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Ten years after the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon, two teenaged siblings from the Kalos region move to Melemele Island in the Alola region with their family. Both are eager to partake in and complete the famous Island Trials for the chance to challenge the fearsome Pokémon League, and they each set off on their journey, each one with a Pokémon from home in tow.

Very shortly after, wormholes similar to the ones the Ultra Beasts came from appear all over Alola, only this time, magical creatures calling themselves "ponies" emerge from them. The two siblings come across two of them and agree to keep them safe and help find the rest of her friends along their travels, all while evading forces who wish to use the ponies for their own power-hungry ways, as well as solving the mystery of their appearance.


Playing Pokémon Sun/Moon (or watching/reading an entire play/walkthrough) is not a prerequisite for reading this story, though many references to the events of those games (among others) will be made.

Rated Teen for language and Pokémon violence.

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Very interesting. First MLP Pokemon Sun and Moon crossover. I'll keep track on this, and consider adding this to favorites. Keep it up.

I just realized that the chicken may come from Flying Pokemon.

Awesome chapter my friend and I can't wait for more uploads to this story I'll be waiting my friend

Yes do keep me posted on the story thanks

Good job keep it up!

Before I read this, what is the Gore tag for ?
And How bad does it get ?

Gore tag in a MLP/Pokemon crossover is unexpected.
But I am curious to read more! I hope the other 5 of the Mane 7 haven't landed too far away.

8017717 It's mostly for the battles between the Pokémon, but I'm planning on some craziness for the climax.

8017730 but how bad does the gore get ?

awesome chapter my friend I'll b waiting for more

I have to admit I would have liked to see a pony part in this chapter.
But still, this fic is well written and promising.

8019843 No, God no! That would have warranted a "Mature" rating.

This is the type of "gore" you should expect from a PG-13 film, and I don't mean the kind of PG-13 that takes out the bare minimum to keep it from an R rating (see Darren Aronofsky's Noah or X-Men: Apocalypse). It's closer to something you'd see in a MCU movie.

Dam that was crazy please upload more chapters for this story

Bad Cutie Map, bad!
The ponies' adventure begins!

This is getting more and more interesting! Favourited.
And now I wonder... like for some humans in Sun & Moon adventures, will one or more of the ponies get controlled by Ultrabeasts?

Awesome chapter my friend and I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting

Great chapter, can't wait for the next one! Favorited.

Sweet chapter my friend and I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story thanks

minor typo you have fluttershy instead of lucairo

8045101 I meant to say "Gladion," but it's fixed now. Thanks.

Great chapter!
Though, there is a typo at :

Starlight held it in her hands

- "hooves"

Kukui is probably the sexiest professor alive, let's be honest here. Not to mention the most active.

Good chapters again! So far we've seen Starlight and Fluttershy, Pinkie and Rainbow. I wonder how the others are faring.

Me too I'll be waiting for the next upload for this story

That was an awesome chapter my friend I'll be waiting for the next chapter my friend and keep me posted


Nihilego was the only Ultra Beast to show that ability, so unless Aether Paradise has an enclosure for them, that would be unlikely.

Low probabilty so far, yes, but we still don't know where the rest of the Equestrians has landed...


There was one portal on each of the four islands in the Alola region, if we stick to rule of twos, then it stands to reason that the remaining four are on the other islands. We know Dash and Pinkie ended up on Poni island and the two on Melemele have been found. So that leaves Akala and Ula'ula left.

Granted the author decides so.
Admittedly, before this fanfic started, I thought of what if Twilight landed in Alola and ended up controlled by the Ultrabeast. With her magic power, i am sure things would turn hard.


Oh yeah, that would definitely be worst-case scenario. Like when that fake Zygarde was rampaging in the X&Y anime.

Why is this story cancelled?!

Awesome chapter my friend I'll be waiting for the next chapter

Edgelord Gladion coming in to wreck my shit as usual.... oh wait, I never lost to Gladion...

moviemaster, are the other ponies and Spike's predicament going to be revealed soon?
Just curious.

8085078 can't wait for the next upload for this story

Awesome chapter my friend I'll be waiting for the next upload

“Oh, believe me, you’ll meet them soon enough. They’ll be coming over in the next hour to watch Sam and Hau’s battle.”

Sam's battle happened last chapter, didn't it?

Anywhoo, great chapter man!

Great chapter my friend but u kinda repeated from the first half of the chapter on the second half of the story but overall an awesome chapter I'll be waiting for the next upload for this story

Yea I don't know if you were pasting this from a word document or something but the most of the chapter looks like it got copied and pasted but other than that love the story so far

This story had a good premise, but I personally feel less and less interested, since we haven't seen much of the other Equestrians so far, and Starlight and Fluttershy have just been standing passively on the sidelines, while the humans and pokemons characters have been doing most of the talk and all of the action... :pinkiesad2:

8123583 We still have three more islands and a whole lotta' other stuff left to go.

I haven't forgotten the Equestrians yet.

It could have been interesting to turn the Equestrians into pokemons (not the form, but give them a type, attacks, ... there was another MLP/PKM crossover who did that, but sadly it seems dead). Anyway, I wonder if you plan to have some Equestrians getting pokemons on their own. That could give them more weight in this story.
Just a suggestion though.

8123927 Again, we have three islands and a whole lotta other stuff to go.

I have a lot of stones to turn and I'd rather not turn them all at once.

Ok. I had just thought this was going to be likewise for the rest of the cast since Fluttershy and Starlight are the main characters in the tags.

The chapter is written twice dude you mite want to correct that:ajbemused:

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