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"A new world awaits for you... A new beginning... With infinite possibilities... Until all six are united as one..." - Death


This story is a sequel to A New Destiny

It has been six months since the Legendary Pokemon arrived in the lands of Equestria and with more and more displaced appearing, it'll only be a matter of time before the Elder's make their way there and destroy everything he has fought to protect.

Join the Legendary Suicune in his new adventure across the lands of Equestria and the Realm of the Displaced as he fights to protect his new friends, find love in all different forms, and find his New Destiny.

Takes place after Season 5 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Co-Author- FrostTheWolf
Editor- Brony Parasite

Authors Note:
This is the long awaited sequel of a New Destiny, I know I've said I'd rewrite it, but I felt making a new/continuing story would be better as the narrative of my original work was all over the place. So please have patience... I promise you'll enjoy this story as my writing has improved drastically. :)

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This is cringe incarnate.


What's wrong? I haven't read it yet, and you say it's already "cringe" worthy?

This reminds me of one of my favorite MLP crossovers: A New World, A New Way!

Thanks, and it kinda is, awhile back Pokemon crossovers were absolutely insane!!! But I'm glad you like it, do leave a like here :)

Ignore them. They are just speaking their opinion.

I am a simple man, I see Yveltal and I upvote. :moustache:

And that is a disgusting response to anyone actively trying to share their work. No amount of work needed in grammar, sentence structure, or storytelling deserves this kind of response. Everyone starts somewhere and they only improve by continuing to try. Try constructive criticism next time.

What was the fic that had the Ruin War?

The Displaced, but was removed due to things being too messy

Seriously, I kinda like where it was going.

Is there going to be crossover war?

I liked how the Ruin War was portrayed as tragic as possible, it really showed the terror of war

*sigh* seeing people do pokemon Displaced stories drives me to make my own, but yet I seem end up losing the drive when I try to write. *shakes fist at writer's block*

I'm still around, Pen. Life's just been busy :raritywink:

Hey, it happens to the best of us. Just be sure to do your best

That's kind of is my best at the moment. All I've managed to write were journal entries.

Will you update this story in the future?

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