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Always Vigilant - TheScotsman

A Solider Torn Away From Combat Duty Is Forced To Adapt To A World That Is Not His Own

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Chapter 7 - Preparing Contact - Unedited

Canterlot Royal Infirmary
Equstria, Canterlot
June 30th 1000

As I opened my eyes I was immediately greeted with the blinding light of the sun which assaulted my face with no regards for my feelings. Thinking quickly I flipped over to the other side of the bed hoping to escape the beam of light that was currently assaulting my face.

My plan worked as the light level on the other side of the room weren't as bad allowing me to rest my eyes as my body began to wake up. If I was being completely honest I shouldn't have been complaining about the sun.

I was in a relatively comfortable bed and in a room with good air conditioning although how the ponies had achieved this I had no idea. If I had to hazard a guess id say magic, that seems to be their solution to everything around here. Comparing this to what I had as quarters back in Afgan and I would say I was living the high life.

After a few more minutes of waking up, I finally gathered the strength to push myself up into a comfortable sitting position. After a few seconds of fidgeting with my pillows and cover, I was finally able to make my self comfortable again and allowed myself to sink into the softness of the cover whilst I looked over my PDA.

It was probably the first routine thing I had done since arriving in Equestria. Normally when I was on deployment the first thing I would do would be reading over my PDA with a nice cup of tea which was the only thing currently laking.

I wonder if ponies have tea, god I hope they do otherwise this will be an uncomfortably long stay. I thought to myself as I looked over some of my personal readings.

It was only now that I really started to wonder, what would happen if I even got home?

I thought back to the voicemail I had received the day I had arrived in Equestria. Everyone back home already thought I was dead and going by the date it had been months since I left. Maybe our universes ran at different times. If one day was just a few months then it could be years in the future when I return.

I battled within myself over this conundrum for the better half of an hour before eventually deciding to drop it not wishing to dwell on the matter any longer. I was a soldier first and despite being in a completely different plane of reality I still had work to do here.

Although I should make a note to bring this up with Celestia later.

About an hour later I was sitting in a chair clearly not designed for Humans watching the city of Canterlot bustle to life, I couldn't make out much but I could still just about make out a mass of tiny ponies going about their day trotting along the coble streets no doubt on their way to their jobs something equally as dull.

My musings were interrupted when I heard a small knock on the door behind me.

"It's open!" I yelled to however was on the other side. "Or at least I hope it is," I mumbled. I didn't expect that Celestia had locked me in hear given our "friendly" status with each other, but I wasn't about to put it past her.

Luckily for me, the door was flung open without the sound of any locks being undone. Instantly the smell of breakfast filled my nostrils as my eyes followed the scent to its origins.

"Good morning Captain," a cheery voice spoke.

Recognising the voice I took a closer look at the figure coming through the door. "Twilight?" I asked.

"Oh, you remember me!?" She exclaimed happily.

I quirked my eyebrow slightly. "Well yeah, we were just talking yesterday were we not?"

Twilight blushed slightly as her ears flopped against her head. "Oh yeah, sorry, I wasn't sure if you would remember my name given all that your going through right now,".

"Hey, don't worry about it, I didn't know you worked here," I said surprised. Twilight was currently standing on all fours with a stethoscope around her neck with a cart of food beside her.

"Oh, this, I don't, this isn't mine," Twilight explained sheepishly.

"Uh, okay, well I'm quite confused then," I chuckled.

Walking over to where I was sitting Twilight levitated a bunch of food items onto the small table beside me, the food ranged from eggs in several styles to... To, grass. Well, I can't say I'm surprised I suppose. However, I wasn't about to say no to having eggs again.

"I don't work here, I was coming to see you anyway and I bumped into a nurse who was bringing your breakfast so I offered to bring it here for her," Twilight gleamed as she pulled a chair over with her magic.

"Oh, well thank you, I suppose but um, what's with the stethoscope there pal?" I asked taking it off her neck and holding it in front of her.

