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Mild to severe, We are the Bronies and Pegisisters born with Autism. Despite our condition we take life head on, and accept its challenges. And despite what others think, we are much smarter that others believe.

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I have Autism, Depression and Mania 'nuff said
I'm kind of the same
See above. (yeah I know 5 years later).

I just found out I had autism 2 days ago :twilightblush:

My name's Leondude and I'm an alcoholic. Just kidding, but I do have high-functioning autism (which is different from Asperger's in that people with HFA are less independant than Aspies and lower verbal reasoning too, whatever that means).

I think there's a list of differences between HFA and Asperger's:


I have what others call Asperger's, but I prefer to describe myself as mildly autistic, due to my perception that in some cases (like in my case), Asperger's is an euphemism for high-functioning autism. Bit of antisocial and isolated "foreveralone", too.

Count me in!

I'm Autistic too as well as Bi-Polor and ADHD.

Hi, I'm autistic!

I treat my autism like both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, I'm a bit better at certain things than others around my age group, like math for instance. But on the other hand, I'm more sensitive about stuff that most people just shrug off and move on from. Regardless, I try to go through life and enjoy every day I have while I can.

Also, Twilight is best pony. :twilightsmile:

well... I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, i am 16 now and about to be 17 and i dont have ADHD anymore but... I act somewhat strange around new people sometimes, i like everyone of you am veery smart, and i have not been diagnosed yet but i feel like i have autism? Maybe? When i get the real diagnostic i will decide wether to stay or not in this group, but maybe i will stay because i aprecciate these people and... Etc.

...You're the only one dancing.

*shrugs indifferently, and walks away*

411191 Cool!
Social Misunderstanding song and dance, y'know. :D

Your apology is unnecessary: I wasn't upset, nor 'offended'.

I was merely pointing out the facts.

411189 Ahh, sorry. :/

I made that comment over a year ago. The fact that I've furthered my understanding since then makes that comment irrelevant, and outdated.


Honestly, I can only see society as eventually imploding on itself (for Canada and the US, at least).

For your reading pleasure, I posted this on the PRO LIFE group page:

Though I am not a Christian, from a Christian perspective, aborting a fetus or baby is the best thing to do for them. The fetus or baby hasn’t yet heard John 3:16, and so is offered a choice when it dies: go to heaven or go to hell. Because humans are self-serving and look for the easy way out, the fetus/baby will choose to go to Heaven, and all will be said and done. Also, the whole “thou shalt not kill” thing is very loosely defined, and ultimately it’s God’s decision as to who goes to Heaven or who goes to hell. If God really is that much of a rules lawyer and believes that every mother that needs an abortion to remain alive, is an ignorant teen mom, or otherwise is financially incapable of keeping the fetus/baby is thus a murderer, then that’s not a God I feel the need to follow. I’d prefer to stay Secular or Atheistic Satanist if someone’s that much of a dick to me.

From the Malthusian, nihilistic perspective, there are too few resources and too many humans on this planet to evenly distribute those resources for an extended period of time beyond 200-300 years. The constant and consistent burning of fossil fuels is using those resources up too fast as well, and the nonrenewable resources may not last as long as the renewable resources. If we are to (again, as Christians would say) save the tree, a few limbs may need to be cut off. There are simply too many people on this planet, and we need to cut down on the population. Moreover, we need to do so soon.

399898 Honestly, I can only see society as eventually imploding on itself (for Canada and the US, at least).

But there's nothing that states that I can't have fun in the meantime, right? My negative outlook on life never stopped me from laughing at a good joke or pun, after all.

I and all out fellow members, can only hope that it will get better as society matures.

Hoo, boy. This is a fun one.

Was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age, but misdiagnosed with bipolar at age twelve.
"But, Gamer! Where's the Asperger's?" Well, I was recently given full evaluation and do NOT have bipolar, but I DO have Asperger's. Official diagnosis was just last thursday. And, I'm happy about it! SO HAPPY!
Like, you have no idea!

*sigh* I'm just glad to have a name for the reason why sudden change sets me into panic, or if something doesn't make sense...

I was diagnosed between 5-7 years of age with Asperger's Syndrome, and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Jump to the present, at 21 years old, where I have embraced my bitterness towards the overall state of humanity. I constantly receive insults, mocking, and contradiction from people online, after speaking only a few sentences. I've been called many names out of insult, but I've grown adept at subverting the intent to verbally attack in my mind; their arrogance, willing ignorance, and irrational hatred only makes my misanthropy stronger, my will more unshakable, and their perceived stance weaker.

I embrace the endless thirst for knowledge, and reject bias as a way of living, or thinking.

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