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This will be an anthology series focusing on the various individuals who have been effected by the Conversion Wars. Actions can have far reaching consequences that effect even those you wouldn’t expect. (Critiques and ideas are more then welcome for this story.)

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a war against all of humanity and it ends with the US getting another state?

Damn, well Granny at least died at her home.

...I'm listening.

Maybe. I'm not sure how land is split in the aftermath of war but maybe the U.S. were the main contributors to Equestria's defeat.

Even if the war was terrible, it's hard to see the USA going for reservations and quasi-slavery; we know how that deal ends after all.

Also, unless the rest of the world was killed off I highly doubt the USA would make equestria a state and get away with it. Mostly because having to worry about the extra congressmen is an absolute nightmare.

I was a little afraid that this would be a little too far into the 'humans are assholes' camp but I'm glad to see that's not totally the case with Celestia using scorched earth tactics like she was Russia during operation Barbarossa. I'll keep an eye on this one.

It would probably be more like the US stepping in to regulate and control a defeated genocidal nation. The US would have the military might to do so, and to be fair the ponies would be better off in the US than China or Russia. I can also see a problem of a new state that's not legally up to snuff being integrated into the system. Cutie marks give ponies a lot of excuses to get into certain fields, but on earth its College degrees and those cost your arm, leg, and first born child to get. Kinda hard for an entire generation from a war torn nation to afford those. Ponies are gonna be like the Irish of the 1800s in NY.

I'm curious to see what actually happened during the war. Keep up the good work, really like it so far,

That and Puerto Rico would like to have a word with the genius who made Equestria a state before them.

Ohh man, I can just imagine how many carthaginians of salt some of my Air Force friends would pour out of themselves.

Never gotten into the conversion war. Is there a group or stories to begin with





I’m glad you all mentioned that actually, I’m already planning out a chapter that explains this irregularity. Along with Puerto Rico’s response to America incorporating a new territory into statehood before them.

I’m sure you won’t “like” the reason, but you might “understand” it. If that makes sense.
Agreed, but it’s still a tragedy to lose so much, I actually like Granny Smith, so that part was a little hard to write. But elderly individuals are common casualties in war.

I’m glad I avoided that trope, I’m going for a more grey area. Yes there will be assholes, but there’s also people who are just scared or apathetic to ponies. I hope to explore that in more detail aswell, along with those who just feel sorry for them.

I’m glad you mentioned that, it’s such an old tactic that I figured that a mad Celestia would turn to scorched earth in desperation. It’s also fitting as she literally has a fireball on her rump. But such tactics are costly to the peasants as we have seen.

I won’t have a “direct” chapter detailing it, but from the memories of the characters in this anthology I’m sure you will be able to piece together what happened.


So apparently factory managers cannot identify Celestia´s protege and fellow princess? a high profile member of royalty who is apparently allowed to run free and try to recruit others into rebuilding the former invading nation?

It’s more that he doesn’t give a $h!¥ about former royalty. Twilight is basically a princess with no territory (that recognizes her as a leader), “personal” funds, or even what you might consider legitimate political powers. She’s basically a figure head for a hastily set up (poorly planned) and effectively failed provincial government for the reservations.

hey no problem. hope I helped get the gears turning on this. :pinkiehappy:

I imagine after the war was over Equestria would have been worse off than Haiti. I'm also curious what became of Luna, and if cadence, shining armor, and the crystal empire exist in this continuity. (you don't have to answer, obviously I'm just speaking my mind.)

No it’s totally fine, I love to hear people’s ideas and criticisms of my work, it allows me to fill in the holes. I’m also glad you mentioned Luna, too many stories I feel like they either paint her with the same brush as Celestia, or completely remove her from the story.

I’m already planning stories of those ponies don’t worry!

Very glad to hear that. Both that you're not just going to kill Luna which most people do (not a bad thing in itself but its a very well trodden path) and I'm glad to see you've read enough of these sorts of stories to know what common pits to avoid. You got me hyped for this. :pinkiehappy:

Conversation Wars

Isn't that the AU where all of humanity turns into a hyperunified supermilitary to defeat the ponies cause "Celestia is teh evilz"?

