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The Dragonborn, a legendary warrior capable of absorbing a slain Dragon's soul, and knowledge, directly, forever killing it. The Last Dragonborn had defeated the first, stopped the plans of a Vampire cult, and built his own lakeside home, before finally slaying Alduin the World Eater and fulfilling his fate. Now, after all the challenges he has faced, the Dragonborn is sent to a realm where Friendship is Magic, and there is no mead. Finally, to cap things off, he kind of... well...
Became a Dragon.

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Not a bad start.
Certainly not worthy of those dislikes yet.
So, have my preemptive like.

Skyrim magic would beat equestrian magic when it came to fighting not to mention that dragonborn can slow down time move faster than the eye can see , and can use a force to stop even a dragon

you got to remember Skyrim is a land torn by war they live to fight :applejackunsure:

i going to like and fav this cause i want to find out what happens next

... I had a joke....but I forgot it...

technically, the dragonborn already IS a dragon, if only in power and blood, not body and mind



I like how your dragonborn isn't a goody-two-shoes. Like "I'm the dragonborn, so i just kill dragons cuz of meh. Now i AM a dragon, let me do the things people hate about them at the first oppertunity"

But dangit, I wish a skyrim crossover would have a mage dragonborn in it for once. It would especially be cool to see a master wizard dragonborn turned into a dragon and sent to the land of ponies.

Dragonborn, who struggle dwith his magical constraints,
I think you where trying to say " struggled with"

is hat you follow the same path as before,
" is that"

The story is looking good though, you have my fav and like I want to see where this goes

I like how it's starting. Very intriguing!

Hmm, lets see were this will take us, aye?

RainbowCrash is on site, evacuate the vicinity!!!

That seemed to go a little bit fast, but it was still totally awesome.

I shall remain.

it hadn't taken him this long to reach Sovngarde,

*double space

For I hand a hand in the creation of your world,


Vylven craned his neck, and found that i was much longer than usual.


Akatosh seemed to stop moving altogethor


his land to tame and conqer... gone.

he could probably tame and conqer all the countryside he wanted...


Angel didn't complainabout his food...

*complain about

Wow. So Akatosh is all like, "Just be a good, upstanding person, alright?" and then the first thing Ylven thinks is, "I bet I could totally burninate everything like this."
That's actually kind of hilarious.

As he inspected his new form, Akatosh suddenly emmited a wave of anxiety, "I warn you, Dovah, our time grows short as you make your way to this new realm, all I ask of you now, is hat you follow the same path as before, righteous, and helping those that need it."

The show continued for a full thirty seconds before Pinkie landed back in her seat, shvering as the sneations ended.

some typos i found in your story :twilightblush:

Stand before a god.

Get given a new life by the god, and all he asks is that you continue being a good dude or at least someone who does good things.

Immediately start plotting to be an evil dude and do evil things.

Is this guy a follower of Mephala or something?

I call bull**** on how fast they beat him

The dragon was beaten too quickly. Not that i'm saying that's bad or you should change it, of course! I love it already, and this just bugs me a bit and I really don't mind. It just seems odd for a dragon/dragonborn to fail after training battle and shouts for most of his life, only to be beaten by a group of much smaller ponies that barely learn battle at all and have never been in continuing mortal peril for just about every second of their life. I mean sure, they are powerful, but given that the dragonborn has been through much more things then they have been, including war and experience, you'd think that he'd win. Also, he could of always used that shout that slows down time during the battle. And if that option wasn't available, he could have opened the menu to pause the world itself and plan his next move while drinking a few potions in his non-existent inventory. Only problem about that option is that he'd be breaking the fourth wall, even though it's implemented in his own game. Another great thing he could do is use that "fus ro dah!" shout on rainbow dash during the sonic rainboom, so that she would be forced backwards into the air and miss her planned hit. Using a tail whip on Twilight is a good option, it would knock out her concentration on her current spell and daze her for a few moments, using that time, he would have a good advantage on his next move. If applejack attempted to kick him, it would probably not be that hard to get her out of the way, but Twilight would best be the main focus on the battle, as since she's a unicorn, it could be any spell that could be thrown at him next. That means it's impossible to plan further in the attack, so it's best to get rid of her as soon as possible or risk being the victim of an unexpected attack. Pinkie would probably be the one throwing a dozen cakes and cupcakes at him, another unrelenting force would be handy. If there was no room for that tail whip on twilight, then it wouldn't be much of a problem, because if the ceiling was that easily broken, i'm sure it'd be a piece of cake to break the walls and extend the amount of room.
Then again, I understand how he could not react in time, as I have this problem as well, x3 so even though the winners are understandable, it just bugs me a bit. But anyways, good chapter! Even though I disapprove of the short termed battle, It was really worth the read and very interesting! :D Keep up the good work!

