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Ayyy, welcome to my account, not much to see other then one story so... yeah, enjoy it or don’t, it’s up to you.


(Warning Tis a Displaced story!) Well... It sucks being in Equestria... I mean, yeah I'm a Brony... A closet Brony, but a Brony nonetheless, but getting sent there from a con by a dude who looked like the Resident Evil 4 merchant kinda sucks... And not because I don't get to see my family and friends ever again, but because I become a Sparten 4 under a minute... And then it hurts... And I mean it HURTS! I felt like I went through a grinder, then a wood chipper. It sucks... And all I have is Pathefinder armor, a DMR, and magnum. I also have Master Chiefs cloak from the Halo 5 trailer... What? I had to, I needed to look badass... And a have a knife like Emile's from Halo Reach... Once plastic now metal... Don't judge! You would've done the same fucking thing!... So... Hope you enjoy my misadventures in Equestria... That is, if you are reading this...

I own Nothing! All rights go to Hasbro for making My Little Pony.
And Microsoft for making Halo.
Enjoy the adventure!

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5959554 I wish I was that fast to make another... But sadly... I am not... Hopefully I have nothing to do tomorrow...

5959578 Original... Hmm... I think that's good... Correct?

Oh man, I am liking this. This dude is decked out in Spartan 4 armor, Emile's knife, and Halo 4 magnum and DMR? I love you. I love the fuck out of you right now.

Only error I found was this

I look to see he had a large satchel slung across his shoulder, and a glint of hold coming from it.

I think you may have meant gold.

5959590 I believe he was being sarcastic, by which he means the displaced trope is overused beyond belief, to the point where it hruts a story a lot if it is one.

5959598 Thank you, it took me time to figure out his arsenal... Then I just went simple.

5959607 Ah, thank you for informing me of that... I knew hate would come but I must just know that it will happen...

Comment posted by Try Hard deleted May 10th, 2015

5959590 Not really...:applejackunsure:
the writting doesn't seem bad, but seriously....another guy going to a con and send in Equestria because he bought something from a merchant
it's been overdone:facehoof:

5959617 As I said, hate is something I knew would happen... So you may hate... But your just another bump on the road that my Raider Crusader has to run over... Or drive over... It's a big fucking tank ment to hold Terminators, and drive them into battle.

5959621 I know, I had a hard time deciding on how to do it, but it looked to be the easiest way...

5959622 Waffles? Why? I like Waffles, but in this situation... I do not know if they are good or bad.

Comment posted by Try Hard deleted May 10th, 2015

5959637 No, you do not... But everybody can have there own opinions... But would you kindly leave me alone if you wish to kill you self because of a story?

Comment posted by Try Hard deleted May 10th, 2015

5959633 well i think an Actual Spartan in Equestria would be more interesting to write, if you wanted to add a comical fact
i don't know...make him an ODST who stole a Spartan armor or just a soldier who wanted to try the Armor but ended up stuck in it while the other think he's a real Spartan.
or just a Spartan who ended up in Equestria after going through a malfunctioning portal

5959622 HAH jokes on you i just had an omelet you can't make me hungry with your waffles!

5959645 That has been done on many fics and as I said, people can have there own opinions. The hate is a bit... Saddening... But it's strange when I didn't get as much hate as I did on my first fic...

5959643 have fun with that, it's your choice to do so, not mine.

Comment posted by Try Hard deleted May 10th, 2015
Comment posted by Try Hard deleted May 10th, 2015

5959649 may be but what's been even more overdone, is the cosplayers going to Equestria, because of a merchant:facehoof:
now if i take a look at your first fic....well the idea here is original (not sarcastic)
a nice idea, not overdone, and an actual Khahjiit in equestria
it could be fun.

5959663 Well, it hasn't been noticed as much as this one has... But I am STILL! Working on that one. Things have been slow! And I have MILLIONS of ideas that I can never use... But again, you have your own opinion... I am not someone who throws hate at people's FICS even if the idea has been over used... Which many have.

5959674 I know many have told me this... Yet... Again I just wanted to try... It my not succeed, or it may! Only the future can say for sure... And with Tigerclaw... I've been needing an editor, and that's why I stopped working on it.

Comment posted by Try Hard deleted May 10th, 2015

5959692 I thank you for your advice, but it is not needed.

A Mind Without Purpose Will Wander In Dark Places

Comment posted by Try Hard deleted May 10th, 2015

Um, you spelled Spartan wrong in the title. That 'E' should be an 'A'. :twilightblush:

Unless it's intentional for some reason?:rainbowhuh:

5959705 Warhammer 40k... I'm with the Emperor... Besides... I gave you a quote for a quote.

5959715 Thank you for the heads up :twilightsheepish: my mistake on that.

5959629 I don't know if you've been corrected on this or not. But the word "Sparten" is actually spelt "Spartan". :twilightsmile:

5959718 One, my quote actually had to do with the topic. Two, I quoted myself.

5959736 Well, I hope you enjoy your hate on fics that people just wanted to try out.

Comment posted by Try Hard deleted May 10th, 2015

5959744 You know... Kinda thinking your doing this to annoy me... Because... Again... Your opinion... Could you please keep it to yourself?

You can't 'steal' parts of the spartan armor. Okay, so thats not true, you can 'steal' them. But you'd never be able to use them, it's not like a suit 'one size fits all'. The Spartans have had heavy genetic modification, and cybernetic implantation that hooks into the suit itself. At best, you could strap the armor pieces on and hope they wouldn't impede your movement, and would actually protect you without any power running through them properly.

According to the Halo lore. Since it's fanfiction, you can do anything you want, if you disregard the original source material.

I still feel like I was kicked in my manhood about five times.

OW OW OW OW OW OOOWWWWW!!!!! Shouldn't he be keeling over, though, and rolling around on the ground in agony?

"My turn."

At that point I let loose a squeal of excitement and grinned when he killed the Minotaur.

Alright so far, look forward to the next chapter.

This Spartan is lost, send in the master chief and a couple of star-space-whatever ships, I play PS3 so halo seems like another language.

5959788 True, that's why I made him go through all of the pain... It hurts.

5959795 I wish Master Chief could come but he's fighting Locke. And the ships?... I think you mean Frigits.

5959793 Thank you, currently working on it... Also I thought since he was a Spartan, he'd tough it out like a man.

Comment posted by Try Hard deleted May 10th, 2015

5959931 you know... I'm kinda sick of your shit... I'm being polite... Yet you cannot...

5959834 Got me excited for the next chapter. Keep up the good work. Haven't seen a Halo Displaced fic in a while.

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