• Published 7th Jan 2022
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A Sword In Equestria - Joe Toon

In his service to his world and duty, Keldeo, one of the Swords of Justice, performed the ultimate sacrifice to save all he loved dearly. Luckily, it was not to be the end of his tale.

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Chapter Two: A Lost Sword Part 2

"Where am I? Wait...who am I? Why can't I...."


"Gah! It hurts! Sweet Arceus, why does it hurt?"


"Why am I in pain? What happened to me?"


"Think...just think...am I, still alive? Why would that be a surprise?"


"I...I am...I am...Keldeo. My name is...Keldeo..."

"Nurse Redheart, we have an emergency! STAT!"

Nurse Redheart, Ponyville General Hospital's Head Nurse was just by the reception when six of The school of Friendship's prized students burst in with a plus one. And here I thought today would be that one day where I could take it easy, she thought, resisting the urge to rub her forehead in irritation. "Easy there kids, what happened?" she asked calmly while assessing the situation. They don't seem to be injured, which could only mean...

"It's this colt we found in an open field!" Ocellus explained, panting for breath, "He's unconscious and covered in burns and bruises!"

Thinking quickly, the Head Nurse ordered the receptionist, "Get Dr Stable here! Tell him to ready an emergency room and bring a stretcher out to the front!" and turned to the unconscious colt. These are serious burns and some of the bruises look like they're clotting up blood. "What happened to him?" she asked the students without looking up.

"W-we don't know," Sandbar spoke up, "there was this weird portal and he came out of it. He was like that when we found him."

There doesn't seem to be any head trauma, must have fallen unconscious from either exhaustion or Shock from the pain. We'll need to check for his mana pool just to make sure. "Thank you for bringing him here as soon as you did," Nurse Redheart addressed the students, "You can leave him to us, we'll take it from here."

"Friends can't do that!" Yona stomped in protest.

All eyes turned to the yak in shock. "I beg your pardon?" asked the nurse, clearly confused.

"Friends can't leave him! Map called Yona and friends to where strange pony was," explained Yona, "So therefore, strange pony important to us. Map must think it important for friends to look after strange pony."

Redheart paused. Everypony knows about the Castle of Friendship's Cutie Map. In fact, there had been more than one occasion for others outside of Ponyville or Princess Twilight's circle who were called by the map to a friendship problem; all of which had a 100% success of dealing with whatever problem that came up. If the map called these six to look after this colt, who am I to question it? Still... "Very well," she finally said with a sigh, "you all can wait here in the lobby. We'll tell you what we know once we have all the preliminary checks on his condition."

As soon as the head nurse left with the patient (with the stretcher of course) to one of the emergency rooms, the other five students surrounded Yona with praise.

"That was some nerve you got there, Yona," Smolder smirked, lightly punching her friend on the shoulder, "How'd you figure that colt to be our responsibility?"

"Yona just said so earlier," she grunted, letting out a confident snort.

"Yona's right," added Gallus, "the map did call us out in the middle of nowhere just to have the dude fall right on our claws. Otherwise, what else could it have been? We would have waited there for nothing."

"It's true," Ocellus held a hoof to her chin in thought, "It couldn't have been anything else. I mean, the map called us there so it should be important. Then he popped out of the portal..." the changeling's eyes widened in realisation. "THE PORTAL! We need to check it out! It could be a problem!"

"Woah, slow down there Ocellus," Sandbar tried to calm her down, "We can't just leave, not after what Yona just pointed out."

"B-but the Portal, it could be dangerous! We need to have it looked at!" Ocellus protested.

"Um, guys? Shouldn't we inform Headmare Starlight about this first?" Silverstream pointed out, "She did ask us to report back to her once we're done with the friendship problem."

"Oh shoot!" Gallus facepalmed, "She did tell us that."

"How about some of us can wait here and the rest can report to the Headmare what happened?" suggested Sandbar.

"And the Portal?" Ocellus pointed out.

"Headmare Starlight can send town guards after portal," suggested Yona.

"Good idea," Smolder added, "I think it would be best if Starlight takes a look at our unconscious colt before anything else. After what Ocellus detected, she might need to have a look at him."

And with that, it was agreed that Sandbar, Ocellus, Silverstream and Gallus will head for the School while Yona and Smolder will wait in the hospital. Unbeknownst to them, the same set of eyes that stalked them since the portal now follows the group that left the hospital.

"Alright Phil, welcome to the office!"

Inside the School of Friendship's Headmare's Office, Starlight Glimmer just brought in a new potted philodendron (aptly named, Phil) and planted it on top of her desk.

"It really is different without Phillis (mostly due to Trixie tossing her out), so having you around will finally complete this entire office," Starlight mused as she poured water into the pot, "This room just isn't the same without one."

