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Her world destroyed, her family and friends taken without quarter. They ate at her soul with a viciousness until she had no tears left. The rage and revenge she carried out became legend. And even through that rage and hatred she had a hope for the future.

Her mission accomplished as she lay under the bedrock for eons, the lives she took and the hatred she held in her heart stay, nipping at her dreams and nightmares. Chewing at her beaten and bloody soul.

However, the world changed, and with her new freedom, she finds hope again in this new, brighter land.

And hopefully she will learn, that no matter how much life will pull and tear, rip and shred, no matter who or what tries, no matter what magic or technology is at the hands of the enemy-

A soul can't be cut.

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Are those eggs from metal gear solid ?

Sunny as a cyborg ninja?

interesting... i wait for your next chapter and hope it's just as intriguing.

All signs point towards Metal Gear. The eggs in the cover picture are from MGS4. "A Soul Can't Be Cut," and "The Stains of Time" are both from the MG Rising OST.

Even if you just did that to intentionally mislead us, this story seems like it's going to be pretty interesting.

I figured the Eggs would be a dead as hell giveaway.

I need to read a mysterious book of mysterious mysteries so i can become more mysterious. Or opaque?

In any case, new chapter this week!


Well, it kinda helped that the MGR OST is the only damn thing I've been listening to since the game came out, ha!

Well, looking forward to the new chapter.

I know it's a MGR crossover, what I can't figure out is who the female character is? Is it Mistral? I have no idea.

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