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After defeating the Didact, John gets summoned to a Pre Nightmare Moon Equestria to end a war with griffins. He can't go back home.

OP Epicness ensues.

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I like this story so far. I also like how you change the readers point of view from Chief to Celestia. I'll definitely read the next chapters when they're released. :)

4549411 I'm glad you like it. This is my first time trying to write anything so i was worried about how it would come out. It might be a while befor i make a new chapter though. I have had this idea in my head for a month or two but because i didn't think i'd ever write it down i don't know where i will go from here. I know i want to have him fight the griffins but getting to that point is the problem. However i don't plan on him being in this time forever. The explanation behind the name of the story. I plan for him to meet the main 6 and deal with the events of NMM.

4550321 I think mabye you could have him go into cryo sleep until the mane six come in, I don't really know, though. It has good concept and this could be really good.

I could read the next chapter right now, but I'm writing this piece of speculatio here anyways:
Perhaps they tried to summon the mightiest demon in the universe?
It would make sense.
just saying

4550506 Close, the mightiest warrior in the universe.

4550547 The Elites did call the Spartans demons. Is half correct.

4550736 I am aware of that, but of you needed help would you summon a warrior or a demon?

4550986 wow, that picture. The more i look at it the more i can't stop laughing.

4556720 I've just never come across something like this before so I'm intrigued with this new perspective. Keep up the good work and don't lose hope in your ability to write and this story!

4556730 Thanks, that means a lot coming from you. I have read your story and have found it amazing. Honestly, i kinda borrowed your perpetual energy idea for my armor. I hope you don't mind. this is only the rough run of the story so it might encounter changes along the way, nothing too significant and i will let you know when i change something, but i plan to put up a new chapter every Saturday night, but we will see how that works out.

4556754 Hey, you get inspiration wherever you get it. It's kind of impossible to not take bits and pieces from other media and mold them to your liking. First stories are always rough, I especially know sincebim about to finish up my first story. Just stick through and an important piece of advice, don't force yourself to write. I've felt a bit of an obligation to write chapters at a certain rate when i didnt feel inspired to and I've noticed it degraded quality. Also, if you need any help just ask. Your fans are here for you.

4556840 Do you think I could get you to be a sort of pre reader/Editor for my story?:pinkiehappy:

4551818 I am liking this keep it up. I was going to make a story like this except with details a little switched over though.

Really looking forward to the rest of this story.

Comment posted by Nanofield deleted Jun 28th, 2014

YAY! Although I wonder what Chiefs reaction to not going home will be.

4615455 it will be a little ooc, but it will be good.

i am sorry to say that i don't have a new chapter this week, i had some delays with the whole 4th of July thing yesterday and what not. I am also having difficulty with writing, thus I am putting this story on hold temporarily. i will continue to work on it but i won't update it as often for a while until i can get my head together. i will not abandon this, i just won't update it weekly. sorry.

To teleport you used a wormhole to bend the fabric of reality, like a sheet of paper. And other universes are like other sheets of paper laid on top of one another, so if your calulations are off and you go to far, or not far enough you will end up in another parallel universe. And the Eggheads got it wrong.

4649375 I am sorry but, what? I understand all that you said but I don't understand what that has to do with anything.

wouldnt MC try to better understand the sitation! I mean for all he knows they could be lying to gain power!

4615455 hes gonna be all like: Fuck it! I got this whore of a white horse, and im the most powerful thing on this planet! Why should I leave?

4649396 Ummm, From that I was wanting to know if he would be immune to magic, or be affected by magic, or gain his own magical powers from the physics of that universe slowly applying to him?

4702508 same universe(to be explained later), not immune to magic, shields repel magical energy. All will be explained later, expect a new chapter Saturday night. Maybe one next Saturday too, probably not.

4708600 he already is. See chapter 1 paragraph 2. He does not age any more. Like with Wolverine from marvel.

thought she had to have the elements to send something to the moon!

4721480 she does need them to banish to the moon. John isn't banished .........yet :pinkiecrazy:

Praise the SUN the next chapter is here. :twilightsmile:

4721505 soooooooooooooooo being on the moon, and being banished to it are different?

