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I'm a Sonic fan who lives and loves Sonic X, Need For Speed, Trains, Pokémon, and Hot Wheels including Rainbow Dash and Shining Armor because some how they remind me of certain blue hero Hedgehog.


Spartan II Sierra-117 Master Chief with his new Ai partner Cortona 2.0 made from the orginal data of the Chief's old Ai partner are in for a new dangerous adventure as a new enemy known as the Theradons have taken over an alternate Earth being the Pokémon World. But a shocking discovery is revealed as an old foe from the distant past has risen from the dead in the form of the Prophet of Truth as the remains of the Orginal Covenant and combined with the remains of Storm Covenant to form the Neo Covenant with the Theradons as a part of it. But as Chief and his Blue Team backed up by Agent Locke and Fireteam Osiris along with other Spartan teams a feet of 29 ships from the Elites and UNSC the Forunners had also expanded into several different dimensional universes each one with different Earths, but made portals to the Ark as the Halo Rings also act as portals to other dimensions.

A new Human-Covenant war is about to ignite as the Elites and the Human Race face their most dangerous battle yet. A war that is fought in not just other planets, but also different dimensions. Will Chief and Cortona 2.0 alongside the Arbiter and their new allies stop a resurrected Prophet of Truth and his insane goal of activating the Halo Rings? And who is behind this mass resurrection?! A darker force greater than the Flood or worse?

(This story is an alternative outcome if Chief was able to bring the fragment of the Orginal Cortona to her senses and Doctor Halsey used the fragment's data to create a updated version of Cortona in Halo 5: Guardians. It's like Cortona getting a new body and form. It's based of The Weapon Ai's appearence in the future game Halo: Infinity.)

This is a multi-crossover featuring these series.
Sonic the Hedgehog.
Pokémon (anime) with fan made Pokemon in it.
The Legend of Spyro.
MLPFiM (post Season 9) and a couple MLP G5 characters.

This story has a Dark tag added to it.

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This is pretty interesting.

I wonder what cool stuff Spike might do?
And Princess Luna too?

When will you eventually update your other stories, and hopefully this one too? Because I'm getting inpatient and upset by now. :applecry:

Don't worry this story is going to be going on! I'm working on Chapter 2 and it will be up by Thursday or Wensday.

Why is a Halo story in the Spyro fanfics?

Cause I have the Legend of Spyro in it. Spyro and Cynder will be major characters in the story in the next chapter we'll get to see our new foe, action, and our dragon duo meeting Blue Team.

Halo and Spyro...
That's a curveball

Yep and Sonic will be added to the mix too.

Well this makes an interesting blend. I am now curious.

Oh yeah Sparx will make his debut in Chapter 2 and his big mouth get him into trouble again!

What will happen next?

Hows the MLP gang doing?

Well we'll see how Cynder is doing, how Sonic got to the Pokémon World and is a Pegasus now, and how Sparx found his way to the planet before we get to Twilight and the gang.


I hope this will get updated again.

Mlp, Master Chief, Spyro, Pokemon, etc. How did you come with this? It is pure genius! Bro, my gf would love this. We need more stories like this. I hope you see this and remember almost everyone likes your wonderful stories. If you could, could you have something about Shadow Blade and Halo? I would gladly give my number to tell about Shadow Blade. Please accept this and answer me soon.

Is Cynder is Going to be Okay sighs She took Heavy Damage from that Battle at All

She'll be fine. She is going to be transported to the Infinity for medical treatment.

Ok them. But. How much healing it going to be taking

And my oc to help

Well you'll have to find out what happens next.

Here’s a small preview of Chapter 3.

Location: Unknown;

She was running as fast as her feet could go. Everything around her was dark and yet she felt a certain presence that she knew too well. It was right behind her and was coming after her no matter how fast she was either flying or running. She couldn't escape from it at all.

Then a familiar voice that she knew whispered like a ghost saying, "C-ynder..."

Cynder kept running and she was frightened which was uncommon for the black dragoness who wasn't usually this afraid. That is if it was something that she knew all to well and something she really wanted to forget about. It was a certain part of her that lingered within her.

The voice came back, but much more clearer than last time said once again, "Cynder..."

The black dragoness looked back to see nothing was behind her and yet what she was running away from was getting closer. Suddenly Cynder hit something in front of her and fell to the ground. She then said to herself in pain, "OW! What did I just..."

She stopped talking and felt fear rushing through her vains as there was someone in front of her. Someone that everyone back in the Dragon Realms feared along with herself and it was something she couldn't escape from. Her past.

Cynder looked up and saw right in front of the teen black dragoness was the terrifying form of her evil adult half Dark Cynder in her full terrifying glory with glowing yellow eyes looking down at the dragoness before roaring and charged at her with its mouth open about bite her, "CYNDER!"

The teen black dragoness then let out a terrified scream as Dark Cynder came at her closed her eyes bracing herself for the end as everything went white, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

Certain parts of Ch 3 are already typed up and I’ll work on it first thing tomorrow morning.

Also Chapter 4 is going be a bit dark as our heroes find out what happened to the humans and Pokémon that were captured.

I'm fine with dark....might br a bit sad if something happened to ash or Pikachu since I have wat he'd the anime my whole life tho....

But if it's a thing in the story then it's a thing in the story...no need to change things to avoid hurt feelings

Ash will be fine, but changed a cause well… your going have to find out and trust me… it’s not going to be pretty.

Oh..well..I can kinda guess based on how harshly the aliens acted towards the unsc humans....aaand the fact they where after the Pokémon......experiments on Pokémon for rather gene splicing or weapons and probably a lot sicker things...just from how those buckets where acting to a human in front of them

Yeah. But soon everyone will find out why they came to the planet in the first place.

....it's definitely the Pokémon elements huh

....either that or exterminating humans with experiments on beings that lived beside them as a bonus

Well… using humans as lab rats for experiments involving rewriting their human DNA with Pokémon DNA turning them into Pokémon and the aliens are fighting for certain prophet that Thel killed on the Ark in Halo 3 who is brought back to life. How he came back it involves a certain evil purple dragon that Spyro and Cynder defeated in their world.

Ah.....and arcius is not gona intervene at all in all this??

Or the other legendary Pokémon?

Cause I find it really sus if he does not since that would make 0 sense

He will intervene and all the other legendary Pokémon are protecting the humans and Pokémon who fighting back.

Yes. Also Arceus was the one who created that wormhole to the Pokémon World cause he heard of Master Chief and his exploits in saving humanity from annihilation.

Well the Librarian cause Arceus has plate called the techno plate which changes him into a Cyber type.

Ah......not at all up to date on the scarlet and violett stuff at all so I don't understand that answer up I accept it

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