OK, this conversation war, where is the story? or you mean conversion war in the description?

The conversion beurau, there was one fic that started the trend, then lots of variations appeared after it, but the main plot is simple, Celestia brings equestria to earth in a island, this island may or may not be connected to equis, Celestia puts a shield to protect equestria from earth, and slowly expands it outwards, destroying human made stuff, meanwhile, Celestia creates a potion to convert humans into Mindless harmony seequing ponies, humans fightback, Lyra helps the humans and creates the Human Liberation Group that go against Celestia, humans deafet the Ponies and they return to their world, at least in the original story, the variations have a wide variety of different endings.

this story is fun I never anything like it, very high ambition this story have and I expect good execution from here and out

I find it fun how Twilight's ascension was the first time we ever heard the word Alicorn used in the show, but everytime a story is set in a world where Equestria fell, through fault of the Princesses or not, suddenly this 'race' that consists of literally five individuals in recorded history, are utterly despised.

I really kinda hope Twilight is in denial about some big malicious part she played in the war and it's not 'hey, our long-time friend is the same race as the evil princess, she's horrible'

This story will be a very nice edition to the conversion AU, for more characters to see: derpy and dinky

Okay, you have my attention.

Interesting. Thanks. I hope i can find a story where celestia doesn't start the conversion and the qar... But that wouldn't be a story

Fixed it sorry for the confusion.

Once again, sorry Grammarly is trying to help when it shouldn't.

We did to the Indian tribes and to Japanese Americans before and during ww2

My point exactly. The most extreme example would be the Germans reenacting the holocaust with ponies in this fic.

It would take a lot to make us repeat the things most of us are ashamed of in today's climate.

The ponies are alien scum so they should be grateful the humans did not wipe them out and a few thousand years as indentured servants will correct them.
Fear the alien, Hate the alien, Kill the alien.

Is this your opinion or a sarcastic quip about human psychology?

Just a blunt truth that aliens can never be trusted

In the movies maybe, but I'm far less nihilistic about about humanities ability to find peace with aliens and aliens we have had a war against.

Not really sure the conversation has anywhere left to go, so have a nice day/night where ever you are.

"Only a madman deals with the alien. Only a fool relies on the alien. Only the dead have trusted the alien, although the last may be deluded into claiming that they yet live."

— Lord Militant Tarkus Hol in his memoirs, Observations on the Inevitability of War


Xenos Interactions with Mankind

It is not recorded exactly when the human race learned that it was not alone in the galaxy, or which intelligent alien species it first made contact with, but what is known in early Imperial records is that humanity has been competing with xenos since the Dark Age of Technology. The first human interstellar civilisation which existed at that time made contact with many alien races, possibly including the Eldar and the Orks, but the majority must have been hostile or incapable of co-habitating with humans as no aliens are known to have ever willingly integrated into the broader interstellar human civilisation of this time.

When the Age of Strife began with the collapse of the first human interstellar federation, many suddenly isolated human colonies were set upon by all manner of hostile aliens, though a few notable exceptions of peaceful coexistence occurred as well. The scattered outposts of Mankind would be preyed upon for millennia by various xenos species, pushing the human race towards eventual extinction until the Emperor of Mankind revealed his existence and began his galaxy-spanning Great Crusade to reunite humanity under a single interstellar government. The Emperor believed that only in unity -- unity bought at nearly any price -- could Mankind survive a galaxy that was far more dangerous than any human savants of an earlier age would have believed.

At its inception, the Imperium of Man made one of its core objectives the extermination of all alien life forms that posed any threat to humanity. Thus many species suffered extinction at the hands of the newborn Imperium which perpetrated one act of genocide after another. This would also apply to the majority of human civilisations encountered during the course of the Great Crusade like the Interex and Diasporex civilisations, which had founded cultures where alien and human populations had successfully integrated into a single whole. Diplomacy was rarely tried, and was more often offered only to other human civilisations encountered in the course of the Great Crusade. Certain aliens, such as the Eldar, who were more technologically advanced than the Imperium were often simply left alone so long as they did not threaten human interests.

