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Ryan O'Connor was a young man with a long career in medicine ahead of him. Was being the operative word, as Ryan has been dead for a long time, only brought back a monstrous bio-weapon that he helped create. Now on his third life, he finds himself in a world he never expected to end up in. How is he still alive, and more importantly, why is he surrounded by ponies?
[Prototype]-MLP Crossover

(Please excuse continuity issues, the story is currently undergoing a rewrite.)

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A bit of a sudden introduction, still seems to be an interesting prototype (albeit a much happier prototype than alex mercer) in equestria story so I will track and withhold judgement for now. He was accepted way too fast and you may want to rethink this acceptance over their sudden rush of gratitude, I.e. them taking a closer look at this creature, CLEARLY designed for killing and combat and wonder at it's presence in Equestria. Still, i'll be watching you. :ajbemused:

His face at that last bit

Also nice evil sonic rainboom there. I am still a bit concerned about how they don;t seem to have their guards up around him especially seeing as he kind of said he could read their minds... sort of

It's coming along interestingly but oddly, Still watching it though.:pinkiehappy:

I don't mind reading about a uber-powered oc as long as the story is good.

Dude.... Are you planning to make this dude good at everything?
So far he has come to Ponyville, been almost instantly accepted with little to no suspicion, Been a doctor, A Cellist, A DJ and I forget what else, seriously, you have to give this character some flaws, and lying is not a flaw. If they find out that his knowledge is from consuming other sentient beings that may cause the necessary catalyst for the story to move on, Sorry dude but as your character is now he is too good to be believable.

he will end up dead soon from loss of bio mass or when he runs low will be hated for not helping somepony in need

love the story so far btw
i would give you 4.5 star but it seems were on a like sistem now soo ya i will give you a like

Comment posted by Mental_Zero deleted Jan 13th, 2015

Did not like the last part that was bad

Okay, what is this immediate acceptance? Le sigh, you are going to start giving him faults or having SOMETHING bad happen to him, Celestia has got to have found out at least a little bit about how he works and if his backstory is anything like the Alex Mercer from whom he appears to be based then she is going to come for him in all her mighty fury if she discovers it. That and the rest of the ponies are likely to flat-out reject him, or maye just be a lot more withdrawn and cautious around him.:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright::trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Yeah this is good

What DID happen to the clone?

Can't wait for the next chapter

INB4 first fags

Dat flying 20 feet and if he was normal he would have broken most of his bones?


You mean that you haven't noticed that the shapeshifting alex-mercer expy super man thingo is not exactly normal?

Also you are still having him accepted too easily, although now it's too far into the fic to change that without a lot of jarring writing. Perhaps you should just keep writing this one as is and then do a less sunshine and rainbows one, Try styling it something along the lines of Rorschach in Equestria iin terms of acceptance but maybe with some disastrous first encounters, If I were to go to Rquestria my first reaction on seeing any of the mane 6 would probably be to sprint up shouting something unintelligible and try for a hug. That probably would start relations off on a bad foot.

345211 Oh, don't worry, it will be explained why he is accepted so easily very soon

345211 no i was just saying if he were a normal human he'd be... well a pile of broken bones

Dang, three really good options...I'm torn with Twi and Vinyl...

I'm going with Vinyl.

She's just ryan's type if you think about it.

375834 Vinyl.... oh hey Firebolt, didn't see you there.

Well, it seems the winner is Vinyl, work on the first shipping chapter shall commence immediately.

PS: This won't become a ship-fic, the shipping will just be an element of it.

Looks like a good ship to me. I think their personalities go well together and amazing chapter nonetheless!

Then the mares broke in and raped them to death.

Just how much bio-mass he have stored :rainbowhuh:

424618 Well the bio-mass regenerates a a mega high rate so almost infinite

424618 Well, he was chased by two armies, absorbing a significant amount of soldiers from both. That, combined with all the hunters, super-jacked up Infected, and the Hydra he consumed when he first got to Equestria, adds up to a lot of bio-mass stored up.

Still fitting, mares or not.

222842 i dunno, he did save their lives, and they know nothing of this creature, and must've bought what he said about being good and stuff... i mean, that doesnt mean everyone in ponyville wont freak out or nothin

pretty good stuffs..... is he always human, or does he change into a pony? might wanna include that kinda stuff

..... Lol the aftermath has leàved so many.... stallions.... in shock....:rainbowkiss:

new chapter!:yay:<yay
very good! i can't wait for the next chapter!

Excellent This Pleases Us

He's gonna need a drink after all of this.

I have to ask but did he ever get his clone back from C & L I don't remember it in any chapter.

472275 Well, it seems I dun goofed. I'll just explain it in a later chapter.

472349 yeah,wasn't there like a 3 day or one week kill limit ?

472383 I've already got it figured out, it'll be explained soon.

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