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When ponies after three years still looks at Luna as Nightmare Moon and her sisters will not listen to her, she takes matters into her own hoffs. She travel to another dimension and will never come back. There, she discovers creatures she has never seen before called Pokémon. Then she decided to go on a journey herself with a help of former champion that has lost his spark.

Got the idea from this story from Cheesecake404

Mlp/Pokémon crossover, I own nothing.

Apparently, some are wondring why the sex tag is on, that’s because Luna is naked in the second chapter. Nothing major.

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WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT KICKFLANK PICTURE?! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

Ugh so many spelling errors
it's library not libary

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It's Pokémon not Pokèmon. There's a difference. Trust me.

5870561 yahoo.com write Luna and pokemon

5870561 The artist is called SelenaEde, and she's on Deviantart.



Time to save more pictures onto my computer!

This is an interesting start, and I did feel that celestia was a little out of character, she might ignore Luna maybe but I don't think she would belittle Luna's complaints like that when that was one of the reasons for the whole nightmare moon fiasco

but I'll keep reading on to see how Luna adapts to the Pokemon world

What luna did not know. the secret archive that contains a duplicates of all known spell books. But it will take days to find it. Will Celetia find it. How will luna bump in to. And is the guard having nightmares. Find out next time on Laura's pokèmon journey.

Who's that pokèmon :trollestia:

It's~ Celestia!!

Lol think about it luna arrives human and her sister is still a pony. A can see how this story will end if this happens. Amuse me Jet er norms :moustache:

Just saying... it's Pokémon, not Pokèmon.

Pokémon = Po-Kay-Mon, Pokèmon = Po-Ka-Mon.

Source : I'm French. We use these éèà all the time.

Do like the concept very much.:yay: Can't wait to see how the story goes. :pinkiesmile:

5874088 I agree with u hope the author updates the story and not canceled the story:fluttercry::fluttercry:

I'm ok with Treeko as the starter, he has an awesome evolution, and I'm pretty sure he has a speed advantage to the others. So let's see how this turns out

This did not James like.

Grammar fail!

nice story but one there is one thing you should do.

find someone to be a proofreader for you to fix grammar errors in the story which is plenty.

i know English aint your first language based on your account name but.....

pass på at du ikke gjør så mange feil når det gjelder teksten og ta den tiden for å gå over teksten med å rette opp feilene du finner.:twilightoops:

ahem anyway keep it up with the story and like i said go over what you written and fix the grammar errors you find :pinkiehappy:

oh also i almost forgot.

try to keep your chapters at least above 1500 words or more since longer chapters tends to be more popula than short ones.

I really hope that the party the front will be luna's party, that would just be PERFECT!!!!:rainbowkiss:

Sorry I personally was just trying to help :applecry:, honest:scootangel:

I don't mind the bad grammar. The story is still awesome!:pinkiehappy:

Keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

sorry if people are giving you a hard time about your grammar. maybe you should get a editor that might help alot :D

5950498 I'm not mad at you I'm just tired of all of complain. I'm trying the best I can.

5950660 Thank you.

5950815 I'm trying to do this my self.

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i like the story even when the english is bad i'm not great in it too
but you must know that there are a lot of haters in the world you can't do anything about that
just read the nice reactions and ignore the haters

5950932 im glad that you want to be able to do it yourself but should you decide you want help with editing or suggestions with the story let me know as i think this story could be alot more than your probably expecting it to be :D

hey its not you primary language so its all ok the more you write the better you'll get keep up the work:scootangel:

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5955367 Finally someone who understands it, Thank you.

5957236 its alright. besides the grammer errors it is the best story ever

5974332 Yes to 6th genneration Pokémon no to mega evolution. Luna's story begins about 10 years after Ash's journey because I'm sticking to the anime not the games. When it comes to the Pokémon in the picture she's is not going to catch them all maybe 2 of them, you just have to wait and see. Is this ok? :pinkiehappy:

5976167 Just continue reading and you'll get your answer.

Black jacket? Red and yellow hair? :ajsmug: I think we all know who that might be. Keep up the good work.

Remember to change your underwear everyday.

XD I laughed so hard!
Ash Ketchum's mom ain't got nothing on James's mom!

Magikarp is a pathetic excuse for a Pokémon that is only capable of flopping and splashing.

Ok... That's a bit harsh, don't you think?

6009198 I found the information in Omega Ruby.

6009198 Yeah, they (Magikarp) make somewhat effective blunt weapon too, so not completly useless. Each times i make my magikarp use tackle i imagine the trainer throwing the magikarp.

Poor Luna. Good start to this!

YAY! Treecko was picked!

Awesome chapter. YES! Luna won her first battle too! I thought you said there would be no 5th or 6th Gen? Isn't Fairy-Type a 6th Gen type? Aw well. Nothing bad in my book. Still loving this! Was that also Sunset Shimmer?! Holy moly! One last thing too, is what Luna looks like what's on the cover? Update this soon!

6029934 Yes all Pokemon up to 6th Gen will be in this story. Do not know when the next chapter will come, I'm working on another story right now.

Wow. Luna's first loss! And to Sunset Shimmer no less! By the way, TOTALLY CALLED IT!

*Cough ahem* Anyway, good work! Update soon!

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