• Published 13th Apr 2012
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[PonyType] - Jaytee

When a mutated and virus infected Alex Mercer is thrust into Equestria, his life begins changing...

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The Surprise

Alex reluctantly followed Twilight as she led him to a less populated part of town. The sun was yet to fully rise, so no ponies were out just yet. Alex let out a slightly louder than expected sigh of relief. Twilight's ears perked up to the soft noise, and she turned to him without slowing her pace, and asked him:

"Something bothering you?" Alex turned to look down at her, with what could only be said as a sad attempt at a fake smile, and said.

"No, just still a little curious on how I got here. And a little thankful nobody has seen me yet. I'm not ready to be treated as a monster again." He meant his words. He had become a monster of legend back in Manhattan. A little change in treatment couldn't hurt at all.
"Otherwise no, nothing at all." he proceeded to dismiss the question with the wave of a hand.

Twilight's head turned slightly. Nobody? He must mean Nopony. As they continued down the path, the growing smell of apples breached the edges of their noses. Alex actually began smelling it a few hundred yards ago, with his incredibly keen senses, nearly nothing could escape him. He caught sight of trees beginning to grow in density around them. They were...apples? Something human like, at least. He thought. He could could hear a faint thump in the distance ahead of him every half minute or so. The thumping really got on his nerves as they followed the path in complete silence in the direction of it's source. Twilight first broke the silence.

"We're going to meet my friend Applejack. She's one of my closest friends, and she isn't likely to trust you. So let me go up to her first, while you wait behind a tree or something."

Hiding. Something Alex knew all too well of. His head came back to reality as he realized Twilight was still expecting an answer from him. He looked down to the lavender mare and nodded slightly. He really wanted to exerciser his powers right about now. The urge was nearly overbearing on him. His eyes twitched slightly as he was just about ready to bust and rip down every single tree within a mile radius. He crouched down, about to fire tentacles in all possible directions when Twilight broke his train of thought with a sentence that cooled his fiery soul. It wasn't meaningful to him, but the sentence broke the hatred in his brain with a shattering blow. Obviously being too focused on the thud growing ever so louder had just set his mind ablaze. But he had calmed down by the time Twilight repeated herself.

"Hey? Did you hear me? I said wait here. Applejack is just up ahead. Come out when I look over to you, ok?"

Alex snapped back to reality. He nodded slightly as the small, slim, lavender mare trotted off toward a... orange pony? God, either I have lost it, or something really really bad happened when I pulverized that crystal. He was lost in thought when he heard Twilight's voice call out rather loudly.

"Alex! Get out here!"

He realized he had missed his queue. He slowly walked ahead into view of the two small ponies, the orange one now looking at him in what seemed like a very shocked face. What was that ones name? Applesmack? Something like that. He tried to be nonchalant with his greeting, trying to at least to somewhat not be a threat here. He waved a hand at Applejack.

"Hey. I'm Alex."

Her noticeably large eyes did one of the few things Alex had expected, they got bigger. His crooked his head a little to the side.

"You alright?"

She brought herself together, closing her eyes and shaking her head.

"Yea. Name's Applejack." She sized him up. He was twice her size, larger than Big Mac himself. She was more than impressed with his height, but his muscles seemed to show no love. She smirked, and looked up to him.
"Ah wanna see something with you, 'fore I get to knowin' ya better."

Alex became very skeptical. He knew he was walking into something along the lines of a trap. Or something like it. His eyes slowly squinted, analyzing the hornless pony, before landing on the thought that these two could do no harm against him. He agreed with a slight nod.

He watched Applejack walk over to a apple tree, and turn her back to it. He saw her grin get wider.

"Do this." Alexed watched as the mare stood on her front two legs, and bucked the tree with all her might. The tree shook after a loud Crack! He watched skeptically as apples began to fall.

"You want me to kick a tree?" Applejack nodded. "Hahaha! Alright. As hard as I can?" Again, she nodded. "You might want to stand back." Alex walked up to a nearby tree, and turned to face it. A hearty smile grew across his face as he was readying himself to release a ton of built up energy. He turned his left shoulder to the tree, and crouched slightly. A black and red swirl began to swing around his legs. It grew quicker and quicker as a small shockwave came out of him as he twisted his whole body into the kick. The space between his foot and ankle struck the tree with the force equal to that of a flying 747 at full speed. The following CRACK! was, to say the least, deafening. The noise and kick was soon followed by apples and leaves falling to the ground as they watched the tree sail into the sky, slowly disappearing. He turned back to Twilight and Applejack.

"That strong enough for you?"


Celestia was just beginning to raise her sun. She turned to see it barely cresting over the mountains. She smiled happily to herself before turning back into the castle to enjoy some of her morning tea. She had just finished making the tea when Luna came running up to her.

