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"You think you know me..."


This story is a sequel to Future

My name is Private Halberd Wings of 139th Arial Spear Regiment's 2nd Platoon.

My home, Equestria, came to Earth fourteen years ago in order to help a species called humanity who was on the brink of destroying themselves with their hatred, technology, and greedy ways. The Princesses, in their great wisdom, offered a chance to save them from themselves by making them ponies like us. However, they rejected us, and now we're at war.

I have joined the cause to defend Equestria and see these humans are given a proper future guided by friendship and harmony. It doesn't matter what comes our way for Equestria has never lost a war and we will not lose one now. With the fires of friendship, and the guidance of our Princesses, we will be victorious!


A Prequel to Negotiations

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Poor lad, little does he know that the worst is still yet to come.:ajsleepy:

It isn't easy having one's worldview shattered.

-I honestly never liked them

-Personally, if I had been one of them? I would have drunk the potion in one gulp.

Something about these quotes tickled my funny bone and pitied them of how they even think like that.

hope that this race can be saved by making them into ponies like us rather then exterminating them like some of the more extreme ponies I know.

if all are turned into ponies the human race ceases to be, that is extermination

Or do they have divine intervention? Maybe that’s it. One of the human gods did something to Luna and made it so she got killed! It was their holy land after all! It has to be that because I can’t think of any other explanation!

No, my child. Humanity is progress, innovation, and survival.

Experiment, fail, learn, repeat
Develop, master, life complete

This is The Way.

It’s capable of neglecting magic


Or do they have Divine Intervention? Maybe that’s it. One of the human gods did something to Luna and made it so she got killed! It was their holy land after all! It has to be that because I can’t think of any other explanation!

We have no gods. No guardians to look over us, to control us, no Divine Intervention. So we have to train, just in case. And that means fighting each other, because who else? Up until now.

I have heard of good humans which gives me hope that this race can be saved by making them into ponies like us rather then exterminating them like some of the more extreme ponies I know.

Conversion is extinction, even if it's not extermination.

Does anyone else think these ponies have a serious pride problem? This pony acts multiple times like he knows what it's like to be a human and what he would do in their position, which he physically can't.

A bit strange that there was an entire month in between two of these entries. I don't know how quick wars can be, but it was a little odd when most entries only have a couple of days at most.

I had the same thought as well

Always interesting to see the other side through the eyes of the soldier. Even if said soldier boy is a litl... Very misguided.
Made even more interesting if ya know how things will go or really are at the end...
Keep it up.

I feel sorry for this little colt. So much is coming he is gonna be shattered by what he learns.

But in other news. Fuck these ponies and their self righteous attitude.

Well, if you think about it - IRL humans are hardly better. White man's burden and all that jazz...

I kinda think it's part of appeal of the story - it rings more true than many would like to admit.

Seeing that 2020 after the chapter is so surreal. Hope you all have a great decade!

I’m wondering how this will all end? Disillusionment? Death?

This pony is only now scratching the surface of how badly they’ve screwed up. But likely doesn’t want to consider Celestia has bit off more then they can chew. It’s only going to get worse from here.

Dont you mean "this story is a prequel to negotiation?

Just another reason why these ungrateful humans should accept that their nature and behaviors are just immortal.

Immoral, not immorTal?

Ah religion.

There are no gods, silly pony. Only beings of power.

And beings of power can always be killed.


A quasi-medieval pony is basically being thrown into World War I.

I almost feel sorry for the poor guy.

I think the message above is generated by FimFiction. Story description correctly states it's a prequel (in the end).

And way down we go.

It is generated by Fimfiction. They need to add a prequel option, so authors can use that story to 'connect' into their universe. (In the same way how an original story has a 'sequel' list on the right side of the main story. If you don't understand then here's a link to Negotiations and you'll see 'Sequels' on the right side.)

This really needed a couple editing passes and a lot more fleshing out. Interesting enough story, but it just wasn't enough. Needed to get to know the ponies around him that are dying more so their deaths meant something, needed to get more of the 'peace time' before he enlisted so we can see their society in transition and also gotten to know the main characters more...Lots more work really needed to be done to really do this justice. As it is it's fine, just could've been really special with a lot more done to it. I know it's a sequel to another two stories. I read those, but I still don't think this does enough to really paint in the lines.

