• Published 13th Apr 2012
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[PonyType] - Jaytee

When a mutated and virus infected Alex Mercer is thrust into Equestria, his life begins changing...

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The Examinations

Alex woke up to a very loud commotion in the room he was in. He slowly looked around the rather warm room, and looked up to see what looked like a throne room. He looked out a window directly across from him, to reveal it was night. He continued looking around and his eyes fell upon some very obvious ponies. The white one that had attacked him, Twilight, Applejack, a bright pink one, a white unicorn that looked like Twilight...Sorta, and two Pegasi, one being cyan colored, with a rainbow mane, and the other being yellow-ish with a pink mane. He moved his hands, expecting to be tied down again. To his surprise, his hands were free. He sat up on another... couch. Damnit, these ponies and their comfortable-ass couches... His head began to ring as a headache quickly rolled in, and rolled out of his brain. He groaned quietly, trying not to let the group be aware of his presence yet. He rubbed his head where the pain had originated to reveal a deep cut in the side of his face. The virus immediately sealed up the cut, and reset his brain. It left a very faint scar on his face, as did every wound the virus healed. He turned his head and looked at the group of unsuspecting ponies. He listened in on what conversation he could hear. He noticed the white one was talking directly to Twilight.

"-But he could be dangerous! You saw how my charge didn't even phase him! He has to stay here to be examined for total net powers, and danger assessment!"

"But Celestia he-" He noticed the white one, presumably 'Celestia' had cut her off.

"No, he stays here. At least for now. If he proves nonlethal, and is able to live comfortably among you, then he may go back to Ponyville. Until then, he stays here."

He watched as Twilight's head hung lowly. She muttered something even he couldn't hear. A shame, he came at the end of the conversation. The pink earth pony's tail twitched, and she quickly spun around and looked directly at Alex.

"Oh my gosh! He's awake!"

His own eyes grew wide as the pink one instantly became a blur, and was stopped mere inches from his face as a white aura was enveloping her. He heard Celestia say.

"Not now, Pinkie Pie. Go back to Ponyville with the others. I have... Business with him."

He saw 'Pinkie Pie’s' face droop, as she floated back over to the whole group, and they all disappeared in a quick flash, only Twilight waving goodbye ever so slightly. His gaze turned back to the white alicorn, as she approached him slowly, her eyes beginning to narrow as she got closer. Growing skeptical, Alex stood up to his full height. A full head above her. Celestia nearly took a step back as he rose.

Alex watched as Celestia’s expression slowly turn from curious and soft, to a bit more grim. Her voice was soft spoken, with a lace of hate.

“So. The humans have returned? What do you people want this time?” He was taken aback. Returned? He had no idea what to think of it. He had never even heard of this place before. How could they have “returned” if humans never resided here before? Of all the people’s memories he now holds, not one has any information on this place. He was dumbstruck.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. Humans have ever only lived on the planet Earth, never anywhere else.”

“Well, when you came here two thousand years ago, you nearly wiped out our race as we knew it, luckily my sister and I removed the humans in question before total annihilation could come.”

Well, He thought. This is going to suck.
“Look, ...Celestia? The human race has been developing on what i’m guessing as another plane of existence for the last ‘two thousand years.’ I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Celestia took a large step towards him, her horn glowing violently bright. He morphed into his armor as her horn grew closer and closer to his face. The horn touched his forehead, and his vision went black. What he knew as a memory began to appear in front of him, unable to move or speak, he watched as the terrifying memory unfolded.


Celestia took a step forward, horn glowing at the man laying on the ground. Bodies of both humans and ponies scattered the landscape, gunfire rattling in the distance. Alex merely watched as the man in front of him he recognized as no other than Peter Randall, one of the main people behind Alex's infection. But... two thousand years? With Peter there, it couldn't have been more than around forty years ago! He continued to watch, eager to see what occurred here. Celestia approached the man, who was fully clothed in black, groaning and rolling slightly on the ground. "Why would you do this, human? Come to MY realm, and attempt to murder all who live here? You deserve a fate no better than that which you have given my people! Alex noticed her voice was much...younger sounding than he remembers. He kept watching, unable to avert his gaze from Celestia's point of view.

