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Broken and beaten after the failed Canterlot invasion, Chrysalis desperately searches for a way to save her hive. The answer comes to her in the form of an ancient spell that allows travel to other worlds. Starving, feeling left with little choice in a world that despises and fears them, Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings pack their metaphorical saddlebags and ship off into the unknown.

The world they discover is unlike any other. Strange and powerful creatures inhabit the land; not only that, but they also find themselves imbued with new powers. Even better—love is abundant and easy to obtain: all they have to do is fight for their lives in arena-style tournaments, enter beauty pageants, musicals, and other demeaning activities.

As Chrysalis and her ’lings adapt to this new world, they must also be careful. This new paradise comes with its fair share of dangers: other monsters competing for affection, unkind masters, and even an organisation that would seek to enslave and experiment on them.

Finally, why does someone named ‘Arceus’ keep sending Chrysalis Legendary Pokémon Application forms?

Edited and proof-read by the amazingly talented Cerulean Voice Blame him for this awesomeness~

Edit: Featured on the 25/03/2015. Thanks so much everyone.
Featured on EQD on 17/04/2015.

I'd like to thank Pascoite for being my Pre-reader. You are a legend and a master of your craft. Thanks again bro.

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Well then, the journey begins...

...what happens if a changeling mates with a Ditto?

Chrysalis meets a Zoroark.

Make it happen.

It'll be a Changeling, Ditto+anything=whatever the other thing was

5777829 Okay, when did they start putting threesomes into Pokemon? Last I knew, it was one Pokemon+a Ditto=another Pokemon.

So in my question, it was Changeling+Ditto=???

This story is so awesome it doesn't portray the changeling queen as a total dick

Just reading the title card picture has got me hyped.

Very interesting. I like this Chrysalis, after falling far from her pride. Do hope she gets her confidence back together.

Oh boy, oh boy! Here it is! I'm so happy! :pinkiehappy:

5777802 - An endless argument of who gets to be who. Except Sync, Sync gets to be whatever she wants. No exceptions.:moustache:

5777863 - That's the idea. Changelings are love! Changelings are life!

5777874 - Took me a while to draw that too.

5777910 - Cute Chrysalis is cute.

5777931 - Yaaaaay~:yay:

....Dang nabit...

*Tracking story*

5778032 - You cannot resist Changeling shenanigans!

Time to start collecting

I want one. I would hug it and feed it and pet it and hug it some more, and it would grow so happy that it evolves at a really low level and gets super strong really fast.
And hell, 1.2m and 35kg isn't much different to the family dog, if you think about it. In fact it weighs about half as much, so it's even more huggable!
*Makes grabby hand motions*

5778096 But what would it even evolve into?

Shhhh, that would be spoilers :raritywink:

Changeling used Attraction
It was super-effective!

Wait a minute...

Scyther wants to insert its scythe in the Queen's guts!
Chrysalis tried to flee...
She can't escape!
Scyther used Slash!
Chrysalis fainted!
Scyther received 1000 EXP!

I personally Hate Pokémon crossovers, but I will remain cautiously optimistic about this one if only because I absolutely Love Changeling fics.

This looks like a really interesting one. And well written so far, with a interesting view of the changelings. Here is hoping for more to come fairly quickly.

um when is the next chapter going to be done

5778334 - When it's done.

Okay. Arceus trying to recruit Chrysalis. I'll be waiting, and it looks like the wait shan't be dull!

In the original response to your question, change the comma to a period and it'll be right. If anything mates with a Ditto, you get whatever the other thing was. So in the case of your question, Changeling + Ditto = Changeling.

Ditto: The honorary Changeling.

It have potential :pinkiesmile:,please continue :twilightsmile:

Arceus x Chrysalis shipping ensues!!! Oh I can't wait 'till the two meet up!!!

Not gonna lie, I usually skip pokemon crossovers, but this seems unusually well written when compared to most of the others. I'll stick around to see what you can do with this.

Not sure if I'll read this one yet, but,

Finally, why does someone named ‘Arceus’ keep sending Chrysalis Legendary Pokémon Application forms?

Got one helluva chuckle out of me.

This seems kind-of interesting so far.

If I may make some suggestions:

Spurned on by the gesture,

This should probably be "spurred on by the gesture," if I remember correctly, "spurned" is closer to "ridiculed" and "shunned" than it is to "driven on" or "pushed towards".

Iron Guard paused as his horn shined brightly for a moment,

I'm pretty sure that "shined" should be changed to "shone."


