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The Dreaded One Chapter 11 Update · 11:22am Aug 14th, 2016

I'm sorry for not having a chapter uploaded in the last few days. I'll keep it short, I've not been able to get any sleep thanks to being sick. When I'm awake, I'm in pain. When I'm asleep, I'm in pain. Due to the medication, I can't even think right. And even when I'm feeling "alright" I still can't think since I got no sleep. So be happy you're not me, and I promise that the next few chapters will make up for it.

"Zecora here I come..."

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The Dreaded One Chapter Update · 9:35pm Aug 3rd, 2016

The next chapter will be out within 28 hours of posting this.

I'm literally almost done with it, just need to finish off the last 500ish words. But I'm also very tired, sick and in pain from being sick. So I need sleep. I need to rest. And I still have so much god damn homework! I COUNTED THE QUESTIONS AND THERE IS OVER 200 of them! And for ever 5 questions comes roughly 300 words with it that I have to read. Just on a rough estimate, I have 12000 words to read, on top of the questions.

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New Story, please check it out. · 1:29pm Jul 27th, 2016

Basic Rundown

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