"We.... we need your... Need... Test subjects..."

"TEST SUBJECTS?!" Celestia yelled at maximum volume. "You shall have nothing of the sort. While you deserve a fate worse than which you have given my pepole, I will let you roam free. Lest you come back here again, my judgement with be that of a much more grim outcome. I will send you back to which you came, all of you. Never return here again, lest you have your sights set of dying." Peter nodded. Celestia stomped a hoof with the might enough to cause the ground itself to rumble. "THEN RETURN!" Alex watched as Peter began to glow in a bright white light. All the gunfire ceased. And as soon as he was there, he was gone. There was nobody in sight anymore but miles of dead bodies. Alex could feel to sorrow in Celestia's heart, as the memory slowly faded away.


"Celestia, I..." Alex tried to express his feelings on the memory. Although he had consumed Randall, he had no memory of this. He had to assume something happened to Randall that blocked this memory. then came the second problem. She said this was two thousand years ago. Two thousand. Alex was forced to believe that this existing realm had a much faster time development than Earth. Just as he was about to finish his sentence, another black pony, identical to the white one, but a darker blue. She immediately said upon entering:

"'Tia, I know you're in the middle of you interrogation," She trailed off. Interrogation? She had only shown him a memory. Alex shifted uncomfortable in his stance, demorphing from his armored state back to his human form. Her voice was soothing. She finished her sentence. "But I need to talk to you. It is rather grave, and it does involve this one here." She motioned a hoof in Alex's direction, pointing directly at him. Celestia shot her a confused look, before agreeing. On her way out, Alex heard her yell:

"Captain! Take the training dummy into the throne room! No, ten dummies! Examine what our 'friend' can do!"

He head a faint call, before another large Pegasus walked into the room, dragging several large dummies behind him. Alex smirked as he knew the fear that he would strike even into the bravest of souls. This Pegasus was no exception. Alex watched as he dragged ten the rather large dummies into the room with little to no effort, a stern look on his face. Alex's smile grew wider. This was going to be great. The stallion pulled the dummies to the middle of the room, before his deep voice let out a short sentence, as if he didn't even want to be there.

"Alright buddy, let's see what you can do."

Oh man, this is going to be great.


Celestia walked out of the room accompanied by Luna. She shut the large throne door behind her, and turned to her sister.

"What do you need, Luna? It better be dire." Luna simply nodded, and a dark aura shrouded her horn. Walls immediately shot up around them, before becoming transparent.

"Nopony must know of this. I only came to tell you before you decided to slay him or banish him back to his realm."

Celestia nodded. If her sister needed a sound barrier in even the royal palace, then it must be of utmost importance. She turned to Luna, with a concerned look in her eye.

"Luna, what did you do?"

"As you know, the negotiations with the neighboring dragon nation is not going well. They find us weak, and are preparing to send one of their strongest to come and 'test' us." Luna's face turned dire, as a loud thud was heard from the opposing room, followed by a great shake that rattle the whole castle.

"Not... not even you and I can not stand fully against a general dragon. We might slow it down, or injure it, but kill one? That is far out of the question...." Celestia turned to her sister. "Luna, you didn't." Their thoughts were interrupted as another small shake came out of the room. Celestia swore lightly under her breath. He must really be going hard on those dummies. Or he just killed my captain. She looked to Luna again. "Sis, you did not."

Luna's face dropped. she whispered
"I did... When the dragons gave me their final word, I cast a spell into the realm of where the humans came from before to find their strongest being. It took some time, but it found him. He is one of our last hopes against a dragon. If the spell found him the strongest, and the fact your charge did nothing, is clearly evident of his abilities. "

Another crash rang out, before the sisters finally came to a conclusion. Celestia looked at her sister.