"Um, I was coming to see if I could run some of my own tests on you," Twilight said looking more nervous by the second.

"Tests?" I asked. "What do you need to do tests on me for?"

Immediately Twilight jumped out of the chair and stared at me as if I had just said some completely idiotic.

"Captain, your an entirely different lifeform not indigenous to Equss, you come from another universe we know literally nothing about other than we know its where you come from, for all we know you could be dangerous!" Twilights rant, as crazy as it sounded to me did seem to make some form of rational sense.

When Christopher Columbus landed in the new world he brought all sorts of European diseases that the people there weren't protected against. As much as I hated being wrong Twilight may have had a point after all.

"Okay, so how do we make sure that I'm safe for ponies to be around?" I asked.

"Well, there's a quick way to be sure that no one is in immediate danger," Twilight said. Intrigued at the idea of a quick fix I motioned for her to continue. "Well I can just do a quick medical scan with my magic which would detect if there are any infectious viruses in your system that are harmful to us but other than that the only way to tell is through time,".

"Well, I must say and I hope you don't take offence when I say I was feeling a lot more confident about myself before you brought me breakfast," I said as I forked a piece of scrambled egg.

"Of course not, now if you hold still, this should only take a minute," Twilight explained as she lit up her horn and I was covered in a very pale lavender aura.

For the next few minutes, that's how we set. Twilight ran a complete scan of my entire body as I sat and ate breakfast minus the grass. Finally after what felt like forever Twilight powered down her horn panting slightly.

"Well doc, give me it straight, how long have I got?" I said putting on my best drama pose only to be swatted in the face with a hoof.

"Knock it off, your completely fine as far as I can tell, a bit of bruising from where you were injured but otherwise your completely healthy!" Twilight exclaimed happily.

"Well that's a relief," I said as I stood up from my seat near the window and walked over to my bed picking up my PDA."I have some basic medical files on human anatomy if you'd like to read over them?" I suggested. Before I even got a response the PDA was out of my hand and I was pinned against the bed.

"Really!?" Twilight gasped holding my PDA in her magic. She was up on her hind legs resembling an excited puppy getting its first squeaky toy.

"Um, yeah I figured the doctors and that would need my medical files anyway so they know how healthy I am," I reasoned swiping the PDA out of her aura much to Twilights disappointment. "I can't let you keep it obviously but you're more than welcome to look over it whilst I'm here or transcribe it onto paper or something so you can have a written copy,".

Upon hearing this Twilight perked up again and was about to start praising my generosity when another knock interrupted us both.

"Twilight, you in here," A young male voice could be heard emanating from the hallway.

"Yeah Spike I'm in here," Twilight yelled out into the corridor.

After a few seconds, the door opened to reveal... No one, or at least that's what I thought until out of the bottom of my eye I saw a small figure enter the room and then abruptly stop as we made eye contact.

We stared at each other for several long seconds before Twilight spoke up clearly trying to break the ice. "Captain this is my number one assistant Spike,".

"Um, Twilight is this the monster you were telling me about?"

"Spike! I did not call him a monster!" Twilight said looking frantically at me to see if I was displaying any signs of anger. To behonest, I found this whole situation kind of funny.

"Well I must say I never thought I would see the day where a dragon called a human a monster, usually its the other way round," I joked kneeling down to match Spikes tiny height.

"Um, sorry dude I didn't know what to expect,"

"Yeah forget it mate its fine with me, so your Spike?" I asked reaching out to shake his claw.

"Yeah, names Spike im Twilights assistant," Spike said proudly puffing out his chest for effect.

"My number one assistant," Twilight emphasised pulling him into an embrace.

"Ack, Twilight not in front of the Alien,". I simply chuckled at the peculiar sight of a pony and dragon sharing an embrace.

"So Spike what's wrong?" Twilight asked looking down towards Spike.