"'Tia! Last night... Something came out of the sky! I-...I don't know what it really was, but it looked as if it had headed for Ponyville!"

Celestia looked at her sister and chuckled lightly to herself.

"Luna, these things happen all the time. They're called meteors. They come down all the ti-" Her sentence was interrupted as a small parchment appeared in front of her with a purple-colored *poof* Luna and Celestia looked at each other quizzically before looking back at the small rolled up paper. Celestia opened it up and read aloud:

"Princess Celestia,

With utmost importance, I need you to gather the other Elements of Harmony and meet me at Applejack's farm. There is not much time to explain what's wrong, but it's the safest area for this... thing. Please hurry. I'll be leaving as soon as I send this letter.

Your frantic student,

Twilight Sparkle"

The sisters locked eyes again. Luna nodded and said lightly under her breath

"I'd hate to say 'I told you so,' but you have more important matters to attend to."

Celestia looked at her sister.

"Think you can handle all the royal duties? I might not be back till late into your night."

Luna simply nodded, and Celestia sat up and concentrated as an aura began surrounding her, and with that she was gone in a bright flash.

Luna sat down, and looked out the window to the balcony Celestia was just on, and said to herself: "What have I unleased..."


Celestia appeared in front of the Carousel Boutique, and hastily walked over and knocked on the door. Hearing no response, she decided to knock again. Louder and more forcefully, she pounded her hooves on the door. She heard a faint voice come from inside.

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" Celestia then saw a very sleepy looking Rarity open the door, clearly unhappy about loosing 'beauty sleep.'

"Oh my, Celestia! What brings on this very... unusual appearance?" Rarity looked at her, her face instantly lighting up, forgetting about being woken up early in the morning.

"It's Twilight. Something happened last night, and there isn't much to explain. I need you to go get Pinkie Pie and meet me at Fluttershy's cottage. I'll go get Rainbow Dash."

Rarity's face twisted in confusion. It was a lot to take in immediately after waking up. Groggily, she agreed and set off in the direction of SugarCube Corner. Celestia Spread her wings, and immeately shot off in the direction of Rainbow Dash's home.

She had arrived in nearly no time at all before quickly going up to the cloud door, and slamming on it loudly. Again, she heard a faint voice inside, except this time it was followed by various things crashing and breaking.

"Wha- Who's there? Comi- Agh! Stupid bottles..." Celestia opened Rainbow Dash's door and looked upon a very disheveled Pegasus. Lying in a pile of trash, dishes, and bottles after knocking over a coffee table, Rainbow Dash looked up and said as coolly as she could:

"Hey Princess, what's up?" Blowing a bit of hair out of her face with a slip Puff.

"I need you to come with me. Don't ask questions, because I won't be able to answer them."

Rainbow Dash raised an eyebrow.

"Oookay." Rainbow sat up, rubbing a hoof to her forehead. "Ow..."

The princess rolled her eyes, before nearly smacking a hoof to her own head. Teleporation! Why had she not thought of it before? She groaned at her own foalishness, as her horn began to glow. She focused on the energies of the Elements of Harmony, minus Twilight and Applejack. And in a flash of light, all 5 of them were on a path looking towards Sweet Apple Acres. She looked at the four stunned mares before her before saying:

"No time to explain, follow me."

She hastily began running towards where she knew Twilight was, down the path. Her morning jog was stopped short as she watched a very tall, dark figure catapult a tree over their heads and into the distance. She watched as it turned back to a very stunned looking Twilight and Applejack before saying something she could not hear. It took one step towards them. Oh no. Not today. She charged the large being with all her might, about to knock it to the moon.


Alex looked back to Applejack and Twilight. "That strong enough for you?" He muttered. He let out a small chuckle as the two stunned mares simply looked at him and gawked. He took one step towards the two before being a very heavy pair of hooves approaching him from behind. He turned his head ever so slightly to see a large alicorn charging at him at full speed. He only had a few moments to react. He instantly brought up his armor, quadrupling his weight. He braced for impact as the white boulder came ever so closer. The moment of impact was ground shattering. Celestia had hit Alex with all the force she could muster, fearing he was attacking or threatening her star pupil. Alex and seen the hate in her eyes, and braced for quite the beating. Thankfully, the beating never came. Celestia's spell hit Alex light a feather against a brick wall. She rebounded a few feet, sliding all the way back to Rarity and the others. Alex immediately de-morphed, and rushed to her side, the others were too stunned at what they had just witnessed to react. He picked up Celestia's head fearing she had hurt herself. He looked her in the eyes as they slowly fluttered open. He looked deep into the light magenta eyes and asked her blatantly:

"Are you ok? That was a nasty blow you did to yourself, there."

He didn't have a moment to react before the alicorns' eye's shot open, and her horn glowed brightly, and the last thing he remembers seeing is the hatred-filled eyes that stared deep into his soul, and a very painful snap to the head.

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