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Ethan Summers was a Pokémon caretaker. He strived to help and rehabilitate those Pokémon that needed it or could not take care of themselves. Though his intentions were noble, his means of achieving those intentions were not always so. After hiding from the law for several years, he now finds himself in a new world, a new body, and a situation where he can’t run from his problems anymore.

Side story of "A New World, a New Way" Its not needed to read to understand this story, but it is still a good story and I recommend that you check it out.
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Fiiiirst!!! I beat BUBBA here!

Murder? Plot twist! This has gotten interestingly...interesting.

Very interesting start, I like the choice you made for your character, quite fitting for his gentle nature.

Waiting for more.

Oh, and BTW: welcome to Equss!

Well, I have to say that this certainly is interesting. I've thought that the more recent spin off's have been a tad... lacking. I lost it at the part with the hairbrush though, that was perfect~

I take it that Ethan has wound up in Rainbow Falls? I eagerly await the next chapter!

Thank you^^

Neighagra falls acually. And thank you^^

I take responsibility for all grammatical errors in this story.

Reasoning? Too much Omega Ruby. :rainbowwild:

Until we get receive word from our beloved princess Celestia

I missed one thing that needed capitalization. :derpytongue2:

Hopefully this will be enough to satisfy them. I suppose the big interactions with ponies are in Chapter Two, but I think there should be plenty of evidence that this is a fanfic in the MLP universe.

Is good. I love it. Will like and favorite immediately. Keep it up!

Glad that you like it^^
I already have 3 more chapters done so I will try to updated regurarly.

Excellent handling of a very delicate subject matter. You didn't use the kid gloves, and, simultaneously, you didn't poke fault at what the trainer did, you didn't present a judging environment, you portrayed it as the tragedy it is... I'm quite impressed. Nice job.

5378708 I totally agree with you.

>>To the autor: A very mature take on such a delicate matter. Properly handled without any over dramatic exploit of the dark parts yet neither been too child friendly.

I am officialy attatched to this story now, and hope to get more of it.

Thank you:twilightsmile:

I really wanted to get that part right, and im glad that you think it turned out well.

5379857 You are more than welcome... even though I pretty much said the same Zero said. But I mean it 100% either way!

Wow... That literally was the closest I've come to crying sense reading 'My Little Dashie' for the first time and (I swear that I'm not trying to brag) that isn't an easy thing to do in the slightest... even for me! That was just so heart-clenchingly emotional... Well done, sir (or ma'am)! Well done! For me that was a (pick one: 5 out of 5 or 10 out of 10)! Let's give this guy a round of applause everybody!!!


I like this so far, can't wait for the next chapter

Thank you^^
The next chapter will most likely be posted tomorrow or the day after.

I am absolutely loving this story so far!

Thank you^^

Im happy that you are liking it so far!
Here, have another chapter:twilightsmile:

yesssss Chii is best pokemon

I'm really enjoying the childish perception. You capture that really well.

Did somebody have a crush on a certian somebody? :raritywink: *cheesey grin*


Yessssss this Is so adorable! It pleases me:heart:

yes the squeezes of joy are present in this one excellent

Let the ships set sail! Although I have more of a feeling it will be an Ethan/Jenny pairing by the end, since the leafeon already wants a piece of Zangoose action.

But what happened?! I gotz to know!

Now this is good drama!
More please!


Fraid this is going to be the last chapter untill after the holidays.
But we will return strongly afterwards.

Now that is an unexpected but interesting turn.

Now this is a good way to start the year. I love it how you didn't make the dead guy overly evil (beside the obvious.) But just some random Joe, that makes this so more believable. Then again, I don't know why but I think Ethan may have reserved a truth or two... I have no proofs for such claim but I think that may be the case.

So kudos to you.

You are making me think over your story, that is an accomplishment alright.

Thank you^^

I like to think that everyone has some evil or at least the potential for evil inside of them.

And everyone keeps secrets, dont they? :raritywink:
Ethan is a relativly secretive guy, he does not tell anything if he dosent need to or see a reason to.

That was one dark way to end a talk... wanna know what happened!

Poor Zoey,

And Chii, Chii is just too damned adorable. Keep up the good work.

All in good time my friend, all in good time.

Thank you^^:twilightsmile:

Its impossible to not love something that looks so adorable

I think Jenny's having second thoughts about Ethan now!

And things suddenly got a lot more difficult than needed.

Things usually never go according to plan

5504921 And that's why we have Plan B. When that doesn't work, use Plan C. If those don't work, use Plan T and just sit out for a bit.

5504921 Sorry, wrong word. I didn't meant to use 'needed.'

Can't wait to get the chance to read your new chapter!
Thanks again for helping as my editor

And insert long scientific explanation that nobody wants to read more than once.

If you meant at the end, then that is what I figured yea. Thats why I skipped over most of it.

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