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Keldeo, youngest of the Swords of Justice. Student. Friend. Family. All that changed during a scheme done by the sinister Team Galactic, in another attempt to create a new world. With little time left and much to the horror of his comrades, Keldeo sacrificed himself to save his world. Heroes, Champions, Legendaries, the whole Pokemon World mourned for his loss. But as chance would have it, his story had just begun.

In the Magical land of Equestria, six students of Princess Twilight's School of Friendship found a peculiar unicorn colt in an open field. Keldeo now finds himself far away from home.

Adapted from Rated Ponystar's original concept, A Sword In Equestria follows The Colt Pokemon as he ventures across the world of Magic and Friendship.

Co-written and Edited by Rated Ponystar
Cover Art by: All0412
18/05/24 Additionally Edited by: MechaSonicFanArtist

Chapters (9)
Comments ( 263 )

Let's see what happens next.:duck:

Keldeo's my favorite Pokemon. This story just earned itself a like and a trip to my Tracking folder.

I look forward to seeing what happens next! :raritystarry:

I wonder what Keldeo will think of ponyville? This is going to be great!

"Ocellus NO!!" Thinking quickly, Smolder flew up, grabbed her and attempted to drag her to the ground to pin her down, "Don't look at the light!!"

"I can't help it... It's so beautiful." Ocellus droned as she continued to drift closer to the maw of the portal.

Nice reference to Bug's Life lol

"Ugh, what happened?" Ocellus gave out a groan while she held her head with her hooves, "Feels like I just took too much of Sir Phalanx's pod jelly."

Do you mean pharynx

Oops. Changing that now.
Edit: I blame the auto correct.

Glad you got the reference.

This is a pretty interesting start here so apparently Keldeo was almost close to death but apparently a portal Landing him into Equestria and it looks like the young six discover the portal and it looks like Keldeo is really injured by somebody in a battle and almost close to death as I said before so the kids decided to take him to the hospital before they lose him and it looks like he's not the only one going through the portal again this is a pretty good start and I remember watching Pokemon sacred sword it was pretty good and I really like Keldeo and he's one of my top favorite Pokemon can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Good stuff, looking forward to more

Luckily, it was not to be the end of his tale.

I was disappointed it wasn't "tail" :rainbowlaugh: :twilightsheepish:

Not wanting to sound rude or anything, but when can we expect the next chapter?

working on it right now actually. Been tough juggling between stories.

Anypony? "I... I don't know. I'm not sure..." While his thoughts wondered why he couldn’t remember anything, another thought came, ‘ Wait, my name... It's…’ "Keldeo."

It almost kind of like Pokemon mysterious dungeon when a person or a Pokemon have a bad amnesia there are lucky enough to remember their name

Wow, you're picking those Easter eggs up really quickly.

Hey nice to see the story just in time for the anniversary of Pokemon but anyway it looks like the young six got Keldeo got to the hospital and whoever the creature or Pokemon who did this to him is following them the other kids told Starlight about the situation and it looks like she wants to meet this Pokemon hopefully things will get cleared out for him I wonder what's going to happen next I guess we'll find out next time

Thanks I play Pokemon for almost my childhood years to this year so I probably will catch on to some

There's more? Yes! Wait... It's over already! Nooo!! Need mawr!

Expect next chapter sooner than this one.

Tbh I was waiting for Redheart to comment on Keldeo using telepathy rather than speaking.

Yeah, Rated-Ponystar and I have discussed about that. However, we both decided against that due to what we planned for the future.

I like to think that this is the Keldeo from the movie.

"Oh, I sent them to secure the portal," Starlight replied dismissively before noticing the shared looks of concern from the two. "Don't worry," she spoke reassuringly, "I told them to take an escort of town guards with them. I know about the recent disappearances of creatures all over the surrounding towns and villages so they should be safe with the escorts."

OH dear ponies and creatures disappearing lately that's not good I wonder if it could be that Shadow Pokemon following Keldeo has something to do with it

"Well, ever since you brought him here, his rate of recovery is... Alarmingly fast." There was hesitation in Redheart's tone., "Most of his injuries are healed, albeit with a few superficial scars. Doctor Stables scanned his Thaumatic reserves and found out that he has the most unusual source of magic."

Either he use recover or maybe it could be his special ability what I saw back in Sword of Justice I don't know it's been a long time I ever seen the movie which I absolutely love it

“A lot better, thank you Nurse… Redheart was it?” Keldeo asked as he tilted his head in an angle.

To be honest I would say nurse Joy just to reference Pokémon lol :rainbowlaugh:

Coming from you, that's high praise. Thanks.