Yeah, it needs editing. Although I guess it could be written in that Halberd Wings doesn't have perfect spelling and grammar... :rainbowlaugh:

IKR? Ask Thel 'Vadamee/the current Arbiter and his experiences at Installation 05.


Indonesians and Australians watching the ponies going from island to island and getting fucked over by the wildlife alone:


Islam, Christianity, and Judaism coming together to fuck up the ponies without lube:


A few incorrect words (like "fate" instead of "faith" at the end) but it's pretty good otherwise. It's certainly a different perspective from what most use, so that's refreshing.

Also I see there's a TCB fan reading. I wonder if it's Herself?

The level of indoctrinated patriotism and faith he has, and its slow but assured shattering, is marvelous to read

Princess Luna is dead.

Dont. Fuck. With. Humans.

Say what you want but warfare is our thing. For better or worse.

ooo, nice chapter! This guy just can't catch a break.

January 11th, 1422 E.F

The… The Crystal Empire… It’s gone… It’s all gone…

-Private Halberd Wings, 139th Arial Spear Regiment, 2nd Platoon

And so the fall of old Equestria and the crystal ponies as a species has begun. Not with dark magic and sinister villains, but with hubris, pride, and nuclear fire.

“As I looked upon the four beasts, he whispered down unto me: “Come and see.”

And I saw...before me there was a white horse..-


-.. and hell followed with it.”

Are you ever going to make a story that's related to Fallout: Equestria in some way?

No, not a fan of Fallout; Equestria

The white hours was the horsemen of Conquest the Pale Horse was the one of death, but I still see what you did there.

muhahahahahah.......MUHAHAHAHAHAHA. they think we kick back and take it? hell no. thanks to them we united as one people and kicking there ass and tell them *were coming and nothing you can do can stop us*

Hearing what happened to New Zealand and what these rats are willing to do to such a nation loses any kind of sympathy i had for them. New Zealand is one of earth's most peaceful nations and to destroy it shows they don't understand that. So F them.

Don't forget war-crimes, with the destruction of religious and cultural sites... And perhaps/most likely many other things...

Indeed i am not forgetting that. I'm just saying what in New Zealand's history have we done that warrants it? Its like attacking Iceland.

Word has it that the humans managed to find a way to use the Thalmann Generators with their missile arsenal to seriously damage the barrier.

Well, if that trick actually worked, then it's not obvious why the war was going for more then one hour longer than it takes to stick those thing atop ICBMs

I have to wonder what exactly they do train them for. They don't exactly strike me as the kind of nation that puts anyone through training from hell.

To be fair, Equestria wants to take over everything. They were going to go after New Zealand at some point, I guess they just saw them as an easier target and went for them early to get a foothold in the region.

Well then their evil. Worse then mordor.

Halberd Wings should be renamed Lucky considering his survival rate.

I gotta say one thing. It's incredibly stupid that the only way humans can fight is by cancelling out the magic that the ponies have. I know it sounds weird but it's like a copout. Like you've written yourself into a corner and the only way out is to generate a Muguffin that cancels your previous writing mistake.

The thing is by having the Thalman generators you're basically treating it like that.

On top of that I'd like to say that despite how "noble" it is to unite under a common threat real life shows otherwise and I've got a historical examplew to back that up(it's my country after WWII). On top that I'm not sure the world will be exactly peaceful after the original people try to reclaim their lands.

My point here is I find it hard to believe that the different religions of the world would so eaily ally with each other and this alliance would go uninterrupted by geopolitical interests until the end. I guess I just haven't seen that yet.

well if you remember the earlier fics, there are equestrians aiding the human forces...most likely, like in avatar of albion, they've negotiated to keep the use of nuclear weaponry to a minimum...plus the earth armies wanna take back what was lost, not turn it into so much radioactive glass.

They tried taking Jerusalem, after destroying Mecca. At this point their goal is destroying humanity and conquering the planet, driving humans to extinction by forceful transformation. There is no other side at that point, it's fight together or die alone. In the height of the war it looks like they had control of over half the planet. So any way to cancel the ponies' advantage is priority number 1. While it might seems it was too convenient that we developed a machine, in times of war we prove capable of creating what was thought impossible before. No one in Japan believed that the US destroyed Hiroshima with a single bomb, such a thing was considered impossible. Until the second one dropped.

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