Her thoughts were interrupted by the knocking on her door. "Come in!"

Without missing a beat, Sandbar, Ocellus, Silverstream and Gallus barged into the room exhausted.

"Guys, you're back! Are you alright?" Starlight dropped Phil with a crack as she rushed towards the students, "You look like you just ran a marathon to get here!"

"That's 'cause, we kind of did." Despite panting from the rush, Gallus' tone still dripped with sarcasm.

Choosing to ignore Gallus' snide comment, Sandbar spoke up, "We came to where the map pointed us. After waiting there for a few hours, a portal appeared and..."

"A UNICORN CAME OUT OF IT!" Silverstream interrupted with enthusiasm, "He just popped in above us and dropped on top of Yona!" The hippogriff stopped after being aware of her volume (and interruption). "Oops, sorry," she smiled sheepishly, "It's just I've never seen a pony come out of a portal before. Hay, I've never seen a portal before. (Gasp!) That's two things I've never seen before!"

"Point is, this unicorn is unlike anything we've seen before," Ocellus continued the trail of conversation.

"Unusual?" Starlight tilted her head sideways in confusion, "Unusual how?"

"For one, he's a bit taller than a usual pony, yet leaner," continued Ocellus, "His mane is thicker, his horn is curved like a changeling's, and what's most unusual is his mana pool. I couldn't detect any magic that we usually have here in Equestria, yet in its place is a large amount of power. I mean alicorn amount!"

Starlight's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates. "Wait, are you certain!?" she asked almost yelling.

Ocellus merely nodded.

Taller than usual... enormous amount of power... could it be a failed ascension to become an alicorn? No, they distinctly said unicorn, which means no wings... Starlight shook the trail of thoughts from her head. There's no time for this! "Silverstream, you said there was a portal in the area, right?"

"Mmhhmm!" Silverstream nodded gleefully.

Alright. "Gallus, Silverstream, Sandbar, you three gather some of the town guard to secure the portal," Starlight ordered, to which the three promptly saluted as they made their way out the door. "Where's Smolder and Yona?"

"They're waiting in the hospital," replied Ocellus, "Yona didn't want to leave him unattended, considering the map led us to him."

"Alright Ocellus, come with me. We're going to the hospital. I need to write a report to Twilight on what you found. Maybe he's one of the Fey Ponies from the unknown continent that Captain Celaeno encountered."

On their way out, Ocellus noticed Starlight stuffing green colour scrolls into her saddlebag. "Headmare Starlight, what are those?"

"Oh these? Emergency dragonfire scrolls from Princess Twilight," Starlight explained as she continued stuffing in more of the scrolls into her saddlebag, "Spike and Twilight commissioned artificers to construct these for emergency communication. They're mostly experimental which is why they aren't under mass production. She sent me some to test their effectiveness. Well, now it appears to be the best time to test them out."

Without another word, the two left the office and made for the hospital.

"It hurts... Oh merciful Arceus, make it stop!"

"Wake up."

"... Is... Is anyone out there? Please, help me!"

"Wake up."

"W-wake up? Aren't I awake? I should be, considering this Arceus damned pain!"

"Wake up!"

"Doctor Stable, he's awake!"

Wait, where am I?

"Hello there, can you hear us? Can you understand us?" The face of a pony nurse slowly came to view as his vision cleared.

Who are these Pokemon? "Y-y-yes. Yes... I can," came a weakened response.

The Nurse sighed in relief, "Oh good. You were pretty banged up when you were brought here. Do you know where you came from?"

Where I came from? Why, I'm from... I'm from... The reality of the colt’s mind suddenly came together as he jerked up from his hospital bed, "I... I... I don't remember. Why can't I remember?!" He held his forehooves over his head, as he began to panic.

"Woah, easy there. You are in no condition to move just yet,” the nurse reassured him, gently persuading him to recline back to his bed as she made for a nearby tray containing a pitcher and glass, “Here, you might want some water."

W-water... WATER! "Th-thank you,” he responded weakly as he reached for the offered glass of water and greedily gulped it down.

The nurse was about to protest to him, drinking it down quickly but soon noticed the glass quickly emptied without him choking on the water. Well, that was unexpected. Maybe he has a metabolism like Pinkie Pie? "Do you have a name?” she asked, almost hesitantly, “Do you know anypony I could contact?"

Anypony? "I... I don't know. I'm not sure..." While his thoughts wondered why he couldn’t remember anything, another thought came, ‘Wait, my name... It's…’ "Keldeo."

"Hmm? I'm sorry?"

"Keldeo,” he replied with certainty, “My name is Keldeo."

The nurse smiled reassuringly, "Keldeo, that's a very interesting name. I'm Nurse Redheart, and let me be the first to welcome you to Ponyville."

Author's Note:

G'day all!
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