you mean, I mean don't get me wrong I don't mean to side with your sister here but I'm not going to pretend I've had a positive impact whilst I've been here,".

"You may not have had a positive impact on the international stage or the domestic one, but you've had a positive impact on me and on my sister's student and believe it or not even on some of the guards, ponies care about you Danny," Luna explained trying to reason with me.

I turned around once again locking eye contact with her. "Yeah, well they shouldn't, there just going to be let down in the end,". I said crossing my arms.

Luna raised her right hoof placing it onto my arms trying to break through my wall. "Just let us try to help,".

The logical side of my brain screamed trap but after a few seconds of internal deliberation I had made up my mind. "FIne, just when were you planning on telling me all of this anyway?" I asked as I walked back over towards the bed placing my hands onto my forehead to wipe away the mass amount of sweat that had begun to form.

"We were just about to before you levelled your weapon at our head!" Luna huffed with annoyance.

"Yeah, well it was set to stun so you had nothing to worry about anyway," I retorted. "Anyway, do you mind telling me what your great escape plan involves?" I asked still wary of what was going to happen to me.

"Equip your gear and get ready to depart I shall return promptly to help you escape undetected!" Luna proclaimed as her horn lit up brightly before vanishing causing me to take a step back.

Fucking magic! I screamed internally.

Even after Luna had vanished from the room my thoughts were still caught in a swirl. A Pony? I thought to myself as I pulled my gear out of the now opened cage.

"A fucking pony," I growled. To say I was pissed off was an understatement. I still didn't believe that Celestia would go this far. Although how well can you really know someone when you've only known them for a few days and half that time was spent in a hospital bed. I couldn't really be surprised.

Trying to push past my anger my attention moved to my kit that was now placed out over my bed. With almost automatic timing I began to equip each part of my gear back onto my body starting with my vest.

As I pulled the vest up I was able to get a good look at it, the front of the vest had a pinpoint singe mark but was otherwise still intact with the blast from the castle apparently not penetrating the kevlar underneath. So much for pumped up pony power.

Storing the fact for later I lifted the vest over my head and began to secure the straps making sure it would be able to protect me again if needed.

"She'll pay for this,".

Canterlot Castle Guest Suites
Equstria, Canterlot
August 2nd 1000

A few minutes had passed since Luna had departed and I had now successfully packed up all of my equipment and was now outfitted in all of my combat gear, I still hadn't had the chance to check my kit bag however there didn't seem to be enough time because as soon as I'd finished strapping my combat helmet on a large flash emerged from the air and exploded outwards into the room revealing Luna alongside two other ponies.

Eyeing the newcomers warily I approached Luna who appeared taken aback by my new lock despite seeing it before. "Uh, hey Blue, whos your friends here?" I asked gesturing to the two newcomers.

They were both outfitted in what appeared to be night guard armour or rather a lightweight version of the design I had seen a few nights earlier at the throne room. The first pony was clearly a guy and looked as if he was ready to tear my guts out, the other a chick, I think was simply eyeing me with curiosity.

"Captain, these are two guards from the Lunar Rangers an elite branch of the Equestrian Protective Force. I'm tasking them with protecting you on your travels once you escape,". Luna said as she gestured to the guards with her hoof.

My neutral face suddenly turned into a semi scowl. "Protect me? Royal guards? Did you not forget these are the guys I'm trying to get away from?!" I half-shouted trying not to look at the guards in question.

"Danny you misunderstand these aren't my sister's guards, they are mine," Luna declared as she spread her wings over each of their backs.

I was once again dumbfounded as I thought back to previous nights spent in the castle. "Hold up, I thought you didn't have control of the Night Guard yet?"

"We are not Nightguards Human,". The male spoke up moving forward past Luna's wing.

Eyeing the interrupting guard I pushed my face into his "Yeah, and I don't believe you, Pony,". The guard looked up to me growling at my words and was about to push his face back into my own when a call rang out.

"Both of you cease this pointless bickering at once," Luna called out.

I was a smart enough adult to know that now wasn't the time to be making more enemies within the Equestrian Guard so I opted to simply withdraw my face as did the dickhead guard albeit more reluctantly.

Satisfied that we weren't going to rip each other's heads off in the near future Luna seemed ready to continue with her explanation. "The Seargent is correct Captain, they are not night guard like the others you have seen, they are something more. Special,".

Eyeing the two of them carefully I simply snorted before turning to my kit bag that was still lying on the bed. "Yeah, lets fucking hope so Blue,".

"Here is our plan friend, you and your guards will head south through an area known to us as the white-tailed woods, I will send assistance when I can but I'm afraid until this settles down you must live off of the land around you, however, I assume you will cope?" Luna asked.

"I've been deployed to a dry and disgusting desert with no trees for miles, I think I'll manage to survive," I replied chuckling to myself somewhat at the irony of the situation.

"Meanwhile I will try to win our sister over and convince her that this course of action is not a just one,". Luna continued with a newfound determination that I had not yet seen in her, however, I remained doubtful that this A-Team style plan would even get off the ground never mind succeed.

"You really think you can convince Celestia not to mutilate me?" I asked sceptically.

Dipping her head slightly Luna spoke. "It may not be an easy task, however, it is one I'm sure we can succeed in,". I stared pensively into the space between Luna and the door before slowly nodding to her.

"Ok, let's get this over with,". I said looking back to Luna. I still wasn't fully sure how Luna planned to get me out of a fully guarded castle but I suppose I could give her a little benefit of the doubt.