This should probably be "spurred on by the gesture," if I remember correctly, "spurned" is closer to "ridiculed" and "shunned" than it is to "driven on" or "pushed towards".

Ah, spellcheck. There's always one thing I miss.

Iron Guard paused as his horn shined brightly for a moment,

I'm pretty sure that "shined" should be changed to "shone."

Uh, actually...

Stick with the traditional rule of using shined with an object and shone without an object unless you have a good reason to deviate.

In this case, Iron Guard's horn is the object.

“Come on, then—a world of dreams and adventure awaits. Let’s fly!” A changeling is saying that? Is sounds so... out of character.

They appear to be highly affectionate towards humans

gee wonder why?:ajsmug:

This looks interesting though, a pokemon that gets more powerful the more you love it, it would be every over-affectionate trainers dream.

Though considering the current communal and familial atmosphere of the hive, and there soon to be bolstered faith in Chrysalis. I've got a feeling they would be hard to catch, I can imagine a later amendment to the pokedex:

Be wary when battling them, as it is rare for one to move alone, and they are not above using dirty tricks to ensure victory

and maybe:

They are also difficult to train, as if one feels mistreated or unappreciated, you may find that it will vanish overnight, pokeball left empty

I have a feeling this Chrysalis would look after her own, and pokemon can be released with the press of a button, combine that with a race of infiltrators, and it equals up to 'if you have caught a changling, be really nice to it... or lose it.'

Then again, thats assuming that anyone gets a chance to write a pokedex entry, I wonder which professor will try...

Anyway tracking.


Yeah. Gotta agree here. I see what they're trying to do with that at the end of the prologue but it seems horribly our of place and character. Might wanna consider rethinking the line for sake of keeping with established characters.

Haha, you can actually blame me for that. I wrote it in the doc as a joke ( complete with :P ) but then Aus decided it was a goer anyway.
What you reckon (Aus)? Should we lose it?

5780183 - Yeah *sigh* This is why we can't have nice things.:pinkiesad2:

This is definitely a promising beginning.
Definitely can't wait for more :twilightsmile:

So there have been some changes? Hmmm I wonder if that means changelings can evolve. Do they do the same name only speak as Pokemon? Hell can they understand Pokemon?

some sort of cosy cave

1. Just a little extra spacing here.

Now I'm wondering several things.

1) Can the changelings speak to humans? Be it verbally or telepathically.
2) Will the changelings react differently to the items used on Pokemon? Such as Potions, TMs, Repel and etc.
3) Will the changelings decide to disguise themselves as a human? It can be done as shown in that Ditto episode back in Generation 1.
4) If by chance they decide to live in a human city that allows Pokemon to roam freely, which city will it be and how would they live?
5) Will they shit their proverbial pants when they see a Pokemon evolve? Like Dragonair?
6) Is that one royal guard a battle hungry veteran or something? The one that put the tracking spell before the scene transition.
7) Will Chrysalis ever visit a Pokemon daycare and find out how eggs are made by Pokemon? Now I'm just being silly.

heres to kid-friendly story

5780339 we get a pokemon version of the movie inception

There's an application form?! :pinkiegasp:

Liking this just on the premise of your description! I look forward to reading this later!

I would've pegged them as Bug/Psychic myself.

It was considered, but dark just fits their colour scheme, for one. The other, primary reason is their ability. I mean, isn't it a really dark concept that a changeling can pose as a loved one and effectively drain you of coherent thought with prolonged exposure?

5780912 Well, if you get into Japanese, the Japan name for the Dark type is "Aku", which directly translates to "evil", if I remember correctly. So Dark could still work for them. Even so, the type is less about dark powers, excluding Darkrai and Hydreigon, and maybe Zoroark, and more about underhanded tactics. And we've been waiting for a Bug/Dark type forever...


Even so, the type is less about dark powers, and more about underhanded tactics.

Well, that suits the changelings to a T then, doesn't it? :twistnerd: Deception is their primary weapon.

5780945 I failed to say it, but I thought it fit them well. :twilightsmile: Perhaps Psychic and Psyshock as coverage moves?

You'll have to wait and see. Please, stick around!

I think they also switch type when they shape change. They of course have the move Return (Is based on love) and maybe a few unique moves based on changeling attacks. Queen Cheese would not be a true legendary since she can lay eggs, unless she is like Lugia.

Ooh! This looks interesting! I'll be paying attention to this one

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