"Wrong?" Spike asked. "Nothing, Princess Celestia just told me to give you this letter this morning,". Seemingly from out of nowhere, Spike pulled out a fancy looking scroll with some form of royal seal imprinted onto it.

"Oh, well, read it out Spike," Twilight said seemingly eager to hear the contents of the letter.

Unferaling the letter Spike cleared his throat and spoke. "Hear ye, hear ye. Her Grand Royal Highness, Princess Celestia of Equestria, is pleased to announce the Grand Galloping Gala to be held in the magnificent capital city of Canterlot, on the 21st day of, eh, yadda yadda yadda, cordially extends an invitation to Twilight Sparkle plus one guest,".

Upon hearing the contents of the letter Twilight gasped with excitement. "The Grand Galloping Gala!"

"Whats the Grand Galling Gala?" I asked with curiosity.

"Grand Galloping Gala," Twilight corrected. "It's only the biggest social event in the Equestrian calendar, I've never been to the gala. Have you, Spike?"

Looking down to Spike he appeared to stick his tongue out in disgust of the idea. "No, and I plan to keep it that way. I don't want any of that girly frilly frou-frou nonsense,".

Chuckling at Spikes antics I simply patted him on the head. "Yeah I feel you, little buddy, I was the same when I was little but big governmental gatherings aren't that bad, well, mostly,".

Twilight giggled too levitating Spike onto her back. "Aw, come on Spike. A dance would be nice,".

"Forget it Twilight, you'll not get me into that gala,". Spike seemed adamant not to lose this battle and so Twilight simply bowed her head in defeat.

"Well I'm sure one of my new friends would like to come, but, which one should I pick,".

"Whatda mean?" I asked looking at her as she seemed to run mental calculations in her head over and over again.

"Well, since the events during the Summer Sun Celebration I've made lots of new friends but I've only got two tickets from Celestia!" Twilight explained.

"Oh, well that sounds like a toughy, could you not just ask Celestia for some more tickets?" I suggested.

"Are you kidding!?" Twilight yelled. "I can't ask the most royal ruler in all of Equestria for more tickets to the biggest social gathering of the year, this needs planning, research... I gotta go,".

With that Twilight did a 180 galloping out of the room taking Spike flying along with her leaving just me in the ward.

These ponies have issues.

Canterlot Castle
Equstria, Canterlot
June 30th 1000

"So Celestia what's this about," I asked.

I was currently in a completely different part of the Castle. Celestia had come in to visit me not long after Twilight left and had taken me to a meeting room with herself and Luna.

"Captain, we would like to discuss a sensitive issue with you but it is one that we feel must be handled sooner rather than later," Celestia explained.

"And pray tell what would this pressing issue be?" I asked crossing my arms and leaning back in my small but rather comfortable chair.

"We need to formalise your races contact with ours in some capacity and we must make it known to other nations of the world that we are hosting you here in Equestrian territory,".

God, not politics, anything but politics. My inner thoughts cried out at the realisation however I managed to keep a calm face despite what I was hearing from Celestia.

"Well I must admit I am very apprehensive at the idea, I've honestly been content with the status quo if we can even consider this "status quo", nevertheless I agree that we have to face this issue, so any good ideas?"

To my suprise, it wasn't Celestia that actually answered my question. Instead, Luna spoke up for the first time since last night. "We have given it some serious thought and after some deliberation, we could offer you temporary citizenship as an Equestrian citizen,".

"Why would I need Equestrian citizenship?" I asked leaning forward into the conversation.

"At the moment we are limited in our capacity to protect you from other nations, for example, if the Griffon Empire saw you as a threat to world security which they most likely would they could make a case to kidnap you for questioning as unlikely as it sounds. If you were an Equestrian citizen they wouldn't be able to simply lift you off the streets,".

"Not that we'd let them do such a thing," Luna added. I smiled at her, it was good to know that no Griffon was going to be able to kidnap me.

