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Brother Uriel

Ayyy, welcome to my account, not much to see other then one story so... yeah, enjoy it or don’t, it’s up to you.


Hello! · 7:39am Nov 20th, 2019

Hey everyone! Legion/Varius here to explain some stuff!

One:Not dead, just tired and have had no inspiration

That’s about it, but I had a thought.
A good one I hope! I really do! Maybe it can get my gears grinding again, and those who actually want to help can do so now! (It’s nothing to do with money, calm down, sheesh)

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Ayyy · 7:28am Jun 5th, 2018

So... I see people are still enjoying my... One story, look, guys, gonna have to say it, I’ve fallen out of My Little Pony, here and there I find interesting things but it’s just not my style, “But Legion! Your story!” I am getting to that, the story will not end, not yet at least... I just took an extended break because of life things, currently decompressing, but recently, been wanting to write so, I don’t make a promise for a chapter, I say I may have one incoming for those still staring at

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Followers · 3:23am Feb 23rd, 2017

Holy... By the Emperor... 102 Cree- I mean... 102 followers?! how in the hell did this happen? i... I never expected so many people to want to follow me into the Warp and just... I'm speechless, I know I was close but.. so many people wanted to actually follow me? I don't understand why... I can't be a good writer... I don't think I am but still... this is, crazy, I thank all of you who have followed me! All of you! all of you guys and gals actually want to see me succeed! (I think?) I can't

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Stories Stories Stories · 9:30pm Aug 19th, 2015

So... I bet you're wondering... "Hey! WHERE ARE THE CHAPTERS!?!" Well... I'm taking a break from Walking the Plains of Equestria... As a Spartan? I also can't think of any chapters... Meh...

BUUUUT a new story will be put up... A Fallout Equestria one... And it's been brewing in my mind for awhile and I'm gonna make it!

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Stories · 9:46pm Jun 9th, 2015

Sooo... Pretty sure this is what I'm supposed to do to tell people why chapters aren't coming out... Well 'Ahem' Chapters are not coming out because I am unable to work with another Author to begin it, I don't mean "I need another Author." I mean I have one, but currently I am unable to work with him, because of some of my stuff isn't working, I will hopefully get it working this weekend, if not then... Well... That would suck, but, I hope you all understand that things come up, and things

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