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Always Vigilant - TheScotsman

A Solider Torn Away From Combat Duty Is Forced To Adapt To A World That Is Not His Own

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Chapter 12 - Cognizance - Unedited


"This Is A Priority One Distress Call I Repeat A Priority One Distress Call! This is Captain Daniel Peters Service Number 20102320 if anyone is receiving listen closely, I am calling in from an unknown land, there is a good chance I'm just on some sort of drug trip right now however whoever is receiving this should be able to see that this transmission is not native to any Planets from the USP.
I was a soldier deployed alongside a NATO peacekeeping force in Afghanistan for reintegration efforts when we were attacked. In the process of the attack, I was knocked unconscious and when I was awoken I had found myself in a new world completely different from our own.
This world appears to be populated by sentient Equine creatures from Greek Mythology, I'm aware of how crazy this sounds. I have made contact with one of the leaders of the nation I am currently in and at present their technology does not see to pose a threat to Humanity.
From what little I have observed of them so far they appear to be in a medieval state of technology however they seem to be able to compensate by their use of what they refer to as 'magic'. I am in good care as of the time of transmission and I hope to be able to make another transmission soon if this one is received.
If any other humans are on this planet that can read this transmission please respond as soon as possible. This broadcast will be sent over all known spacial channels and should reach Sol and the UPS at some point depending on where I am in relation to it although honestly I'm not entirely convinced I'm in my own universe at this point, which in that case I suppose I'm just talking to myself here, nevertheless on the off-chance that this does reach anyone in the USP or any other human please contact my family and let them know I'm alright. Thank You.
This message will now repeat...
This Is A Priority One... Shzzzz

The message was suddenly cut short by a flash of light as Spark Wire powered down the machine he had created. His one true dream seemingly fulfilled overnight. A working way of communication over long distances. No longer would creatures have to rely on outdated mail systems that would take days and weeks. No. This was it. This was his big break and he'd be stinking rich by the end of it.

Spark was brought out of his fantasy future as a large clanging of doors opening and closing broke his attention as did the beating of pegasi wings.

"Hey! Sparky? Where you at?" A female voice rang out throughout the warehouse clearly in search of him.

Lifting his head from the table Spark cleared his throat before shouting back. "I in here Skies!"

A few seconds later a grey pegasus came flying through one of the connecting hallways with a newspaper in the hoof. The pegasus had a brown mane and tail with the main extending down to her chest most of which was held in place behind her right ear, in addition, she adorned a single violet stripe that ran through her mane complementing her green eyes.

"Hey!" the pegasus called out more energetically than she was known for.

Meeting her gaze Spark smiled as he jumped off of his chair that had been sitting on for most of the evening and morning.

"I have the most incredible news!" They both shouted at once, they paused for a second before breaking into a laugh.

"We've got to stop doing that," Spark said chuckling to himself.

"Yeah, it's getting ridiculous at this point," Skies concerned dipping her head slightly.

Motioning for her to come closer Spark pulled her in close to the work station he had been sitting at all night. "So tell me whats your incredible news?" Spark asked as he scribbled down some notes he had recorded earlier.

Giving him a slight shove with her wing Skies pushed him to the side. "Oh come on! I always tell you my news first, why don't you go first this time?" She exclaimed with a smile.

Not seeing it as a point to argue about Spark simple dusted himself off before nodding. "Well okay," he replied excitement filtering into his voice at the opportunity to tell somepony about his discovery. "Right, remember when you said this 'heap of junk' would never work?" He asked.

Unaware of where this was going Skies simply nodded along "Uh-huh?"

"Well, turns out you were wrong since you left last night I've been receiving a looped transmission from somewhere else!" He exclaimed his smile now extending so wide it would appear to be unnatural to some.

Skies face transformed into one of pure shock and wonder. "Wait! You're telling me your idea worked!?" She shouted jumping of our her chair and into the air.

Frantically nodding Spark lit his horn and fired a small concentrated beam into the machine in front of them. The machine garbled slowly but after a moment the crystals inside began to light up upon receiving the influx of magical flux. As the lights grew a faint buzzing noise could be heard from within the machine.

As the buzzing increased Sparks concentrated beam grew in intensity before branching off into four separate streams all leading to a large crystal node causing the buzzing sound to increase to a more than audible level.

With one last burst Spark beam flew off into the machine finally cranking it into life as a static sound started to play through the speakers that had been set up around the machine.

