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"You're so vanilla!" "You're like the Fairy Bread of Australia!" Anonpencil - 2019


Stella F. Sabre. An upstanding member of Princess Luna's Night Guard. A mare of the most profane lexicon in all of Equestria and self proclaimed sexiest mare alive.

She is also embroiled in a lifelong prank war with her boss, the aforementioned Princess Luna.

After one such prank, Luna decides to up the game and really stick it to the batpony. By using a spell that makes Stella irresistibly drawn...

To hugging.


Stella is not amused.

- To be honest, I can't remember what brought this idea about. It's sat in my 'to-do' box for nearly two years I think. Then one day I got a little inspired and finished it.

I will ABSOLUTELY blame Flammenwerfer for this however.

Rated Teen for Stella.

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When Princess Luna awakens, she finds herself in an unknown land, trapped in the body of a filly. With her connection to her moon gone, along with most of her magic. She finds herself in one confusing situation after another.

So she opts to travel with a local, a human by the name of Red. Together, they travel the land in serach of answers. Luna to her reason for being here, Red for his purpose in life. And together, they may just discover ancient mysteries, dark secrets and more about themselves than they thought possible.

And why does everyone keep calling her Woona!?!

Coverart lovingly suppied by Snowdustdragon AKA, my lovely wife~

Edit: Featured on the first day! Thanks a lot everyone~

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Pickett 'Pockets' Midnight is sent to Ponyville, in order to start a new life, free from the shackles of her old one. However, after meeting her idols, she finds her past rushing to catch up with her.

And perhaps, there's a light at the end of that tunnel too. Seven friends (And one dragon) will show her the way.

And perhaps, she might find something a little more.

A little gift for one of my Best Friends in the world - ThatOneVolcarona He's been an inspiration, a rock and someone I consider to be a brother.

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Ponyville, home to an alicorn Princess, the Bearers of the Elements and Harmony and several... rather prominent figures.

The come from all walks of life. From the deepest reaches of the universe, the innermost circles of hell, the realm of death itself. And, well... South Korea...

Of all the figures that Starlight Glimmer thought she'd make friends with, a young human girl piloting a giant pink robot, and having an affinity for chips and energy drinks was not one of them.

Hana Song, aka D.Va. Gaming prodigy, international icon and member of the elite 'Overwatch' group. Now living in a quaint little town of multicoloured equines, gaming her days away and still occasionally saving the world in her off time. She became friends with Twilight's student and introduced her to competitive gaming.

After a successful round of gaming, the two decide to hit the town to celebrate.

Who knows what shenanigans may happen?

Written as part of the The Nexusverse. I honestly don't know what spurred me to do so. I like Starlight, I like D.Va... so eh.

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Moondancer, recluse magical researcher. Caught in something of a slump with her current line of research, she winds up getting dragged to a local dance club with a few of her friends. In the absolute last place she expected to be, she found someone she never expected to have something in common with.

Antino, one of the few humans in Equestria. He's lived there for a couple of years now, but hasn't really found his 'place' in the world. Living with a roommate in Canterlot, he tends to take the occasional oddjob to earn bits. While visiting a regular haunt, he meets a mare that for some reason, just sticks in his mind.

A chance encounter with a dash of fate and a little magic.

Sometimes events are just meant to be.

- Inspired by Flammenwerfer's 'Best Friend' series.

Was rated 'E'

Now switched to 'T' because Stella has no filter and censoring her is a crime.

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This story is a sequel to A Different Sunset

Princess Sunset Shimmer may reside in Ponyville. She and her friends may have defeated Nightmare Moon and her forces of darkness.

But her story is just one of many. Every pony has a story, and I'm here to tell them. From the Princess of Flames herself, to the most meek and demure of ponies that are lost in the background. They all have their own lives, their own adventures in love, loss, happiness and utter levels of wat.

We'll see all kinds of stories here. It is my job to tell them, and yours to read them. may they bring you smiles, tears, feels and the desire to make a psychologist appointment.

So far, all stories here will be considered canon to the storyline set within the Shimmerverse.