Wait a second. Griffions!?

"Excuse me I think you might have left a few details out about your world did you say you guys had Griffons here as in the eagle looking things with lions paws and shit?"

"Equss has many different nations with all kind of species from Ponies to Griffons and from Griffons to Zebras," Celestia confirmed. This world just kept getting stranger and stranger by the day.

"Well as much as I appreciate the offer, I don't think I'll become an Equastrain citizen anytime soon I like my staus the way it is now, no offence intended of course," I said looking Celestia straight in the eye.

In response, Celestia simply sighed. "That is, of course, your prerogative, however, the question still remains on how to approach this issue,".

We all sat in silence for a couple of seconds all dwelling on possible solutions to our problem. Just as I was about to speak up the door behind us swung open causing all of us to look in the direction of the door.

"I'm so so sorry Auntie, I know you said you had a surprise planned and I didn't mean to be late but I overslept after spending some time with...".

Nope. I'm completely done. I thought, standing in front of me was another tall pony with wings and a horn. Seriously at this point, everyone in this damn place might as well be royalty.

The new pony quickly caught sight of me and made her way over in somewhat of an awkward hurry before tilting her head forward slightly. "Ambassador, it's so good to finally meet you, I'm Princess Cadence, niece of Princess Celestia, please forgive my untimely arrival I've been trying to catch up all morning,".

I had no idea what was going on but I'm pretty sure my brain had gone into lockdown mode.

"Um, Cadence," Celestia said trying to catch the attention of her "niece".

Cadence quickly seemed to catch on that she was causing somewhat of an awkward scene and quickly moved to her seat muttering a quick apology to her aunt.

"Cadence you must know that Captain Peters is not an ambassador, he is actually..."

"No, wait! That's a great idea!" I shouted startling everyone in the room as I jumped up from my chair.

"Danny, I'm not sure we follow," Luna said as Celestia and Cadence nodded in agreement.

"Think about what the cute pink pony princess said," I said walking over and patting cadence on the head much to her displeasure. "Ambassador Peters representing the United Nations Of Earth,". I quickly strut a pose of a heroic figure much to Lunas amusement and Celestia's confusion.

"So what we're saying is that you're a visiting ambassador from your people?" Celestia questioned.

Shaking my head I continued. "No, what I'm saying is, we can tell them the truth but whilst I'm here I will act in the capacity of Ambassador to Equestria from the UN,".

"So wait, your not an ambassador?" Cadence asked using magic to stop me from patting her head.

"You know sister we may not be as adverse in modern politics as of yet, but we see no reason why this couldn't work,". Luna said completely blanking Cadence much to my amusement.

"Hmm, we would need official treaty between our two peoples as well as a flag to be hosted within the signatory hall and within your residence but apart from that it may be our best option," Celestia conceded. "Okay Captain if this is what you want we will do everything we can to help you,".

"Good, I should have some images of the flag for you," I said getting my PDA out.

"That's a good start I'll have a tailor stop by your quarters tonight, and that reminds me you've been discharged from the infirmary wing and give assigned you some quarters in the castles guest wing," Celestia said moving around the table to stand next to me.

"Oh, so I'm living the life of a dignitary now am I?" I asked sarcastically.

"Well in a sense for the meantime I suppose you will be," Celestia said in a very diplomatic tone.

Smiling I reached out my hand to shake her hoof. "Well then your majesty on behalf of the United Nations Of Earth I thank you for your gracious hospitality," I said bowing whilst doing so causing Luna to chuckle slightly. In addition, I could have sworn id heard a small laugh come from Celestia.

"CAN SOMEPONY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON!" A voice screamed from behind us.

"Later Cadence," Celestia replied.

"You know for a pink pony princess shes sure got a, um, volume,".

Canterlot Guest Suites
Equstria, Canterlot
June 30th 1000

After the meeting had concluded I had been told to wait in the meeting room until my escort arrived to take me to my room, Celestia and Luna couldn't stay as they had to start working on preparations for my "official arrival" and I had a speech to prepare to the populace of Ponyland.