Skies had heard this before the static would play for hours on end whilst Spark jotted down endless pages of notes. It was nothing new to her. However, this time something was off. The pitch of the static began to increase and decrease notably until it began to become sore to listen too, she was about to tell Spark to turn it off when a new sound stopped her dead.

"This Is A Priority One Distress Call I Repeat A Priority One Distress Call! This is Captain Daniel Peters Service Number 20102320..."

A scratchy voice rang out throughout the warehouse as both the ponies simply listened in awe to what they were hearing.

As the message drew to a close, the gems that had been powering the machine slowly began to fade out and the message was cut off ending in a loud whine of static before the machine went dark again leaving both ponies illuminated only by the skylight streaming in from the sky roof.

Both ponies were once again left speechless by the recording that they had listened to. Eventually Spark piped up closing Skies wide open mouth closed with a push of his front hoof. "Yeah, sorry you couldn't hear the whole thing, the receiver still requires a massive amount of my own mana to maintain and I'm kinda poofed right now," he explained sitting back down.

"Spark, do you know what you just found?!" Skies shouted pushing her face into his perhaps too enthusiastically.

"Yeah, a guy whos claiming to be an alien who also has a working transmitter?" Spark guessed, in all honesty, he had no idea where the signal was coming from and as far as he knew there was no way to be sure if the signal was coming from next door or from across the Celestial Sea.

Pulling her head back Skies shook it violently "No no no no, look at this!" She shouted shoving her newspaper into his muzzle so close that all he could see what white and black.

"Ugh! Sky! Knock it off," He complained pushing her back with his magic before grabbing the newspaper in his hoofs to see what the fuss was really about. As his eyes scanned the front of the paper he suddenly saw why Sky had incredible news.

"Impossible," He whispered so quietly that only he could hear it.

He scanned his eyes over the headline again and again even going so far too rub his eyes to make sure he was seeing correctly. However there was no doubt about it, the headline was correct. In big bold letters clear as day the page read:


Below the headline was a picture of the Princess stood next to a truly bizarre-looking creature. It appeared to have the body of a Minotaur or an Abyssinian but with no fur coat apart from the top of its head. Its features were very small in comparison to an average pony with its facial features much smaller than a hoof. It was tall, dominating. Scary in an unknown sort of way.

The article went on to describe how the creature had called himself a 'hue-man' and that he had arrived in Equestria completely by accident, the hue-man claimed that he only wanted to get home before going on to threaten all nations of the world to try their best to stop him by raising their best armies. The most striking detail of all was its name.

'Daniel Peters'.

"That's him!" Spark shouted with such excitement that he had to physically stop himself from jumping up and down with excitement.

Skies stood someone confused but also curious. "Whos him? What are you talking about Sparky?" She asked.

Tossing the paper over with his magic he pointed to it with his hoof. "The alien transmission that I've been receiving all night, that's him. He's been the one sending the same message over and over again. Why the power that must be required to keep a transmission running so long could only be phenomenal, their race must be very advanced!"

Skies eyes widened as he spoke as the puzzle pieces began to click together inside her head and Spark rambled on and on. As Spark slowly calmed himself down Skies fluttered over towards him and placed a hoof on his withers.

"Oh Sparky, I'm so proud of you! What are you going to do now? The mayor will have to give you the funding you wanted now, if not you could go to the Princess herself, why she'd probably give you the fortune you've been looking for to fund this research now you have proof it works!"

Chuckling Spark gave her a quick hug before pulling back and frowning. Skies could see that he wasn't as happy as he should be.

"Hey, what's wrong? This was your big idea and now you've officially done it! Wheres all the crazy jumping around and balloons and stuff?" She asked.

"Well, I and the mayor don't have the best track records with each other so I highly doubt hed give me the time of day and the princesses? Well with all this stuff going on there's no way they're going to let a half bit inventor in to see her! I mean the lines probably as long as the Canterlot Mile!" Spark huffed before plopping himself down onto his chair.

"Well I'm sure you'll figure something out, now get the frown out of your muzzle were going for something to eat!" Skies declared jumping up into the air.

Looking towards her then back the array of machines and equipment dotted around the warehouse Spark dipped his head in defeat as a small smile began to grow.

"Alright, let me get my hat first," He said with a growing enthusiasm matching his smile. Spark trotted off into as side room no doubt containing all sorts of junk for previously failed experimentation and soon returned featuring a small brown top hat on his head big enough to contain his horn.