Luna scanned her surroundings before lighting up her horn allowing a low hum to emerge. As the brightness of her horn grew so did the humming which was now getting progressively louder and louder. Eventually, the brightness and noise came to a climax as a piercing blue beam shot out of Luna's horn and onto the floor beneath us.

Lines of white and black grew out in spiral formations along the floor creating a medium-sized circle of which I was now standing in the middle of. Whatever Luna was doing I appeared to be taking part in some form of bullshit witchcraft.

Eventually, the light ceased to be and Luna now examined her work. "Respectfully Blue, what the fuck was that? You trying to sacrifice me here?!" I asked gesturing down the albeit cool-looking circle pattern.

"Relax friend, If we had to teleport you out of the room it could easily be traced back to me, this way my sister will never know of what has transpired," Luna explained as she ushered the two guards into the circle with her wing.

"Uh, sure, I mean you know magic and I certainly don't so how does this thing work exactly?" I asked moving backwards slightly to allow the guards to fully enter the circle of death.

“Once you are ready simply read these words followed by your destination of choice,” Luna explained proofing a small scroll into existence before levitating it over to me to read.

I quickly scanned the words written on the scroll before nodding to her. “Ok I’m ready,”.

Luna smiled turning to leave before turning around suddenly on the spot and embracing me in an awkward hug pushing the two guards out of the circle in the process. “We shall miss you, Daniel, remember to have faith that we will find a way to help you,”.

Awkwardly I embraced her back although I’m not sure the two guards were all too keen, aw well fuck em I suppose no one ever said they had to like me.

A small yelp broke the embrace as Luna looked towards me with mild concern. “What is it?” I asked checking her over to see if I’d hurt her.

Pushing my arm away with a wing she simply frowned before sighing. “We shall need to make this look believable for my sister,”.

Oh, please don’t tell me she’s about to ask me to do this! I thought to myself as I looked down to my holster.

Sensing my thoughts Luna tried to calm me down as best she could. “Relax Danny, for you, this is something that I shall do,”.

Hesitating slightly I finally gave in.“Ok Princess, see you on the other side,” I said pulling my Glock out of the holster.

Closing her eyes Luna simply smiled before extending her wings fully. “Safe travels friend, may we meet again,”.

A bittersweet smile met my face at her choice of words as I raised the pistol towards her chest. “May we meet again,”.


Goldens POV
Canterlot Castle
Equstria, Canterlot
August 2nd 1000

Standing at attention I began to find it harder and harder to stay in place. I was never one to question orders (especially those that came from the princess) however the thought of falling behind schedule on such an important day was becoming too much to handle.

"Common Princess, hurry up already,". I muttered under my breath but to no avail.

As I stood in place outside the door I could hear the sound of muffled conversation that was getting more agitated by the second, no doubt the Captain was getting himself worked up again.

I really couldn't understand why the Captain was acting like this, from the little I've seen and from the very little he has told me you would have thought he would be happy to escape his previous situation. Then again, I suppose he is a completely different species from the rest of us and an alien to this world so I suppose he deserves a little leeway, although I could already imagine a few of the other guards that would disagree.

Again more silent seconds passed by as the conversations inside had died down to the point where they were no longer audible much to my relief, at least we would be leaving soon.

My spirits were lifted even more by the sound of hoofsteps coming down the long tall corridor of the castle.

I quickly straightened myself out and shifted my wings to remove any aches before coming to attention for whoever was coming to retrieve the Captain.

The voice that spoke out was a familiar one, the princesses pupil: Twilight Sparkle. "Hello, Seargent!" She exclaimed happily.

I let a small smile slip. "Good morning Miss Sparkle, here to retrieve our guest?" I asked as she came into view of my left eye.

A small dip of her head confirmed my prayers had been answered. "Yep I thought he was going to meet us at the platform but when he didn't show I just came myself, you know how I like to keep everything on a tight schedule!" She exclaimed again blushing a little.

"No problem at all, he's still in with the Princess right now they should just be finishing up,". I explained relaxing slightly.

Twilight seemed to tilt her head slightly. "The Princess?" She asked.

Nodding I confirmed her question. "Yes Miss, Princess Luna wanted a chance to say goodbye to the Captain,".

Happy with the explanation given Twilight simply smiled. "Oh, well I suppose that's fine, I suppose the Princess can always come and visit the Captains once he settles in at the Libary with me,".

"I'm sure the princess would like..." Crack

I loud crack erupted from inside the Captains room causing myself and Miss Sparkle to jump, acting on instinct I extended my wings pushing Twilight back behind me with my left-wing.

"What in Equestria was that?!" Twilight exclaimed panic dripping from her voice.

"Stay here!" I ordered as Twilight slowly moved back from behind my wing as I moved slowly towards the door. Grabbing my spear I turned around on the spot before raising my two hind legs upwards and smashing them into the door causing it to blowback onto its hinges.

As I entered the room I spun around to face whatever danger lay in front of me however the sight of it all made me take great pause.

The Princess of the Night lay in front of my hoofs clearly unconscious whilst the Captain stood looking over her decked in his full armour with a weapon drawn. In the other hand, he held what appeared to be a small scroll of which he was currently reciting off.

Without hesitating for a single moment, I lunged towards the Captain in order to restrain him using my wings to propel me further.

The moment my hoof made contact with his armour I felt a strong vibration impact my armour as everything suddenly went white.

Author's Note:

Hello, Everypony!

Hope you're all staying safe during the time of crisis.
This is where our story really kicks off now!

Some of you may think that this is quite OC for Celestia however the reality of MLP I'm placing this in is a slightly darker one than was featured in the show. And we will find out soon why Celestia is doing this...

Until next time Everypony!