Part of The Shimmerverse

Coverart by Yakovlev-Vad

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This story is a sequel to The Midnight Mares : Tall Tale Trouble!

It has been several weeks since the events in Tall Tale. Specialist Midnight Song has returned to Canterlot, her new marefriend, Midnight Pickett, aka, Pockets in two. The latter is now training to be a Guard, and if that wasn't enough to keep the lazy thief busy, trouble is brewing in the capitol city.

Thieves, magic, zombies and relatives from Tartarus are on the menu. If that wasn't enough, the past comes back to bite our heroines in a big way.

Tall Tale was just the prelude, the real story starts now.

Still, the forces of evil are rising and our mares are on the front lines.

To the forces of said evil. May every deity in existence have mercy on your souls....

This is the second story in The Midnight Mares saga, cowritten with the oh so talented ThatOneVolcarona. reading the previous story is HIGHLY recommended. Otherwise this might not make much sense.

And that amazing coverart? Madacon Go give the guy a some love.

Update: F-F-F-Featured on 26/08/16. You peeps are awesome!

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Equestria. A world plagued by monsters. Their cities protected by magical shields, ponies afraid to step beyond the borders.

Four mares, friends for years and students of the powerful alicorn princesses, they possess the means to fight back.

And at their side, a dragon of unparalleled power. Sealed away for a thousand years, he is awakened by the very mares he now fights beside. But can he be trusted?

And what does he mean by "I'm not really a dragon?"

My own entry for the 'Displaced' series of fics. While I know they tend to have a dubious reputation, I'll try my best to provide you all with an enjoyable fic that brings the worlds of MLP FiM and Final Fantasy together.

Swords, sorcery and an awesome story. What more could you want?

Generously edited by Thadius0 he also providded much inspiration for this fic.

Edit: Featured the same day I posted the fic ; 6/02/16. Thanks so much guys and girls. I love you all~

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Gamindustri is a land ruled by four Goddesses. And when one in particular finds herself in a rather unique yet familiar predicament, well, that's where our story starts.

Neptune - You call that a description? Lameo!

Nep... you get run of my story, at least leave this alone...

Neptune - Hmm, nah! Okay kiddes, here's the dealeo! I get jumped by a crazy old lady and get zapped into a land of cute little horsies and can talk and fly and use some mad skillz. And I get stuck as one of 'em, crazy right? Aaaanywho, I meet a very Noire-like pony and she's like some sorta queen or something. And I still gotta find a way home and stuff.

Nep, that was the absolute worst description ever.

Okay, what she said was pretty much the gist of it. Neptune finds herself in Equestria. She's lost her powers... again. And a way home isn't so clear-cut. And she's not the only one there either. Will our cute pastel ponies be able to survive this?

I have faith... that they will not.

This is a crossover with the Hyperdimension Neptunia series.

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Broken and beaten after the failed Canterlot invasion, Chrysalis desperately searches for a way to save her hive. The answer comes to her in the form of an ancient spell that allows travel to other worlds. Starving, feeling left with little choice in a world that despises and fears them, Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings pack their metaphorical saddlebags and ship off into the unknown.

The world they discover is unlike any other. Strange and powerful creatures inhabit the land; not only that, but they also find themselves imbued with new powers. Even better—love is abundant and easy to obtain: all they have to do is fight for their lives in arena-style tournaments, enter beauty pageants, musicals, and other demeaning activities.

As Chrysalis and her ’lings adapt to this new world, they must also be careful. This new paradise comes with its fair share of dangers: other monsters competing for affection, unkind masters, and even an organisation that would seek to enslave and experiment on them.

Finally, why does someone named ‘Arceus’ keep sending Chrysalis Legendary Pokémon Application forms?

Edited and proof-read by the amazingly talented Cerulean Voice Blame him for this awesomeness~

Edit: Featured on the 25/03/2015. Thanks so much everyone.
Featured on EQD on 17/04/2015.

I'd like to thank Pascoite for being my Pre-reader. You are a legend and a master of your craft. Thanks again bro.

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