I was considering it to be honest.

They somewhat resembled a few that came to his mind, like Ponyta, but they were far shorter, different colours, and some had wings or horns. Maybe they’re shinies? No, that doesn’t explain the physical difference. Or those weird marks on their flanks.

Yeah when Ponyta evolve into Rapidash they do have horns but never wings although that would be awesome to see that to be honest

The first was some kind of obvious Bug Type Pokemon, the other looked like a Dragon Type that looked like some kind of smaller version of a Charizard and yet was bigger than a Charmelon


“Um, if you include the subspecies of Ponies; there are Earth Ponies, Pegasi, Unicorns, Thestrals, Alicorns, Zebras, Donkeys, Cows, Buffalos, Minotaurs, Griffons, Dragons, Yaks, Changelings, Hippogriphs, Sea Ponies, Sea Serpents, Diamond Dogs, Kirins, and a Draconequus.”

You know so far the ones we did not see as a Pokemon is a griffin hippogriff Changeling and kirin

“Oh, I’m Pinkie Pie!” the pink mare replied at full speed while she bounced on a single spot, “I am Ponyville’s Professional Party Planner! I am so glad to meet you! Do you like cupcakes? Everyone likes cupcakes! What kind of cupcakes do you like? Would you like one now? Do you have cupcakes back where you’re from? What’s a Pokemon? Is it a shortened term for Pocket Monster? Are you a monster? DO MONSTERS FIT IN POCKETS?!”

Lol I see what you did there I like that that's funny

Okay so it looks like some of the young six heard that Keldeo is awake and it looks like Starlight and Ocellus made it as well so it looks like they want to break the ice and talk to him like where he came from and does he remember anything despite they keep saying that he has amnesia but somehow he did remember parts of it just not his past life which it was very concerning for him and he finally realized he's not in the world of Pokemon yep just like in Pokemon mysterious dungeon when a human transform into a Pokemon and had no memory of his or her past it can be very hard meanwhile gallus silverstream and sandbar told them where the location of the portal is but unfortunately it's gone and the bad news is there's no way that Keldeo may never find a way to get back to unova and back at the hospital he's starting to realize that he may have some special ability so he test them out he still remembers some of the moves but except for sacred sword which that's probably going to take a while to remember Meanwhile Back it looks like some of the young six has to break the news to Keldeo but there are under attack by Diamond Dogs and something tells me they really mean business I wonder what they're going to do I guess we'll find out next time

So, Keldeo knows two moves that are physical... That's pretty bold for a Pokemon whose physical attack stat is just 72, making it his worst overall stat.

Not that it changes my opinion about Keldeo, of course. Besides, I did pretty good with a half physical, half special Keldeo in my Black 2 run, and I didn't even know about his poor physical attack.

For Attack being his weakest stat, he's still a monster.
Edit: I think it is worth mentioning, but for this fic, there are no limits on the number of moves he could use.

That's exactly what I'm saying. Plus, his Attack stat is very deceptive, which you know if you've seen how hard he kicked Ash when the two first met in the movie. And that's when Keldeo was severely injured!

“W-What about the Legendary types? Rashiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem! All dragons pretty much worship them!” Keldeo asked in surprise.

Wow! What is Giratina, chopped liver?

To be honest he comes from Unova and he is more familiar with those three. Not to mention Giratina was banished to the Distortion World not a good role model.

Can't wait for Keldeo to show off weather effect abilities like Rain Dance, Icy Wind or even Hail, esp. to a certain weather pony/Wonderbolt.

Fair enough, but he's still a legendary dragon, so Keldeo would probably at least know of him.

Call me violent all you want, but I'm really excited to see Keldeo give some rotten $#!+head or another a big face-full of Hyper Beam and blow them away. Cue the insults, slurs, and demeaning phrases, so they can just go straight over my head, because I don't care.

:trixieshiftright: You realise that Rated Ponystar originally planned the concept and is Cowriting this with me, right? Of Course there is going to be Violence.:pinkiehappy:


While I am happy that there's going to be at least some violence/semblance of an "Anime Fight", I do not know of this second author you speak of, and as such am not aware of their preference and/or style of story material.

Although, based on your response, I am guessing that it is safe to assume that they prefer something that makes the "DOOM" games look like "Toopy and Binoo" in comparison. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I wouldn't go that far but have a read at his comics at Deviant art and you'll find that you might not be disappointed.


I do not possess, nor do I desire to create an account for that site, so please forgive me for not having access to anything that would be blocked off from the common public. I'll simply have to take your word for it. My apologies.

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