• Published 15th Jun 2014
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117 The Eternal Guardian - Nanofield

Somewhat op Master Chief in pre NMM Equis.

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Chapter 2: He Who Fell From The Stars


It has been 50 years since my sister and I overthrew Discord and reclaimed Equestria; it has been a long 50 years. The result of discord's chaos is that now the sun and moon have become destabilized and my sister and I need to move them ourselves.

We also needed to restore our old treaties with the other nations. Some accepted, others refused. Now we are at war with the griffins. It has been ten years and we are losing. Our military is underdeveloped and poorly funded, we wouldn't have even lasted as long as we have if my sister and I hadn't done all that we could, but even we can't be everywhere at once. We also have little experience with combat. After all, I am only 300 years old; my sister is 250.

We aren't enough, we need help. Luna and I are preparing a spell that should get us the help we so desperately need. Perhaps then, we can survive this war. “Luna, is the spell ready yet?” I ask with anticipation in my voice.

“Yes, I believe it is. Shall we commence the spell?”

“Wonderful. Let us begin, we cannot hesitate. The fate of Equestria depends on it.”

At that, my sister and I pool our magic together, if this spell works we will be saved, or we might just bring something worse into this world. We discussed this and, considering our situation, agreed that the benefit greatly outweighs the potential destruction.

We cast the spell, the drain of energy is rather significant in me and Luna, but after a few seconds nothing seems to have happened. Right when I am about to declare the spell a failure something crashes through the ceiling. It hits the ground hard, cracking the stone around it quite audibly. It does not look like a pony, or anything I have seen before. If I had to, I'd say it resembles a metal Minotaur somewhat, though with a more straight posture. When it stands up, I see that its height is just above eye level with me and its face is nearly featureless save for a glowing blue line where its eyes would be. Quickly getting over my shock I address my sister. "Luna, what do you think this being is?"

"I... I do not know. Never have I seen a creature such as this."

“I think we should introduce ourselves to whoever this is, don't you think so Luna?”

“I think that would be wise dear sister.”

I calmly walk up to it and try to communicate. “Hello, I am princess Celestia. Can you understand me?”


Alright, I just landed in what appears to be a throne room; my shields are completely drained and refusing to charge right now. I see two odd horse-like creatures with two wings and a spiral horn each. I learned about unicorns and winged horses in my mythos classes when I was younger, but nothing about creatures with both characteristics. One is white, the other is dark blue. I notice tattoos on their sides, a sun and a moon. That's very odd... The former of the two is just below my height while the latter is at chest level with me. The white one walks up to me and opens its mouth to speak, but all I hear is a garbled series of noises. Not that I expected more from animals... Though the look in their eyes... they seem to have an air of intelligence... “Hold on, I can't understand you. And you probably don't understand me. Great, now what?”

Well, I did say that this would be an interesting day.


I try to communicate with the being that we summoned but it only looks at me and then it makes a noise that I cannot understand. It is apparent that we speak different languages. “Oh, OK. This just got a little more difficult. Wait! Luna, didn't you tell me the other day about a translation spell that you found in an old book?”

“Yes! I did dear sister. Shall I retrieve it for you?”

“Please do Luna.”

At that, my sister departs to the nearby library to retrieve the book. Meanwhile, the being is still in the room. As a matter of fact, it hasn't moved since it spoke last. I hope it can help us win this war. If not win... at least survive.

Luna soon returns with the requested book and I take it up in my magic grasp; I notice a subtle change in the being upon my use of magic. I find the right page but notice that it is not a two way spell; it will be able to understand us but not the other way around. I walk closer to it, spell book still with me; I prepare the spell and cast it.


I see the two "talk" between themselves, then the blue one leaves the room. The other one now is looking at me with a look that I know all too well. It's the look I get when I see people who have lost all hope, and my presence alone lifts their spirits. This creature is in trouble and it needs help. I will help them, at least until I can find a way back home. Not that I am needed there anyway. The war is over, they don't need me anymore.

The blue one now returns with a book on its back, the white one notices as well and turns to the other one and then I see something rather unexpected. The white one's horn glows a faint yellow along with the book and it levitates up and opens for the white one to read.

After a few seconds, the white one turns away from the book and walks up to me with a small serene smile on its face. Then its horn glows brighter and I feel a slight tingling in the back of my mind. Wait, it's trying to get into my head. Not again... not going to happen. I switch Omega to combat mode, activate the energy blade with a loud hissing sound, and charge forward.


Upon casting the translation spell, the being noticeably recoils. The blue light on what I'm guessing is its helmet turns red and what looks like a glowing red sword shoots out of its wrist.

With more acceleration that I thought it could, it closes the ten foot gap between us before I could react. The next thing I know, I'm being pressed up against the far wall by the being, its left hand around my throat and its sword nearly touching my neck. I can feel intense heat radiating off of it. It could probably lob my head off in an instant if it wanted to. My sister is quicker to recover from the shock than I am and she uses her magic to pull it away from me and quickly casts a powerful spell to immobilize it. Using this opportunity, I decide to try communicating again.


I am pulled off of the white creature by what I can only assume is the same strange thing that it used to lift the book. My assumptions are confirmed when I notice a blue aura around my armor and an identical aura around the blue thing's horn. I now find myself being forced down by a heavy weight; it feels like I'm in armor lock with my lack of mobility. Noticing my predicament, the white one recovers from nearly having its head sliced off, even though I was mostly just making a point and I wasn't going to kill it. It moves closer to me and it opens its mouth to speak. Didn't it try that one already?

“I am Princess Celestia. Can you understand me?”

Oh. I was not expecting that, not at all. One minute I don't understand them and now I do? Hold on, did it say it is a Princess? Great, I just threatened royalty. They will probably want my head for that, good luck if they do though, I won't make it easy. I reply with 'Yes, I understand you.' but she tilts her head with confusion.

“I cast a spell with magic that should allow you to understand us. Regrettably it is only one way so we cannot understand you. If you can understand us would you please put away your sword?”

She wants me to stand down, fine. Also, magic, that's new. I shut down the sword but I leave combat mode on just in case.

“Thank you. We mean you no harm. In truth, we need your help. Our nation is at war with the griffin army and they won't stop until we are no more. We are incapable of winning this war; it is unlikely that we will even survive another year or two at most. My sister Luna and I would like you to help us in any way you can.”

They are at war with a superior power and don't stand a chance. It's the Covenant all over again. Not another race pushed to near extinction. I don't take long to make up my mind. I nod my head to tell them that I will help. How much I want to be involved is debatable but as long as I'm here, I might as well see what is going on. I still don't know if I can trust them.