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This a group for Kentucky Bronies, and stories set in The Bluegrass state. However, anyone is welcome to join. Be sure to check out the rule thread in the forum.

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Fell like this is a good place to share the news... but apparntly Tara Strong is going to be at the 2018 Lexington Comic and Toy convention.

I'm not from Kentucky, but I'm from Tennessee so I'm just under! :ajsmug:

Kentucky Monthly

The August edition of Kentucky Monthly, will have a small story about Magee's Bakery and Transpent Pie on page 10. Writen by Dana McMahan. Enjoy.

question: You have to hide three clue to a treasure. Where in Equestria would you hide them?

I'm not from Kentucky but I'm still here!


*Eyes dart around shiftily*

How about that Secret Fried Chicken recipe?

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