I still wasn't sure what I was going to say when I stood up on the big stage but whatever I was going to say I had to think of it fast.

After waiting for a few minutes I was greeted by two guards who identified themselves as my personal escort for my stay here at the castle. Like all the other guards they were just as stonefaced in the way that they presented themselves referring to me as "Ambassador". However, unlike the other guards, they wore neither completely golden or dark blue armour. Instead, these guards armour were coated in splotches of white and light blue covering over parts of the gold.

I thought about asking them about it but decided against it noting wanting to end up on the end of a spear again like I had the night before and so here I was standing in the massive guest suite that could probably fit six all to myself.

The room itself had just the one bed in the middle of the room and shared the same checkered floor as the rest of the castle had however there was a small rug placed under my bed for my feet to rest on as well as a large desk and stool for working at along with a set of drawers and nightstands. Overall it was a nice room and definitely an upgrade compared to the medical ward.

My room also had two large windows that faced outwards away from the city. From the windows, I realised that this city was hardly on the ground level. We must be on some form on mountainside city as the drop from my window was just incredible. We must be at least a good 10,000 feet up. I must confess I spent a good couple of minuets just staring out of the window. For all of the downsides of this world, the view certainly wasn't one of them.

I was also happy to see that the cage containing all of my gear (including my weapons) was moved to my room however the cage was still locked shut and knowing Celestia it probably had about one million magical locks around it to prevent me from going on a Rambo style rampage. Not that id want to.

I was soon pulled out of my musings by a sharp series of knocks at my door.

"Come in," I yelled not bothering to face the door still too infatuated with the view from my window.

From behind me, I could hear the door creak open as a voice spoke up. "Ambassador the Element of Generosity requests to see you,". Turning around I saw one of my guards peering her head through the door. She was the first female guard id seen which had taken me by surprise when she initially spoke.

"The fucks an elemental generosity?" I asked giving the guard my best-confused look.

The guard to her credit appeared to break from her stoic form for the first time to respond. "Uh, I have no idea, sir,".

"Well at least that makes two of us then, send them in I suppose," I responded waving a hand in the direction of the door.

Quickly the guard pulled her head backwards and opened the door fully allowing for a familiar-looking pony to walk in.

"Captain! How marvellous to see you again,". The white pony trotted into the middle of my room bringing a bunch of books and pens with her suspended in her magic.

"Uh, good to see you too, um, Rarity was it?" I said standing up to shake her hoof which she quickly took hold of to shake.

"Ah, so you do remember me!" Rarity said her face lighting up as she spoke.

"Oh yeah, although I didn't realise you were a generosity element,".

"Yes yes, of course, it was a title granted to me and my friends after we defeated Nightmare Moon!" Rarity explained setting all of her materials down on my bed.

"So your all elements then?" I asked looking at her quizzically.

"Yes, although most of them dont like to use their titles however I see no reason not to especially since nearly everyone in this marvellous city has one," She said pouting with her lips. I simply looked at her not sure what to say to that. However, I really wasn't given a chance to reply as Rarity quickly bounced up towards me her face lighting up again.

"Now Princess Celestia told me that you needed a few flags designed?"

I paused, giving Rarity a strange look. "You're a tailor?"

"Eh, not exactly the word I would use darling it lacks excitement or inspiration, I am a designer and a somewhat self-proclaimed fashionista, I own my own little boutique back home!"

"Oh well, then I suppose you'd like to see the flags then?" I asked pulling up my PDA as I started to search through my various flags.

"Yes darling of course as well as take your measurements,". I stopped flicking through the list of flags and looked up at Rarity.

"What would you need my measurements for?" I asked placing the PDA down by my side.

"Well for the gala of course! Why else," Rarity said pulling a measuring tape out from under the pile of supplies she had brought in with her.