Skies simply groaned. "Dude, seriously, why do you have to take this thing everywhere with you? We're not in Canterlot you know!"

Laughing slightly Sparky simply responded, "I just feel so naked without it,".

Rolling her eyes Skies conceded that she wasn't going to be able to get the stubborn inventor to change his mind. "Fine! Let's just get going already my belly needs a Hay Burger now!".

"I thought we could try somewhere a little more upmarket this time... Franicos perhaps?" Sparky suggested.

"Ha! One breakthrough and you're already switching to the life of a princess?" Skies laughed as she floated down to meet him on the ground.

"Hey! There's nothing wrong with a little bit of the finer things in life Skies, now let's go," Spark replied as she pushed the door to the warehouse open with his magic.

"Finally!" Skies moaned. "Wait right here and I'll get us a taxi,". Spark simply nodded as Skies shot up into the air scanning the surrounding roads of a pony pulling a cab before eventually spotting one and letting out a loud whistle to catch his attention.

Floating down she had just touched down as the yellow cab pulled up beside them both with a high pitched screech.

"Where are you guys heading to today?" The driver asked his thick accent whilst hard to understand to any tourist or traveller was easily deciphered by Skies and Spark.

"Franicos, San Prancicolt Reastruant District please," Skies replied as the driver simply nodded.

"No problem, hop on!" The driver instructed as both ponies made to embark at the same time. Noticing a good opportunity for a little joke she simple backed up and bowed in front of Spark.

"After you, your majesty,".

Canterlot Royal Infirmary
Equstria, Canterlot
August 2nd 1000

"After you, your majesty,". The doctor simply bowed as the Princess of the Sun rushed by him entering the intensive care ward.

"What happened to her!?" She shouted her voice exceeding its normal vocal capacity by quite a few decibels much to the fear of the doctors surrounding the Princess of the Night.

All of the doctors went quite none of them willing to answer the Princess directly lest she decided to exact her anger out on them.

"Well!?" The Princess asked again her voice ever raising.

After a few more seconds of silence, a small voice broke through the crowd as a short funny looking unicorn appeared from behind the team of Doctors.

"We.. We think that the alien attacked her before escaping," He answered nerves clearly present in his voice. The room went silent as all eyes looked towards the princess, even the heart monitors appeared to stop making noise as if waiting for her to respond to the doctor.

"Yes. Yes, Doctor. I can see she's been attacked. I want to know How and Why!" Celestia shouted her ever calm demeanour fracturing slightly before she took a deep breath as the anger began to wash away. "I apologise for my behaviour my little pony, please do not be afraid, I am simply concerned for my sister's wellbeing," Celestia tried to explain.

The doctor not wishing to challenge the Princess simply bowed. "No apologies needed your majesty I should have been clearer, from what we have gathered so far we believe that the Human hit her with some form of shock device that has incapacitated her. From what we can tell the device has hit dangerously close to her mana core and has reacted negatively with the core,". Finishing the doctor slowly raised himself up from his bow.

"You're saying it has absorbed her mana?" The Princess asked leaning towards her sister as if to examine her personally.

"No, your majesty, there was no absorption as far as we can tell, for what we've observed the mana appears to have simply vanished..."

Coming to a stop suddenly Celestia pulled her head back from her sisters to look over the Dcotor as now to examine him. "Doctor, surely I don't need to tell you, a pony of science that mana cannot simply vanish into thin air?" Celestia pointed out.

"Of course not your majesty, we were just as surprised as you were, however, all evidence supports this conclusion,". Another doctor chipped in.

Celestia appeared too absorb all the information being presented to her as another deadly silence fell over the ward, however, after a few more seconds of tense silence Celestia simply motioned for one of her personal guards to come over causing the group of doctors to flinch in fear ever so slightly.

Leaning down Celestia simply whispered into his ear. "Get me S.M.I.L.E at once,".

The guard, a highly decorated veteran of the Solar Guard simply nodded before retreating out of the room at a brisk pace.

As she watched the guard leave Celestia simply turned back towards her sister before looking down to the short Doctor. "Will she recover?"

"We... I don't know your majesty,".

Author's Note:

Wow, talk about a chapter speed run. Sat down one night and just hammered this thing out. Dont expect updates this close together normally but I feel like I've got the tempo of the story working again.
Come back soon when well be catching up with the Captain and the gang.
A quick reminder that I am also still looking for an editor to have a look over my story if anyone knows any good ones, please let me know. Thanks.