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The Reality-warpers Overpowered Lollygagger's League or T.R.O.L.L., or even just TROLL, is a group dedicated to just writing for fun with the most overpowered characters imaginable. Gary Stus and Mary Sues are welcome.

A good place to try out your first fanfiction no matter how awful, terrible or grammatically incorrect. Remember though to take criticism graciously as it's usually a well meaning review to help you improve. You are encouraged to join other groups like Looking For Editors to help you along the way.

Just remember to stay within this group's theme, which are stories where the characters are the definition of OP. Not necessarily god-like, but still pretty powerful.

Feel free to try a crossover with other authors in the group if you both feel it will be fun. Be warned. Combining two parts pure awesome can sometimes be explosive, and Chuck Norris vs Chuck Norris equals instant annihilation of the entire multi-multiverse. You have been warned.

Number one rule? Have fun writing your story. If you feel you need to cancel it just end the story no matter how abrupt it might seem, and go crazy with it. Dues ex Machina needed to advance the plot or end the story? Send in the space cows to blast the dragon with plasmatic milk to reduce it to nothing but bones for the heroes to harvest to create awesome weapons to take down the Ursa Major. Hint: This could be our theme-

Stay awesome my friends.

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Wow people I am amazed. I was inspired to make this group after reading Gamer God since even though the writing wasn't that great I still enjoyed it. I'm sad too that it only had two chapters. Yet now after actually coming back after two years it actually grew into something. While not gigantic it still feels meaningful.

I'm not even sure many of you will read this post since the last one was over a year ago but perhaps I'll try to figure out a good writing contest. I'll PM everyone that has a story here. Yes, that will work. My plan is coming to fruition! Mwahahaha!

Stay awesome.

I am amazed that in the whole of FiMFiction, you only found 8 stories that fit the bill (excluding mine)

So I basically write OP for the sake of OP?

Sounds good! Count me in, you filthy hamster!

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