"The Grand Galloping Gala?" I asked.

"Yes, that's the one, I can make you a smashing suit if you wish free of charge, and if you haven't picked anyone I'd be more than happy to be your plus one," Rarity said as she started to measure me much to my annoyance.

Quickly batting away the tape I stood up annoyed. "Plus one? Rarity I haven't even been invited to this thing, why would you want to be my plus, my plus one,". I stopped as the gears in my head started to fit all of the pieces into place. "Wait is this all about Twilights tickets?" I asked crossing my arms.

Rarity looked down at the floor as a small blush appeared around her cheeks, but before she could even offer an explanation the sound of talking on the other side of the door caught my attention.

"Ma'm we can't let you through these are the Ambassadors personal quarters,"

"Its okay were totally besties,"

"Ma'm you need to listen to my colleague and leave the area these quarters are off-limits... Hey!"

The door quickly burst opened as a rainbow blue flew into the room almost colliding with me in the process.

"Seize her!" I quickly changed my vision to focus on the door that was now hanging on only one of its hinges where I could see my two very angry looking guards with their spears pointed at the rainbow intruder.

Quickly identifying the pony I raised my hand to stop my guards. "It's alright I'll handle this, just get someone to fix that door," I said sighing.

"As you wish Ambassador," the guard said as she and her fellow guard backed out of the room attempting to close the broken door all the while glaring at Rainbow.

"Wow, what's their problem," Rainbow said finally standing up from where she had crashed.

My lower eyelid twitched slightly. "Their problem? Their pro, Jesus Christ, what the hells your problem Rainbow why did you crash into my room!?" I shouted moving right in front of her giving her no room to escape from me.

"What! They wouldn't let me in to see you,". Rainbow protested trying to fly upwards only to be stopped by a pain shooting out from one of her wings making her fall back to the ground.

Serves her right. I thought looking down at the now injured pegasus.

"I dunno did you try asking them nicely?" I said sarcastically.

"Well um," Rainbow tried to explain but was quickly cut off by me.

"Just! Just please tell me what you want Rainbow we're really busy here," I said motioning to Rarity and all of her equipment.

Looking up at me a small blush spread across Rainbows face too.

Oh god please dont, please dont say it! I screamed internally.

"Well I know you're a Captain and since Captains usually get invited to this sort of thing I was wondering if you had an extra ticket to the gala?" Rainbow said as she limped over to the bed.

"Rainbow Dash, dont even think about it I was here well before you and all you've done is destroy the poor Captains door!" Rarity said finally looking up from the floor to face Rainbow.

"It was an accident!" Rainbow retorted jumping down and pushing her face into Rarity.

"That's hardly an excuse!"

"ENOUGH!" I screamed. Both of the ponies present appeared to jump out of their skin at the sheer volume of my voice.

"Look, ladies, I dont know why you think id even have tickets to this thing but I promise you I don't have and dont believe I even will get invited! Rarity I'll load the sketches of the flags I need onto my PDA for you and you can copy them as quickly as possible and Rainbow please get out of my room!"

Both ponies simply nodded as Rainbow quickly limped out of my room Rarity pulled out some sketch paper.

As Rarity got to work I slowly walked over to the door and quickly slipped out.

"Something we can do Ambassador?" The female guard asked.

"Yeah, once Rarity is done do you think you could fetch Twilight Sparkle for me?" I asked politely.

"Of course sir, anything else?"

"Yeah, apart from her and her little dragon dont let anyone else in here," I pleaded.

"Of course Ambassador,".

"Hey look, guys, I'm not really an Ambassador I'm a soldier so you guys dont need to keep saying that, I'm just one of you in a really awkward position right now,".

"We understand sir, but we have a protocol to follow," The female guard said.

"However if you ever need a place to rest we can show you a guard hangout area when we're not on duty," The other guard spoke up.

"Is their alcohol?" I asked.

