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Always Vigilant - TheScotsman

A Solider Torn Away From Combat Duty Is Forced To Adapt To A World That Is Not His Own

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Chapter 10 - Trust - Uneditied

Canterlot Castle
Equstria, Canterlot
August 2nd 1000

Slowly but surely the golden light that emanated from that damned sun breached the slim curtains of my guest suite and preceded to begin their attack runs on my eyes. Thinking quickly I turned my head sharply to the left in an attempt to block my attackers from claiming a victory.

However, my actions were for nought as I had been roused from my dreamless sleep and forced back into another day of hell.

Last night I had been told quite bluntly that I was stuck here in this magical candy land permanently. Id like to have thought that I had been a relatively good soul for most of my life, I had made one or two fuck-ups in my time on Earth, but I hadn't done anything to warrant this kind of punishment.

Still. Here I was laying spread out on a slim rug that covered part of the floor beside my bed, having slept like a dog would next to its master, a colourful reminder of my current (outnumbered) predicament.

My PDA was still wedged between my hands but had since powered down after I had fallen asleep, the PDA power cell appeared to be degrading and would have to be recharged soon. I had a solar cell with me that could recharge it if it was exposed to sunlight, however, the cell and all my other kit were currently locked in the cage at the end of my room making it all but useless.

Seeing as I could do nothing more about the situation just now I shifted my body away from the sun in order to make it more comfortable for my now twisted head before trying to get back to sleep.

My attempt at comfort, however, was abruptly suspended as a sharp series of knocks struck the door to my suite.

"Fuck Off!" I yelled, my own voice muffled by my own arm my head was resting against.

Much to my displeasure, however, my response hadn't seemed to have satisfied the pony at the door as once again a series of sharp knocks could be heard against the door.

Getting aggravated I partially raised my head to look at the door. "I Said Fuck Off!" I yelled again hoping that the prick on the other side of the door would get the hint and leave.

To my relief, no more sharp knocks followed and I slowly began to rest my head back onto my arm where it had been resting. However, not a second later the doors cracked open as the sounds of hoofsteps filled my ears.

Not bothering to look up I simply spoke.

"You ponies have to be fucking retarded because I SAI...," My rant halted in its tracks when I saw the who the Victim was.

Luna was standing before me her size now meek and her ears withdrawn she looked at me with what could only be described as sad eyes (whether or not that's a real term I have no idea but it's all that came to my mind).

"Shit, Luna, I didn't know come on in," I sighed, walking over to comfort my only sort of real friend here.

Friend... I thought. Did I really consider Luna to be a friend? I mean I'd only known her for a matter of days and in that space of time, we'd both shot at each other. However, she seemed to be the most tangible thing around. Maybe due to the fact that she felt real to me, she wasn't so crayons jammed up the nose optimistic and happy as everyone else seemed to be. Maybe that made me relate to her more, but I digress.

"We can come back if thou is having a bad time?" Luna offered softly turning her head back towards the door.

"Fuck Blue, it's all a bad time right now you leaving the room ain't gonna change that so you might as well stay and say your piece before I'm incarcerated,". I said giving her a soft pat on the back before moving back over to my bed.

"Tho, you. You make it sound like your going to be locked within a dungeon,". Luna said as she awkwardly danced between old and modern tongue.

I looked over at her shooting her an incredulous look. "Aren't I? Last time I checked I'm about to be shipped off to a place I dont want to go to all the whilst being offered no opportunity at escape and if that weren't enough I'm supposed to learn how to make some friends like I'm a fucking toddler!"

Not waiting for me to continue Luna quickly shot back. "Dose thou look down so much upon our people's way of life?!"

"What!? No! I'm just telling you that it's not and never will be my life, my life is gone so yes I feel like I'm in a dungeon!" I retorted throwing myself back onto my bed and placing my hands over my face to calm me down.

The room quickly descended into silence and remained so for a couple of awkward and hard minutes before a series of short knocks on the door broke the uneasy silence. Composing herself Luna managed to squawk out a short and sharp "Enter,".

Without looking up I heard the sound of hoofsteps enter the room as a familiar voice spoke up. "Your highness, sorry for the interruption, but its time to go,".

Looking up I made eye contact with Archer who was still dressed in her special guard outfit. She didn't say anything rather offering me a quick and courteous nod.

Well, maybe two sorta friends I suppose.

"Alright, Danny are you ready to see your new home?" Luna asked clearly trying to be optimistic. Unfortunately for her, I failed to grasp the same sense of optimism.

"This isn't my home I,". I said sharply. Quickly grabbing my PDA from the other side of my bed I began flipping through random files before selecting one to shove in Luna and Goldens face. "Here! See this, Planet Earth. That's my home. This place? Is nothing but a crazed drug trip fantasy land.

Realising her poor choice of words Luna quickly withdrew as an apologetic look began forming on her face. Before she had a chance to respond the silence was interrupted by a series of beepings.

"Power Cell Depleted, Going Into Emergency Mode, Essential Services Only For Remainder Of Cell Reserves, Recharge At Next Opportunity Avalible

"Aw, piece of shit," I said throwing the PDA back onto the bed.

