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Twilight and her friends and family are in the US to ride on the first run of Union Pacific Big Boy No: 4014 the only operating 4000 class 4-8-8-4 Big Boy locomotive on the Union Pacific's steam fleet on its way to Ogden, Utah to celebrate the completion of America's first Transcontinental Railroad. Since Flash and Twilight were newly weds the couple are about to discovery what makes American passenger train travel so magical.

This fanfic was made in 2019 and it is made as a tribute and a salute to the Union Pacific Railroad and the UP's steam crew for doing the impossible. Bringing back one of their Big Boy locomotives for excursion service and the 4014 will inspire the next generation to see what made America into the country it is today.

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Big Boy 4014 is best locomotive, change my mind.

I like the concept, but you could really do with tightening up on the editing and grammar. Some of the sentences were overly long. I'd also like to point this out;

Steam locomotives in the United States which had several steamers in operation like NKP 765, PM 1225, SOU 4501, Santa Fe 2926, C&O 614, N&W 611, and a few others.

Explain what these engines are and what they look like. Non-Americans like myself have no idea what half these locos are. To get my point across;

45305, 828, 70013, D5185, 6233, 2013, 48624, 63395.

Do you have any idea what I'm talking about?

Challenge accepted.


The GWR 6000 Class (or King Class, for short) may not have been as powerful (40,300lbs as built, later reduced to 39,700lbf at first overhaul to reduce hammer blow), but had a longer production run (1927-1936), more locomotives (30, as opposed to 25), could run faster (top speed of 100 miles per hour compared to the 4000's 80), and was a lot more versatile, being able to work both passenger and goods trains. You wouldn't want to stick a 4000 on the front of a regular service train!

Not only that, but the King makes a beautiful sound as it runs along. Step aside 1522, these are the loudest engines in the world!

My point being, give a bit of context on the locos. As I say, not all your readers are American.

A worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary.

Yep. Though you'd fall at the Royal Albert Bridge-literally.

Well I can’t deny that at all, no matter how much I try

Hmmm...Train Simulator scenario there...

I'll see what I can do.

See my Steam page for more.

hmmm 1950's to early 1960s that's cool.

Thanks I've watched Last of the Giants, so I had some material to come up with the story.

When I get my license and a car and money, I'm tripping out there to see that locomotive

Ok then. Turst me you want be disappointed.

This is pretty nifty to read.
Though I really didn't like that Spike missed out on this because he has to stay behind to watch over something.
Seeing that being the reason why he gets excluded makes it hurt more honestly..

Thanks for that and I'm sorry I didn't put Spike in it.

Why does Spike always have to be forced to stay behind to watch something and end up missing out on stuff like this..

It just hurts a bunch..

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