• Published 15th Jun 2014
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117 The Eternal Guardian - Nanofield

Somewhat op Master Chief in pre NMM Equis.

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Chapter 1: Life Goes On


I defeated the Flood, the Covenant, and the Forerunners; I saved the human race from extinction, and I saved Cortana. Her contact with the domain cured her rampancy and enhanced her abilities. She can also access Forerunner technology faster and with less strain on herself. They reassigned her to another job now that the war is over. She is working with ONI by deciphering the Forerunner data that's too complex for them. I wish they didn't need to reassign her, but our mission is over. That's it. No more. She wasn't to happy about it either. It isn't so bad, we still talk to each other every now and then. It's not often, but with her being inside the computer system for all of ONI, she can call me whenever she feels like it.

That was 5 years ago; since then we have been terraforming some of our old planets. Reach was among the first to be fixed. I am there now; I have not really done much of anything aside from explaining what happened on Requiem. The scientists had examined my body for alterations made by The Composer and The Librarian. It turns out that my body heals itself significantly faster than normal and my aging process has nearly stopped, leaving me potentially immortal; further tests are needed though. I currently have the appearance of someone in their mid thirties. They could not reproduce the effects for use on others however.

Now that the war for our survival is over, we are at peace. Considering the fact that I was raised for war, this leaves me with nothing to do now. Realizing this, the scientists at ONI decided to keep me busy.

I received a notice about a project that ONI was working on while I was gone; apparently they built a new armor that is so different from the other Mjolnir armor that they decided to call it something else, something new; they named it the Omega Armor. It is a combination of tech from the Forerunners, the Covenant, and from Humanity. It is currently in its fifth stage. It's still in testing though.

It has enhanced shielding capabilities, it can shrug off a hit from a scorpion tank, if you can keep your footing. It supposedly provides the user with enough strength to roll over an elephant troop crawler, and it has all of the weapons that the Promethean Knights used built into it, including the red sword. It has a rapid use, semi-short range teleportation ability that was also obtained from the Promethean Knights. It's even equipped with all of the armor abilities that the Mjolnir armor is currently equipped with. It also has a pair of shield gauntlets. All of this is powered by the suit which has a perpetual energy system that I don't really understand. It is finally ready for a live testing tomorrow. It is getting late so I am going to head to sleep. "Tomorrow will be interesting."


It is time to test Omega. It looks almost like the armor the Forerunners used but with a bit more bulk. It's a metallic silver color. The armor itself is in a few pieces though. A chest plate, boots, and gloved bracers. They have me put it on, it is actually rather easy, and they start it up. When they power it up, the armor expands and moves. after a few seconds, I am sealed into the armor. A quick look at my reflection in a window shows me that it has a blue, stretched V, visor.

I'm sent to the testing grounds where they have an obstacle course and target range set up for me, first is target practice at varying ranges. The scientists inform me that I need to set it to combat mode before I can use the weapon systems. When I do that, a small selection wheel pops up at the bottom of my HUD showing all of the weapons at my disposal. Since I'm starting with short range I select the Boltshot and the Suppressor; I am rather surprised when the right hand of my armor reconfigures and expands into the weapon I selected. After exhibiting my accuracy I then move on to mid range with the LightRifle. Then long range with the Binary Rifle, finishing by testing out all of the weapons at my disposal; maintaining perfect accuracy. I noticed when I saw my reflection in a sheet of metal that my visor color is now red. Perhaps it is a result of combat mode.

After weapons testing, I'm instructed to check the armor abilities. The active camouflage worked even better than I expected; I could run around without being detected. The shield overcharge "armor lock"'s immobility problem was solved but it still slowed me down a lot and I couldn't jump off the ground more than a few inches. The jet pack and booster allows me rather quick maneuverability and speed.

Now it is time to test the teleportation system. I am told to teleport from one side of the field to another. “Okay, initiating test in 5....4....3....2....1.... Activating.”

I feel a pulling sensation and dematerialize like the knights would do. Next thing I know, I'm on the other side of the field, and still in one piece. "Well, that went better than expected."

Before I can make it back to the scientists, the sky starts to darken and thunderclouds form. There is a blinding flash of light and a sharp crack of lightning. I then get this feeling like being stretched and squeezed together at the same time; that can't be good.

The light clears away and I notice three things. One, I'm falling; two, its night time; and three, this place does not look like the Office of Naval Intelligence. I see a castle in a forest clearing, and it looks like I'm going to crash through the roof. Some buildings are around the castle. A quick check of my jet pack tells me it isn't working. This'll be fun. I position myself so that I will hit feet first. I go through the roof and keep going. All of the momentum gathered by falling still with me; I hit the ground with a punch that cracks the ground around me. When I stand up, I see something rather...unexpected.