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Ayyy, welcome to my account, not much to see other then one story so... yeah, enjoy it or don’t, it’s up to you.

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(Warning Tis a Displaced story!) Well... It sucks being in Equestria... I mean, yeah I'm a Brony... A closet Brony, but a Brony nonetheless, but getting sent there from a con by a dude who looked like the Resident Evil 4 merchant kinda sucks... And not because I don't get to see my family and friends ever again, but because I become a Sparten 4 under a minute... And then it hurts... And I mean it HURTS! I felt like I went through a grinder, then a wood chipper. It sucks... And all I have is Pathefinder armor, a DMR, and magnum. I also have Master Chiefs cloak from the Halo 5 trailer... What? I had to, I needed to look badass... And a have a knife like Emile's from Halo Reach... Once plastic now metal... Don't judge! You would've done the same fucking thing!... So... Hope you enjoy my misadventures in Equestria... That is, if you are reading this...

I own Nothing! All rights go to Hasbro for making My Little Pony.
And Microsoft for making Halo.
Enjoy the adventure!

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Tigerclaw is your ordinary Kahjiit only he's the Dragonborn and wears Dadric armor, he's kind hearted but if betrayed or misled he will hold nothing back in his anger, his life became... Dull after sometime but after a mishap with a spell he was found everything changes when he lands in the world of Equestria, This story is about Tigerclaw my character I made in Skyrim he's teleported to Equestria by the book in the first episode, he needs to find a way back to his world by any means necessary... Or will he fall in battle like countless other Warriors?
(All references go to their respective owners I own nothing but the character I made.)

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