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Hello everyone, I'm the Scotsman. I hope you all enjoy my stories.


Always Vigilant Update Four · 11:07pm July 8th

Hello everyone.

Sorry for the lack of updates however several members of my family including myself have been dealing with an illness which at this point needs no name.
I don’t know when they’ll be another update but I thought I’d keep you guys in the loop.
Thanks for your patience.

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Always Vigilant Update Three · 4:57pm Nov 26th, 2019

Hello everyone,
I’m sure you are aware that there hasent been an update for some time, ive been super busy with research at my University. I will try to go get chapter 10 out before Christmas but no promises, however I thought it would be best to update you.

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Always Vigilant Update 2 · 11:25am Aug 27th, 2019

Hello everyone.

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who has supported this story by reading, commenting and upvoting it. It means a lot to me and is what encourages me to keep writing.
I return to university next month so I doubt that you will see that many updates.
I’ve just started work on the next chapter and it should be out by the first week of September.

Once again thank you all for your support.

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Always Vigilant Update 1 · 5:45pm Jul 5th, 2019

Hello All,

Just a reminder to expect the new chapter within the coming days. It would have been out sooner but I spent the week in Berlin seeing the sights.

Hope everyone’s summer is going well and I’ll talk to you all later on.

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