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Turned into a Pokemon, John, a International Police officer, find himself in a world of Ponies.
However none of his skills will prepare him for what he has to face. For a darkness looms all around the Crystal Empire, and it is up to him to both save Pokemon from this new world... and to save the world from this Darkness.
This story is a spin off to the "A New World, A New Way" by zeusdemigod131

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Chapter 1 to 11 Pre-read by: Dragaen

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...oookay... what was that? I'll admit that this is...different, but I'm not really finding this as good as the other stories in the series.

4536958 Ya I havn't read all the others so i don't know all the things. But hay, im doing my best.

I see great potential in this spin-off, but I propose an editor would have to make that potential actually happen.

Either way, I'm following this.

4537150 If you or anyone would like to be an editor, I'll be happy to take them.

4537153 There are some groups who have people willing to help. I would, but I'm busy with my own stories.

I use Microsoft word, my own Pokemon knowledge, and the information from the other stories for assistance. I recommend doing that.

4537165 k
I'm going to probably working on chapter 1 before I upload or write chapter 2

4537172 Wise decision my friend, wise decision. And make sure you have enough proper material to attract positive attention from readers. References and other forms of laughs. Maybe some drama to throw in their too.

I was wondering when a Crystal Empire story would be written, now to read.:pinkiehappy: After I get some sleep:twilightsheepish:

4537402 Well I have yet to read the other stories, but I will. Right after I rewrite this 1st chapter...:twilightblush:

Well, this looks like a promising story.


Damn, I have wasted enough time. I must finish my own before the Crystal Empire is picked clean!

Err, yeah, before you rewrite, please consult zeusdemigod, as there is an unofficial rule that all spin-offs set in the main universe need to go through him so that the pace can be in tune with the main fic (if not, this fic may have to go to the non-canon section)

MEssage has been sent and I am now appending my doom! Or you know. Approval. Also adding the story in the Cannon' section was a mistake, mostly by a missclick. If he likes my story then it's staying right where it is.

Turned into a Pokemon, John find himself in

a world of Ponies. And he's a pokemon to

top it off.


He roared

^you used road instead of roar and roared a lot

“Then you and your friend,”

It also makes asking where we are also very hard.

When I read this all I see in my head is the two "almost american foreigners" from Family Guy. :twilightblush:

4542747 Not what I was going for but ya.
Now I have to go look that up.

"To top it off, this is the best wet dream I have ever had"

Wow, when I signed up to edit "New World, New Way.", did not see all the spin offs incoming.

Turned into a Pokemon, John find himself in a world of Ponies. And he's a pokemon to top it off.

You just said he was a pokemon twice.

So...how did it go? Approved or denied?

He Approved and is also my editor. :twilightsmile:

Great improvement since the revision, keep up the good work.:pinkiehappy:

I will. Though I have not had any time to really sit down and write anything... Next chapter should be out in say... next week. Check my profile for a timeline %' of how the story is going. :rainbowdetermined2:

If you can provide this quality for all future chapters, this will be worth reading more of. It's great if all the side stories can manage a decent degree of quality.

This looks fun,can't wait to read more.

If you have not read the Re-written chapter 1 of "A New World, Burning an old way" then I recommend you do. I'd also like to have someones opinion on the new chapter.

4596173 I've read the re-written chapter, and I got to say that it improved significantly. I approve!

... I miss Volt the Pichu though. She was growing on me.

So, Flash Sentry started the fight? Must be trying to make up for the Sunset situation,:pinkiecrazy:

more please:fluttercry:

Mistakes found:

From what I have learned is his the leader of these

Keep either "From" or "is" and eliminate the other. Both of them are unnecessary. Also shouldn't it be "he's"?

Holly Heart

Later on you call her Holy Heart. If that's the real name you might want to go back and fix this.

Horrible realy

This one should be easy enough to fix as well

Planit Equus

Once again, easy fix.

until the damages have been played off

Admittedly this would be very interesting to see... but if you have autocorrect I think it interfered here.

Wait… the voice sounded femonent.

The word you are probably looking for here is feminine.

What did she say?

Hold up. I was under the impression that everypony was in the school of thought that the feraligatr was a guy until John said "she"

He can only understand my

Once again if you or your editor has autocorrect, you can blame it here.

Shining Turned around and walked away.

Unneeded caps here.

Candace asked.

This one is kinda obvious. There's another instance of this later on towards the end of the chapter.

“One more thing Princess,” I started. “Well two things realy. One, can I get some coffee?”

She smiled. “Take Holy Hearts,” She pointed at the table. “She’s not really going to need it now…”

Missing a letter in the first one and missing an apostrophe in the second.

My I have some details?

Missing another letter here.

Said scream was from a foul or something

I'll leave this one up to you.

how could possible say no?

Missing a word and autocorrect being a jerk again

feared that it might real happen

That is the last one I found.

Your story is good so far but you might need to get a second editor to catch what the first one misses. I'm interested to see how the rest of John's team enters the story and it was a nice touch making the Feraligatr female. Good luck on your next chapter.

Damn... Looks like I got some more work to do. Thank you for this.

4599962 At the very least they're in chronological order so it should be easy enough to find them.

Alright! I went back and fixed the ones that you pointed out. Thank you for you help, and I'll do my best not to let any others slide passed me.

“Most are as smart as you and I.” I stepped pasted him, and looked at Lex and Snow.

That should be "past".

Caught a few more...

Standing in front of me stood Princess Cadance. I could tell that she was the most fairest in all the land.

Either drop the "most' or the -est off of "fairest". I'd personally go with "most fair".

She let out a annoyed sigh. “I told shining that making her go over there and cast that spell was a bad idea.

Capitalization is your friend here.

“Shadow Ball.” She said, right before a black ball slammed into John.

“Pokémon, no matter what the size, are very strong. If you attack one then you better know what you’re doing, because it will defend itself. It will attack you.”

Shining on the other hand laughed.

1st one you have "every strong" shouldn't it be "very strong"?
2nd you have "laghted " instead of "laughed"

4602500 You replaced the words in your comment with the correct one. I didn't know the mistakes that I had because you didn't shoe what was really there. I recommend you don't do that.

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