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The Silent writer

I am that kind on writer who loved to read fanfictions on this site, so simply i had to show my talent too.


Spartan-127, whose real name is Parth is a renowned, lethal and powerful spartan III of UNSC ranking next to legendary spartan “spartan-117”. As a lone wolf, He never joined any spartan team and always worked on his own. Because of his actions during human- covenant war like destroying 13 covenant planets, taking out battalions of covenant forces on his own and discovering a forerunner ship on an unknown planet on his own without any help, he was promoted to such a high rank where he could do anything he wanted and no one could question him, not even the ONI. For his further rewards, he was given the forerunner ship that he discovered and so he was given permission to go anywhere in space, do slip space jump to any location he wished and no one could question him. He is considered as a hero in front of civilians.

But instead of taking advantage of such post, he used it for better for mankind, he set on a journey into outer space with a powerful Forerunner ship capable of destroying a planet with minimal weapon usage, to discover new habitable planets and possibly, another alien life which would be friendly as compared to that of covenant. Little did he know that he would discover aliens who also proved to be humans, about whom UNSC no nothing about within one year of travelling. Join him on his journey, as these humans help the spartan to understand what it means to be human and help him find love and peace in life.

The cover image shows how spartan-127 looks like.

Note => rated Teen due to mild swearing and the wars that will occur within the story as it progresses. Please do comment in the comment section and notify me about my mistakes as it is the first time I am writing a crossover fiction.

Also, all characters from equestria are humans in my story

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Comments ( 36 )

Not bad, a bit weird but you literally just started. Althoug how can Anubis know all those facts? The equestrians have no satellites for him to hack.

I understand you doubt and let me clear it out, First Anubis is not a Human made A.I. ....it is forerunner made, I already cleared it in the first chapter so naturally, she has more intelligence then normal human made A.I., secondly I did mention in the chapter that Anubis had sent a drone to ponyville to extract the data from twilight’s bookshelf, so that’s how Anubis managed to get that much information, also assuming that twilight has a book on princesses and the elements.

They are on their way my friend, the next chapter would be probably released within next 3 days.

good start, by that i mean good!

Next chapter...coming tomorrow guys, Wait a little more please. I need to edit it.

:pinkiegasp: heheheheheheheh :pinkiecrazy:

this is a great story,as good as Don't you dare :eeyup:

that's debatable in terms of power level between these two

Um, yeah. I think I'm going passed on this one, reading the description alone was enough to tell me not to waste my time reading this story. It's nothing personal. But to me this story looks like one of those power trip stories, which I find boring, annoying, and insulting to my intelligence when it come to the fandom of Halo.

Thanks for your opinion. Sorry if you don't like my story, but the story will continue as it is. And I understand your opinion. I will surely love to implement it in my future stories

All those people, who are loving my story. The next chapter might take another week to be released. I am still working on it, but I am going busy these days. So please don't hate me if I don't upload the chapter sooner.

Comment posted by FirewaspRambo deleted May 13th

This story is making my head hurt if he didn't kill the changelings the elements of harmony would be useless cause the ONLY BEINGS ON THE PLANET capable of using them would be dead the crusaders would also be dead meaning if the main characters survived they would be broken and probably unable to use the elements correctly so either way he did the right things regardless of ideals can't have 'harmony' if the elements die, and as for the vicious pony eating plants no one cares dam things won't stay down until you remove the source that makes them what they are (will edit after finish reading see if anything else will be obviously wrong with this before I drop it and not look back until fixed) *edit* nope the first post was good enough only he saves them twice killing a total of 20-25 beings In stead of committing genocide and they thought he was the next big bad after saving them twice from their own stupidity and lack of doing things that need to be done the world Is not black and white it is grey

Hmm... I get what you said...but I did tell it is my first fiction... It's obvious that I will do mistakes ...but try to understand that I just wanna make the protagonist...pretty badass...well now the story will deal with more day to day life...

And one more thing....if you are trying to find logics in my story....then let me tell you that it will be completely logics less.....hehehe because I write stories for my fun and satisfaction..... so try to enjoy the story and laugh about it.....all of the events in the story are just made to make anyone laugh..... I hope you understand....


Is English not your first language or have you just not gotten an editor for this story yet?

I know, was just exaggerating that last one.

No my friend.... I am from India. English is our second language...and also I don't have an editor. So yep....I am writing this without any help..

Hey guys.... It's been a long time since I last logged in fimfiction....I guess most of you are angry on me for stopping the story for a while... Well guys I was busy with my exams.... But now they are over and I would be able to write... But updates will be once a month... So I am sorry for updating slowly....but guys now my college life is starting...so I would be going damn busy... anyways see ya later

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