"Affirmative sir," he replied smiling slightly.

"Good work soldiers, please come retrieve me when your off shift and ill buy you two some drinks," I said as I went to move back into my room.

At least some of these guards are cool, must just be those golden pricks I thought to myself as I re-entered my room.

Canterlot Guest Suites
Equstria, Canterlot
June 30th 1000

A couple of hours had passed since the incident with Rarity and Rainbow and both ponies were finally out of my room allowing me to finally relax somewhat. I was also happy to report that my door was already fixed by one of the castles handymen. I had to give it to them, they worked really fast. I could have sworn that they were only here for a few seconds.

Nevertheless, I was finally able to lay back on my bed and relax my muscles for the first time all day. That was until another knock came at the door.

"Yeah," I shouted.

Again the door cracked opened and the guard stuck her head through. "Twilight Sparkle here to see you, sir,".

"Good, send her in please," I said moving up into a sitting position on my bed as Twilight and Spike both walked into the room.

"Hello Captain," Twilight said somewhat deflated. If I'm being honest when compared to how she was she looked awful. Her mane was now separated into unorganised strands and her whole body just seemed tired. Spike appeared to be concerned as he looked her over with sad eyes.

"Hey," I said moving over on my bed. "I kinda thought you'd had a bad day so far," I commented patting on the bed for her to jump up.

"How did you guess," Twilight said jumping up onto the bed before lying her head face down between her hoofs.

"Because I also got a second-hand effect from Rarity and Rainbow earlier today and it wasn't very pleasant,". I said as I recalled the tale to Twilight all the while stroking her back like that of a dog, she tensed up at first but slowly just started to relax.

After id finished my tale Twilight looked up towards me with sadness and frustration in her eyes. "I'm sorry that happened its all my fault anyway, I'm the pony that can't decide who to take to the gala, I wish I could take all of them but it's just not possible,".

"Hey, it's not your fault, if anything its Celestia's for only giving you two tickets knowing that you've just made five new friends," I pointed out.

"Six," she corrected.

"Who did I miss?" I asked curiously.

"You silly," She said leaning into my chest as if to give me a hug.

"Me!?" I said incredulously looking down at her with surprise.

"Do you think I forgot what you did for us in the castle and how nice you've been to us despite your circumstances, of course, I consider you a friend!"

"Well, that's nice to hear Twilight, I'd like to think of you as a friend too but for my people friendship takes a lot longer than just one day even if they did try to save the other from a crazy magic laser beam," I joked. "Anyway if I wanted you to take me to the gala I would understand if you picked someone else it's a hard opportunity to pass up and sometimes friends just have to be mature enough to live with your decisions,".

"I understand, I just wish my friends would too,"

"I think we do now Twilight," A voice spoke from behind us.

Shocked by the sudden intrusion I quickly snapped around reaching down to where my holster would be only now remembering it wasn't on me. Although after Identifying the source I relaxed somewhat my surprise replaced with anger.

Standing in front of me was all five on Twilights friends. "How, when, what!" I shouted my brain not even trying to work out what had just happened.

"Duh, silly we came in through the window!" Pinkie shouted appearing right in my face.

"But, How!? We're on one of the top floors!" I shouted quickly moving over to one of the windows and peering outside. To my complete shock, my window was no more than a foot off the ground all be it is was quite close to a ledge, hence why I hadn't noticed it before.

However, it still didn't answer my question of why five additional ponies were now standing in my room. "But! Why!?"

"Well, its kinda embarrassing," Applejack said removing her hat.

"I'm listening," I said.

"We thought you were going to convince Twilight to give you her extra ticket and we wanted to be able to present all of our reasons too we didn't realise what we were putting her through," Rarity said looking ashamed.

"Twilight, sugar, I didn't mean to put so much pressure on you, and if it helps, I don't want the ticket anymore. You can give it to somepony else. I won't feel bad, I promise,". Applejack said moving closer to Twilight giving her a short embrace.