4722096 teleporting and imprisoned is probably the best way to distinguish them from each other.

4722158 Also, why did MC go bat shit insane?

4722162 Well how would immortality affect you? You'd probably go insane a few times. Other than that, I believe the immortality procedure from the Librarian or whayever this story had said (I can't remember) had made him more prone to emotions. Anger is one of them so he's not as cool headed.

4722195 so, MC is now easily turned insane, and is completely out of character?

4722211 I wouldn't say insane. Just easily angered. Have you ever been so angry at somebody that you almost lashed out at them? Apparently the chief couldn't restrain himself. I personally haven't read in any of the real Halo books a situation where the chief could be boiling hot with rage. Cortanas death would be the closest situation I believe but he was in the heat of battle there so he didn't have time to be mad. Even then he was reminiscing on the Infinity afterwards. With that in mind he was in a situation here where he had no companionship of the human kind or AI and he learned that he was tricked as well as forced to be there. That, piled on with the new procedure that altered his mind a bit and these infuriating friendship ponies, probably broke the last straw. I use these as reasons for him acting out of character. He's changed.

4722231 if you keep putting out a chapter every few days ill be ok


He sounds excited...not surprising I guess, considering he could fall from orbit in a MJOLNIR Mark V suit, falling in a suit full of reverse-engineered Forerunner goodies would be fun. Thank you for also having the cognitive ability to think of an explanation for a lack of self-control from him; too many stories simply put 117 up as a simplistic dingus. Thanks for writing! :twilightsmile:

4722162 being on the mooon is like if we went there, we can leave like we got there. MC can't teleport that far so if he is getting back it will be the long way. He is out of character for two reasons, 1 he was messed with by the librarian and is for lack of a better, bipolar. 2 im not a very good writer yet. However, what req said is quite spot on in pretty much every way, because he is good like that and knows what i am going to write before i write it. Don't ask me how, just go with it. Anyway, yes. He is on the moon but he is not stuck. I imagine that being banished is more restrictive than just being on the moon otherwise NMM could have returned immediately with a teleportation spell. Sorry for taking so long, underworld marathon. And as far as chapter updates, don't expect them that often. If i am going to update it will almost definitely be on a Saturday night. I am holding on to chapters when i finish them because I'm trying to make a bank of sorts so that i can have a set release time and when i get held up it is not the end of the world. I plan to release a chapter every other week most likely. If it hits the point where i have to many held up i might do every week for a while ond conversely if i dont have enough i might only release one every month but i don't plan on making you wait more than that.
Sorry for the rant, when I'm tired i rant like a drunk.

4722510 simplistic dingus? What pray tell is that?
Anyway, thank you. It is a pleasure to write. I find soo many stories where they have x person do y thing and i think x should have done z so i write a story my way and im happy. I used to think i wasn't good at anything but then i tried writing and I'm not terrible at it. And as for my cognitive thinking, it's one of the few things i am good at.

As for the moon, he is not planning on staying. I can assure you of that. The next chapter will set the stage for the future of this story but it will have absolutely nothing to do with the story so far while being completely related and having a surprise in the end.
I love being confusing.


Dingus (noun) -used to refer to something whose name the speaker cannot remember, is unsure of, or is humorously or euphemistically omitting.

Simplistic (adjective) -treating complex issues and problems as if they were much simpler than they really are.

What I mean by simplistic dingus is author's having 117 appear so simple that such enemies as timberwolves can take out a being that has training in those situations (not to mention having wood penetrate Titanium A-3 armor at sub-sonic speeds is simply ludicrous). 117 isn't some helpless ninny; saying that 10 animals will take out a hyper-lethal vector is simplifying a much more complex situation. That may not make much sense, and if it doesn't, just take it as a humorous comment.

4722768 it makes perfect sense. but i have NEVER encountered a story where 117 gets his handed to him by wooden dogs. i'd like to however. i know 117 is no push over and i intend to show that as often as i can. seriously, he was winning king of the hill at 6 by throwing other kids around like toys. tell me, how is that not bad ass?

*nightmare moon shows up*
117: so the shoes on the other foot huh.
NM: shut up.

4724571 oh if only it were that simple:trollestia:

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