They told me I could be anything...

4654065 he was unused to having the body of a dragon, and besides, i dont think he was going to kill anypony right off the bat

and there is no mead.

This is a fate no Dragonborn should ever endure. It would suck.

No anything but the mead :pinkiegasp:

Give the mead some love:heart:

Fus Ro Yay!!!:flutterrage:

I would suggest spacing everytime someone talks, Makes it seem less cluttered

Mara, taking pity on them, gave men the ability to speak as Dragons do

Wait, wasn't that Kynareth who gave men the ability to use Thu'um?

Yep. Kynareth, in her Nordic aspect of Kyne, granted the ability to the mortal races, and Paarthurnax was the first to actually instruct mortals in its use.

wait, why did the dragon born instantly go attack ponyville, thats not kind

And don't forget the music...

welp i think this is awesome.

4650242 Suddenly I can't help but wonder why no one ever invented a 'Crap Your Pants' shout...

They can command everything else, even the weather and time, why not bowel movements?

i think theirs mods like that somewhere if your into that stuff :rainbowderp:

4655043 Instead of any words in the Dragon Language (Is there an actual name for it?) the Dovahkinn belts out the mightiest sound in existence: the much dreaded... Brown Note.

the only reason i can see him attack is instinct, wishing to cause fear, and boredom

The wall of text is strong in this one

Fus Roh Dah as a half-dragon-

Launches NPC's flying.

Fus Roh Dah as a much larger, full dragon-

Equestrian Space Program!


Ah the disconnect between player and game.

"Oh mighty hero, we beseech you on your path of goodness that... Oh. No its OK you just finish torching those NPC's and arranging there corpses into obscene positions. Our peril can can wait till you're done."

Thank you, I'll get around to justifying his actions next chapter. Probably. When the next one gets out. We'll just have to see.

Damnit... I knew I got something wrong! Bloody Bethesda and their bookworthy lore...

Now, after all the challenges he has faced, the Dragonborn is sent to a realm where Friendship is Magic, and there is no mead. Finally, to cap things off, he kind of... well...
Became a Dragon.

Yep, that made me read this! :rainbowlaugh:

found that i




I am interested and intrigued at how this may continue. Carry on.

oooo! Intresting.

Bit too early to make a judgement on this story but so far you have me ensnared.

Nothing really to add on grammar than what I have seen in the comments.

Here have this: http://thuum.org thought it might be of use to you.

Erei mu grind einzuk.

...Ouch... That tickled :3.
And I guess that he is going to be revered to as a god considering he is the only one who can do the 'shouts'. Perhaps teach them to other dragons if they do good. Is he able to do magic aswell?

is he still Joor or is he Imortal dovah mey Hehehahahaha

Mine went like this :trollestia:

"Dragonborn!!! Whiterun is under siege and we need your help!!! Oh, you are stealing everyone items and cloths and leave them naked while they are running from being attacked. We can wait for the defense."

Well since in Skyrim when you kill someone, you can just pay the fine and be done with, so the dragonborn might think it might work like that in Equestria.:trollestia:

I really want the Dragonborn use Bend Will on Ponyville.

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