"Me too. I feel just awful that I made you feel so awful," The yellow one said too.

What was her name again? I thought as one by one each of the ponies moved across my room to comfort Twilight leaving just Rainbow standing near the window.

"Yes! That means the ticket is mine. Ha ha!" She shouted trying to jump into the air without the use of her wings only to be stopped as I moved right over the top of her and shot her my best death glare. "You know, I haven't perfected my signature moves for the Wonderbolts anyway. I don't need that ticket either," she said sheepishly moving out of my way over the Twilight.

"We all got so gun-ho about going to the gala that we couldn't see how un-gun-ho we were making you,"

The fucks a gun-ho?

Smiling Twilight stepped away from her friends and over to Spike. "Spike, take down a note. Dear Princess Celestia, I've learned that one of the joys of friendship is sharing your blessings, but when there's not enough blessings to go around, having more than your friends can make you feel pretty awful. So, though I appreciate the invitation, I will be returning both tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala,".

All of the ponies in the room turned around and looked at her in shock shouting a loud "What!" in surprise. A split second later the door to my room burst opened and my two guards rushed in obviously at the loud noise everyone had just made.

"Uh, sir," The first guard spoke up.

I simply sidestepped back allowing both of them to see the open window opposite them. "Just resume your posts I think everything's alright now anyway right Twilight?"

"Yep, if all my friends cant go I dont wanna go either,".

"Twilight, you don't have to do that," Applejack said placing her hat back on top of her head.

"Nope. I've made up my mind. Spike, you can send the letter now,". Without missing a tick Spike threw the letter up in the air and released a small burst of green fire that engulfed the letter causing it to disintegrate within the fire,".

"Spike why the hell did you just burn the letter?" I said puzzled at why Twilight wasn't freaking out.

"I didn't burn it dude, Its mail magic. It allows me to transport and receive letters," He said shooting out some flames again for effect.

"Oh, so that's what that was," I said. As I spoke Spike started to gag. As I went to pat the little guy on the back another jet of flames burst out causing me to fall back on my arse much to everyone's amusement. "Yeah laugh it up guys," I said as I pushed myself back up.

"A letter from the princess? That was fast," Twilight said grabbing the letter with her magic.

She sent her a letter. She's like two floors away she could have just come down and spoken to her! I thought as I finally got to my feet.

"My faithful student Twilight, why didn't you just say so in the first place? Seven tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala!" Spike said holding the tickets up to show everyone.

"Now we can all go!" Twilight shouted as her friends cheered around her, however in the midst of her cheering a loud rumble interrupted their celebration causing Twilight to go scarlet.

"Maybe we should get something to eat," I suggested as I moved towards the door as I opened it we all began to shuffle out.

"Looks like ill be making you that suit after all," Rarity said walking up beside me.

"I dont know why she decided to give me a ticket, ill probably be gone by the time the gala comes around," I said looking down towards her.

"Oh, well darling it never hurts to be prepared," She said smiling at me.

"No I dont suppose it does," I conceded.

"And that reminds me, I have something for you, Twilight dear could you help me with this?" Rarity called out as she pulled a piece of light blue fabric out.

Twilight and Rarity both lit up their horns as they slowly moved backwards unfolding the small piece of fabric out into a decent sized rectangle.

I froze.

"I was able to get some good quality fabric from the castles storeroom, and it came out marvellous dont you think?"

"Its, it's incredible," I said running my hand along the fabric.

"What is it, Captain?" Twilight asked trying to move back to get a better view.


Author's Note:

Wow, a pretty long chapter there.

I think you'll see longer chapters in the coming weeks as I now have the lore of the show to beef up some of the chapters as you saw here today.
It's useful to me as it allows me to intertwine my own story with the series however I believe it will definitely deviate in some points.

Were just about to reach the official First Contact between the Humans and the Equestrians how will that go? Only time will tell.

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