"Fine. But we need to make sure he actually likes us before we try to convince him of saving our flanks. This is most likely not going to be easy."

Luna nodded, before dropping the soundproof borders, and opening the door to walk back in.


"Alright buddy, let's see what you can do." Alex gave a sneer grin, as he immediately turned his fist into a whip, and grabbed one of the targets, pulling it towards him. He held it in his hand, it was rather heavy by normal standards, but it was light for him. He decided it would be best to show his strength first. His whipfist disappeared, before both his arms turned into a mass of black-looking arms. He wound up leaning backwards, and hurled the dummy at another pair of dummies. All three exploded on impact into a cloud of sand. Three down... He immediately shifted his musclearms to his blade. He looked at the captain, only to see the surprise slapped across his face like a mask. Alex smiled again as he jumped into the air, soaring high enough to flip and plant his feet into the ceiling. His gaze turned to another pair of targets and he launched himself down towards them. He landed flat on one, with a deafening CRACK! Resulting in a pulverized target, and one floating slightly to his left. He turned his blade and cut through it vertically like butter. He turned and spun, cutting it in half again, horizontally this time. Five down...

Alex then turned his hands into hammerfists, and looked at a group of three. He heaved his hands backwards and thrust them forwards with all his might. He sailed through the air temporarily, before crashing into the ground in the group of three with a loud crash. Eight down... He looked on both sides of the room. There were two left, and he turned his hands to claws before charing the one directly to his right. His hands sliced it to bits, before he turned to the one across the room. He dashed over quickly, picked it up and hurled it at a neighboring wall. It again turned into a cloud of sand with a loud smack, before he turned and looked at the very terrified captain. He smirked as he looked back to the two alicorns entering the room. Celestia spoke first.

"Judging by your reaction, he is very powerful?" Celestia awaited a reply. None came. "You are dismissed captain. I want a full written report on his powers. Clear?"

The captain nodded slightly before he turned and quickly ran out of the room. Alex turned his gaze to Celestia and the other alicorn.

"I know your name, Celestia, but may I ask who the pretty one is?" Motioning a hand towards Luna.

Celestia's face instantly brightened up a little, before taking a light shade of red. "Oh my, where are my manners. This is my sister, Luna."

Luna waved a hoof at him, with a quiet tone she said


Celestia turned back to Alex, with a very apologetic look.

"I wanted to... apologize for charging you. I have grown to not trust humans after the last incident, but I did not realize you were so powerful." Celestia bowed her head. "Please, accept my most royal apologies."

In any right mind, and back on Earth, Alex would have charged and turned her to chopped bits in a heartbeat. But he decided otherwise, seeing as the memory he was shown gave a decent enough excuse. This time. He looked back up at her.

"Accepted. Just don't try to kill me again. Bad things will happen."

Celestia raised her head and nodded slowly. "Agreed." She was about to ask Alex about being willing to undergo some tests, when he said louder than he had anticipated.

"You... You don't happen to have any ponies on death row, or with the death sentence, would you? I have one power that requires..." He trailed off. What was he so afraid of? He couldn't get the words 'it requires a life' out of his mouth. But thankfully Celestia caught on.

"We have a few. Rare, though. Crime rarely happens here. But yes, a few pegasi and a few unicorns." Celestia reluctantly admitted.

Alex looked down at his hands, and looked back up to her. A tang of fear in his eyes.

"Please, bring one of each here. Let me show you the full.... extent of my powers." He looked dully at Celestia, the fear overtaking his eyes. He had never before tried to absorb an animal, only taking in humans in the past. How will the virus react? Alex had no idea what he was in for, as Celestia looked at her sister.

"Fill him in on why he is here. And...how." Celestia quickly disappeared in a white poof! Luna looked at him with grim eyes. As if she had just witnessed a brutal murder. Alex braced for the worst, as they both sat down on the couch, Luna ready to tell Alex he is going to have to kill the unkillable in due time.

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