The Imperium of Man's extreme xenophobia and outright call for genocide against all other intelligent species in the galaxy is in some ways justified by the sheer hopeless belligerence of most xenos races encountered since the Great Crusade. Almost all alien races encountered by Mankind since the Emperor first began to push his forces out amongst the stars have been so malevolent or aggressive toward humanity that any form of negotiation or parley often proved impossible. Other instances, such as during the Imperium's first encounter with the human-alien alliance known as the Diasporex, would end in violence because of the inherent distrust the Imperium had for all alien civilisations even if there was common ground that could be found.

This policy of unconditional hatred persists into the modern Imperium more than 10,000 standard years after the Great Crusade ended in the blood and fire of the Horus Heresy. In that time, many more alien civilisations have been discovered and destroyed regardless of threat level, culture, disposition, or technology. These sentiments of xenophobia have been reinforced by the Imperial Creed, which preaches that Mankind has a divinely-inspired manifest destiny to be the sole ruler and inhabitant of the galaxy. Humanity alone, the Imperial Creed teaches, is the sacred form of intelligent life chosen by the God-Emperor to spread out amongst the stars. All other intelligent life is to be reviled as an abomination and an affront to the God-Emperor's plan for Mankind.

Much of the Imperium, led by the religious fervour of the Adeptus Ministorum, believe in the extermination of all aliens, even those that are entirely peaceful species. When the masses are stirred to such fear and fanaticism, they demand destruction over any kind of cooperation or coexistence. This might seem like a harsh measure, but it is an age where ignorance is a virtue and brute force is used to solve a multitude of problems; the dangers of failing to act are too unthinkable to elicit any other response. It has not become this way without reason; most aliens encountered by Mankind are hostile and devious, and some have proven as ruthless and ambitious as humanity itself. To them, there is no room in the galaxy for the Imperium.


We da biggizt an da baddazz cuz we da orks!!

Cuz we da orks!
Orks! Orks! Orks!

I would like to know what happened to pinky and Maud at least, rarity could be too, oh and Lyra, she usually forms a resistance joining the humans.

This story is starting to earn my attention. There's a lot that's obviously happened in the past, and I'm now feeling some anticipation for the next chapter. Although Mana-Induced Dementia? You'll need to explain that a bit more later on, since it seems to be a condition they can diagnose as separate from normal dementia.

Poor Luna and Twilight, Spike being there for her is the best thing he could do with them losing the war.
I hope to see Twilight's visit to Luna and the reactions of other ponies to their new lives.

I was actually planning on it, I don’t want one chapter to tell everything, I want to reasonably spread bits of info across the various ponies story’s. I’m glad it’s gained your attention, I just wanted to try something in TCB universe that i hadn’t seen before.

I’m glad you feel for Twilight, a few people in the first assumed a lot about her in the first chapter, but considering how she’s often portrayed in these stories I don’t blame them.

You’ll learn soon enough why Twilight has been avoiding Luna, but I’m willing to bet her condition will surprise you.

Pinkie and Maud are going to be tough honestly, but I’m sure I could come up with something believable for both of them. Rarity is definite as it’s only fair to learn what happened to her as her and Pinkie are members of the “mane 6”. Lyra consequently might be tough, as I’m trying to avoid the common tropes of TCB, with out doing the obvious inverses.

I'm glad to see Dinky and Ditzy are doing fine I'm sad about Pinkie Pie

It is good to see that some ponies are doing well. I hope Applejack can reach out to Pinkie and offer some help.

As for suggestions I want to know what happened to Octavia and Vinyl Scratch.

I was reading over it's important parts of it and I saw there was green zones and yellow zones are there any more zone

The one that hasn’t been mentioned yet is the Red Zone. I’m sure you can guess what it’s for.
I didn’t want people to think this story was going to be all ponies scraping buy on less then minimum wage. Yes they have lost a lot but others are working through the trauma and building a life for themselves. It just takes longer for some then others.
She will have her own chapter soon. I’m actually worried as the majority of writers struggle with her character. Regardless of the incarnation.

Now that ditzy chapter was good for a nice warm moment in the seemingly bleak reservation ^-^

Good Lord, what the hell goes on in the Red Zone...

I wonder what happens to ponies who protest against the reservation system or who show nationalism (as in, want Equestria independent from US rule)?

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