Both ponies present turned their heads curiously before Archer decided to speak up. "Something wrong with your, device?"

Sighing I bent down to retrieve it making sure that I hadn't done any damage to the device in the process, I wasn't, however, that concerned as these things were generally pretty sturdy. Anything set for use in Afghanistan kinda had to be otherwise it would be as useless as a well without water.

"No, it'll be fine it's just out of charge, I have a solar cell in my kit back if you could let me have my stuff back?" I asked seizing the sudden opportunity to gain access to my equipment.

"Sorry sir, we're under strict orders from the princess not to allow you access to your equipment," Archer said doing her best to appear sincere.

"Princess?" I asked making my lack of S at the end obvious enough.

"The order came directly from Princess Celestia,". Archer all but confirmed my suspension as I just jammed my fingers into my forehead in frustration. Looking over to Luna I could only watch her begin to back peddle herself as I began my rant.

"See! This is the shit I'm talking about right here Blue. I'm not in prison apparently but I'm not allowed access to any of my personal possessions and Celestia has the fucking audacity to place them all in a box at the end of my bed just out of my reach! She just seems to love toying with me the fucking phyco..."

"Danny! Do not refer to our sister in such a way! She only has your best interest at heart,". Luna tried to reason with me but I pressed on.

"No. She has her own best interest at heart. Just cage up the little monster and lock away all his toys so he can't hurt anyone around him! And then, and then if that wasn't enough not only am I being sent to prison but I'm being sent to prison with a shit load of her personal guards to keep tabs on me 24/7. Whos going to be in charge of that? I dont even know, your sister has just taken an innocent little town and turned it into her own private jailhouse just for me!"

Seconds passed where neither of us spoke, instead just staring at each other, my arguments had either completely shut Luna down or she was conjuring up one hell of a long rebuttal. Either way, for now, we stood in an almost Mexican standoff with Archer standing in between us both waiting for someone to make the first move.

After a few more seconds of waiting, I started to become impatient and so I decided to try again. "Do you trust me, Luna?"

Again moments of silence passed with none of us daring to make a single move in this verbal cold war for fear of each other's response.

Suddenly without warning a low hum began to originate from the base of Luna's horn as a light blue hue wrapped around it engulfing the horn in a bright light which then without warning erupted from the tip of the horn towards me.

Not having time to even contemplate what was happening I could only watch as the light blue beam soared across the room towards me, as I closed my eyes I prepared myself for what was about to hit me...

I heard a small click and the dropping of a metal door against a marble floor. Realising I hadn't been hit by the death ray I slowly opened my eyes to a somewhat humorous scene. Luna was stood using her two back hoofs as some sort of support as if she had just fired an artillery shell whilst Archer looked on in shock slash horror at what had unfolded. However, what was odd was that both of their eyes were not directed at me but instead an object behind me.

Turning to match their gaze I was surprised to see the door to the cage that held my belongings was no longer locked and instead was lying down on the marble floor, small cracks emanating from where the edges of the cage had collided with the floor. Taking a moment to look over the cage I turned back to Luna who had also changed her gaze so that she was now looking directly at me.

"What is this?" I asked without any trace of emotion.

Mirroring my actions Luna simply responded. "We trust you,".

Whilst I processed this information another present pony clearly wasn't on the princesses wavelength. "Princess Luna! Princess Celestia made it very clear to us that we were not to give the Captain access to his equipment until a further assessment had been conducted,". Archer pointed out trying to be as respectful as possible.

"We trust him,". Luna repeated her gave unwaveringly.

"And I sort of trust him too but many others dont and are going to feel unnerved by this especially your sister,".

"You have said enough Seargent, please, leave us for now,". Archer simply stood in her place until Luna broke her gaze to stare at her instead. "That wasn't a request,". Luna said, now with more force causing the pony to straighten her back.

"Yes, Your Highness,". Archer responded in an almost robotic tone quickly taking her leave from the room, no doubt on her way to warn Celestia of what had just transpired.

Again the room descended into that borehole of awkward silence, I wanted to believe Luna was being sincere and part of me knew she was being so, however, I needed to know for sure.

"So, you trust me?" I asked trying to keep my tone as neutral as possible as if I'd just been handed a bad set of cards in poker.

"We thought we had made that clear by our actions,". Luna said disarming her stance somewhat now that it was just the two of us.

Slowly I began to back up towards the cage that contained all of my equipment that id brought here. "Why?" I asked trying to keep a conversation afloat whilst I tested my theory.

"We have no reason to doubt thous intentions,". She said again matching my tone of voice no doubt wondering what I was planning to do.

Reaching the cage I spotted what I was looking for an in a matter of milliseconds I managed to reach down and grab it before aiming it directly at her head. "Wrong, you have every reason to doubt my intentions,".

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, long time no see.
Life's been life recently and work has been work. The culmination of this is delays and more delays.
This chapter was originally going to be longer but I decided to split the chapter into two instead of having one long chapter.
Suppose you get a cool cliffhanger though?

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