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Seth Crescent, an infamous Pokemon Trainer is suddenly whisked away from his home in Unova to a strange world filled with pastel-coloured ponies. Confused, lost and wondering where the rest of his precious partners have gone, the human-turned-Pokemon is rescued by Apple Fritter, a kind Earth Pony living in Canterlot.

She takes him in and offers Seth a place to stay while he finds the rest of his friends. Action, adventure and romance await as Equestria and the world of Pokemon are intertwined.

This is a side story to Zeusdemigod131's A New World, a New Way.

I'd like to thank him for giving me permission to write this, I'm having a lot of fun doing so.

I want to also thank Tdnpony and ZeusDemi for editing as well as the multitude of authors I kidnap ask to help Pre-read.

And thanks to Bubba for my new coverart. It's awesome!!

Also, the main series has a TV Tropes page. Go check it out and add to it!

Edit - I added the sex tag due to jokes and references made.

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Comment posted by Metroid Prime deleted May 17th, 2015

Awesome, an ANW,ANW fic from the author of my favourite pokemon fic! I'm favouriting the shit out of this!

I knew you would eventually get caught up with this.

Welp, you got me hooked on the first chapter. And you also have me hoping for a ship between Seth+Elsa, because I am starting to get rather tired of all the human+pokemon relations.

Now, right from the get-go I like Seth more than most of the other side-stars. He doesn't have a full team, letting us get a but more focused on the characters. At the same time he is starting out alone, making wonderfully evil since he now as lost his friends.

Also the reference to the main cannon is nice.

Welcome to the collective!

This looks to have great promise. Looking forward to more in the relatively near future!

Aww yiss another one of these

it's good, needs line skips between dialogue from different characters though. I wonder if Gene ever met this guy...

4400730 - Dunno yet. That all depends on Zuesdemigod131.

4399419 - Resistance is futile.

This needs to continue please :pinkiehappy:

4399081 hey prime! Didn't know you were here too!

4402355 indeed.
By the way who did your profile pic? It's awesome!

today I got onto fimfiction and immediately when it loaded and I saw this cover art I was all like "LUXRAY LUXRAY LUXRAY LUXRAY LUXRAY!!!!!!!!!':pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

4405851 - Luxray's are so floofy! Expect lots of huggles in this fic.

One of the trainers gave him a dirty look as he took a seat and glanced at the television. Just as Kai got comfortable, the trainer walked over to him, blocking his view.

Snrk… I haven't seen anyone comment on this…
Am I missing something here? Is Kai another name for Seth?

Oh, and a couple of "whoopsies" moments:

“Watch your language, there are little kids here.” Seth motioned to a small girl hugging a Clefairy plush. “If you have a problem, then settle it like a trainer. “I’ll be here all night, so you can fight me if you want to… you’ll lose anyway.”

One too many.

Well at least Apple Fritter seemed to think so as she made her way to the market.

Comma time!

The huge insects looked like giant bees, with large pink eyes and massive spears on their forelimbs. Apple Fritter took one look at the bugs, tilted her hat downwards and raised her voice.

Is it just me, or is Fritter one heck of a brave pony?

I'm intrigued. I'll continue following this! I've been meaning to look at the side stories anyway…

wow you wrote side story to A New World, a New Way too?
AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

4407057 - Thanks for pointing those out. Kai isn't another name for Seth, just one I use so often in a lot of other stuff like fics and rp's that I wrote it by accident.

Apple Fritter isn't brave, she just isn't scared by bugs. Wait till she meets Ghost types though:pinkiecrazy:

4406914 - Apple Fritter is mine! *hiss*

4408067 give him/her the fritter. I have neurotoxin that I don't want to waste. :trollestia:

4408067 Well, I'm glad that I'm the only one who seemed to catch and care about that slip-up. :derpytongue2:

I guess it's just me then. I mean, I do have an almost deathly fear of spiders and various creepy crawlies.

Ghost-types just are either amusing or slightly shocking. (*cough*Phantump*cough*)

4412295 - Aw, I have severe arachnophobia! It sucks huh?

I made a mistake too, I didn't mean to imply that Apple Fritter isn't brave. She is quite brave actually, she just tries not to let strange things faze her, and nopony or no pokemon, messes with her apples!

The poor mare seriously thought she was gonna get eaten by that Feraligatr though.

YYEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!! :pinkiehappy: man, this storyline is turning into the next 5s/4!!!

I like the premise of this story...:trixieshiftleft: I will definitely be following this story since I really want to know where it is going.:trixieshiftright:

4411887 psssssssssssssst.............. him:eeyup:

4417316 *injects :eeyup: with neurotoxin [<>] :eeyup: = :pinkiesick:*

4417389 - *Eats a Pecha Berry* Poisoning removed. Nice try guys, but teh Apple mare is mine!:trollestia:

Comment posted by salmoncolor deleted May 20th, 2014

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4418585 - ..........um......wat?:rainbowhuh:

4418906 I turned on autocorrect:moustache:

4414010 Yeah, it's the worst. Nothing gets worse than a somewhat irrational fear of something that enjoys appearing frequently in one's home!

That's good for Apple Fritter then. I suppose ensuring one's harvest would be quite the important task. Though I doubt anyone should blame her for the Feraligatr; anything with a giant maw or anything that is named Rampardos should cause any sane person to run away screaming.

ok stop me if you heard this one. What's the difference between a loudly colored character with superpowers right out of a bad kimba fanfic and a luxray?

nothing! :rainbowwild:

4420895 Well, some pony's feeling negative.

4422403 *mario game over music*

4427181 Mari0 is better cuz you have the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device

4430816 ikr :applejackunsure: can you have cake?

4430816 - Okay... *hands over some freshly baked apple fritters*

4432045 *untrustingly accepts then continues to make rarity nom nom noises*

Oh fuck, It's Arceus... OH FUCK! IT'S ARCEUS! :pinkiegasp:

I smell a love triangle brewing between Rika and Elesa.

I want to know that draining kiss incidents

ALL the details

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