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I would love to write stories, but i'm afraid they all suck.


While wandering about Manhattan, and attempting to escape Blackwatch, Alex Mercer is ripped from reality and thrown into Equestria, where he has to attempt to fit in and make a living for himself. But when a long lost evil arises, Alex will have to make a life-changing decision.

Prototype/MLP:FiM Crossover

Tags/Characters will be updated accordingly. Please go easy, this is one of my first fics.

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Ohoho, a Prototype fimfic! Great formatting (noticed a typo involving the word "light" and some minor punctuation errors), nicely paced, and it seems you've got Mercer's personality down pat (most notably being his live-and-let-live-unless-you-try-to-kill-me policy).

But I do have to say that all those tags seem sort of unnecessary at the moment.


Well, I'm not a big fan of Prototype, BUT THAT WAS AWESOME! Keep up the great work!

This seems like it will be decent. Can't wait to read more of it!

I knew this day would come.

446862>>446872>>446874>>446953>>447074>>447229 *sigh* you guys never really bothered doing a search for 'Prototype' in the task bar did you? There are seven stories out there only 3 involving Alex. [except this one] . So I will give you a head-count and you can pick the ones you like : 1. Prototype towards the light A bit different from your average crossover. 2 Prototype-Equestria the title says it all [ Yes it is actually Alex in Equestria ] . 3. I don't like it since it portrays Alex as a mindless killer that seems hell bent on eradicating ponies. Hope it helps. Just for the Hell of it Im tracking this one .

This looks interesting. Considering they're, well, the mane 6, I get the impression they'd try reasoning with him before trying to capture or kill him. Even though it's labled "Tragedy", I still hope said six and Blacklight survive. 'Course, the latter's a given considering what he's survived.

And for some reason I can see him killing and devouring/consuming an attacking dragon. Bizarre.

Interesting. It's been a while since I've played [Prototype], but Mercer seemed to be in character, though I'm not 100% sure about Twilight.

With up most importance

Should be "utmost."
Tracking initiated.

Incoming betrayal? Alex is gonna be piiiissed.
And somehow I doubt Alex would be surprised by... well.... anything.

No one should ever ship Alex with a pony. EVER

447461 not saying this is bad, just saying the alternatives. This is actually pretty entertaining so far.

447393 Thanks for providing alternatives, but I think I'll stick with this one.

And yes, I am aware that this crossover isn't original. Hell, I was going to write a Prototype crossover months ago, but lost interest in it before I actually started.


How does this even relate to my comment?

What I said was that I'm not a big fan of the game Prototype, yet this was a really fun read.

448093 Oh well, I was simply laying some alternative stories involving Prototype, maybe it would pique your interest. Simple suggestions, nothing more : 3 !


Oh, okay!

But again, not a big fan of Prototype, so I'm probably not going to read those.

Thank you for this gift of pony entertainment :pinkiehappy:


Thanks, fixed.




There will be more. :trollestia:


Dat foresight. But for now, no.

dat plot......
(sorry i just had to)

*facepalm* Celestia, you idiot.
Ahaha, he has no luck.

Sigh, these ponies and their assumptions...

ok she hits him with enough force to kill or badlt injure anything and she 'bounced' off when he hardly tries celestie you better hope to god he forgives you

This particular setting in the chapter ALMOST reminds me of Rorschach in Equestria. Nevertheless, another good read indeed! Keep'em coming, JT :pinkiehappy:

Celestia is a pussy. When she can't win a fight with brute force, she use magic. Pfft..... Chicken :ajbemused:

Now, I ain't played Prototype, but from what I've seen that Alex is capable of, I got a feeling that a broken neck won't do shit to him. :ajsmug:
And be like: "Hmm. Must have been the wind." Or at the least knock him out for a bit, but not kill him.
OR, it killed him, and after a little talk from the girls over a cup of tea and a painfully hot branding iron, bring him back to life. :trollestia:

More. NOW!

This is awesome! Great work!


Thanks for the support! I'm working on chapter three as of right now. :rainbowlaugh: Glad to see you enjoy it. :heart:



I'll be looking forward to it! Think it will be up tonight?




I'm a little under half-done. But writers block is severely slowing my writing. :moustache:

Celestia shouldn't have done that, now she's fucked:trollestia:

451546 Ok this next idea is beast. Make it so he gets decapitated and his head remakes. And needless to say he will be pissed off !


Ha... It's not quite so gruesome. It's been written, but I'm currently re-reading it and revising a few things. Chapter 3 should be out within the hour.:heart:

450994 actually, he regenerates if he dies; if the only thing left of him is a tiny piece of flesh then it just needs to absorb a living being and reshapes again into his normal form :pinkiehappy:

451885 sounds good, its refreshing to see another Prototype fic that actually has Zeus in it [ Beside mine] that doesn't suck. Your taking the comedic approach and its quite entertaining to read!

Great!!!! And no the virus does not react differently to animals further more other life forms

An update just as I finish your previous chapter? You are too kind sir! :yay:

:ajbemused: Let the feeding begin...

Bon Appetit~! :pinkiecrazy:

Dragon ? Pfft no match for Alex, that much is obvious. Its funny how they didn't see the extent of his power while practicing. Against the dragon I suggest a pain devastator!

"He mut really be going hard on those dummies." forgot the "S"?

A dragon? Alex has faced down far worse, like Greene (or Mother) and Hydras. Not to mention the lead/supreme hunters.

Butt kicking Biobomb? PWEAAAAASE?


Thanks, fixed.


Oh no... you'll see. This is going to be fun for Alex. :pinkiecrazy:


Thanks for the support, guys. :heart:

No doubt. Still, I think Alex will manage just fine. I mean; It's Alex Mercer we're talking about. :rainbowkiss:


The first paragraph of chapter four will be all you need to know. Wait, my child, wait and you will see.... :pinkiecrazy:

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