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During an experiment with new magic. Princess Twilight Sparkle suddenly finds herself in a strange new world and in even stranger company.

Kai is your everyday guy. He wakes up, goes to work and then comes home again, a monotonous routine that is his everyday life. That is until a talking, purple horse appears in his apartment. Well… so much for monotonous routines.

The Princess has a secret or two though, perhaps a new friendship will help her forget some old ones?

Chapters (21)
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This is a new fic that has been circling my head for a while. The opening chapters a little short, but the following ones will be longer.

I also prolly won't update this one much since I'm still working on A Pony out of Place. But if I have enough freetime...

The title of this first chapter is thoroughly ironic.

You're a decent writer, sure. There aren't grammatical or spelling mistakes in any noticeable number. You can string coherent sentences together.
But this isn't a new concept. You're far from the first to write it. "My Little Dashie" opens nearly the same way, and "Twilight teleports herself out of Equestria" is also nothing new. "Ponies on Earth" is practically a trope on this site.

I've given you a thumbs-up because this is readable. But it's up to you to make future chapters unique. Surprise me and everyone else who reads this with something new. Something we've never read before. Do that, and make yourself different.

In the event of a tesing failure find exits nowhere you will die.

2264770 - I know it's not really an original idea. I drew inspiration from fics such as My Little Dashie.:twilightsheepish:

I do hope I try and create something unique.

Yeah, old mechanics, but the setup is good: "What if everypony could teleport?" At least Twi was thinking this one through instead of randomly falling through a hole in the universe.

If you value your life, this will continue.

I mean, if that's okay with you... :fluttershyouch:

2273165 - It will continue, just slowly is all. Work and rl have been hitting me hard lately and writers block with my other fic has just had me not in the mood to write.:pinkiesick:

Not bad! Do more please :)

2298836 - I will be, but I update slowly so please bear with me!:fluttershysad:

Buck this story. More Ponymon stories!

Y'know... ever since it announced yesterday that humans in pony fics were banned... I just have no motivation for this fic now.:pinkiesick:

Update. I still don't know if HiE fics are banned or not, I'm rather confused by it all. But I've been writing the next chapter slowly and it should be up soon.

Wait, humans in equestria are banned? Gotta check the home page I guess...

2414436 - Well that's the thing, I don't know since the post was made on April 1st. It prolly just crap and I'm too dense to realise it.:derpyderp2:

2414645 yeah I'm sure it's just April fools. If not, it would be added to the FAQ section. ;)

2419116 - Well I've been continuing to write this regardless, so the next chapter should be up in a few days.

there's 58 likes and no one has commented on this chapter. weird

..Uh oh...Snack? Oh dear..

2430468 - Yeah, whats up with that? C'mon people!:trixieshiftleft:

2430589 - Eeyup, that can't be good.:trollestia:

2431019 - Thanks!:twilightsmile:

2436942 - Happy to oblige, writing of new chapter commencing in 3... 2... 1...

Not a bad start at all! I can only wonder how things will go with Kai and Twi (ALICORN Twi at that)... In other words... MOAR! :twilightsmile:

2446638 - Whoot! When I read your fic the other day I was like. Ty... Twi... and Kai!? Oh boy! A totally unintentional coincidence I assure you!:pinkiecrazy:

I should have a new chapter up soonish, but I have the next four days of solid work to look forward too and a kitchen at home to refurbish... Man, I just wanna write.:pinkiesick:

2448065 Coincidence, huh...? Now that you mention it... Hmm...






Wait a minute...!

:pinkiegasp: OMG!!! Ty,Twi (:twilightsmile:), and Kai! They all rhyme!! :pinkiehappy:

That aside, I know that feel. But hey, on the bright side, if you're working quietly or without that much distraction, it gives you time to brainstorm ideas on what happens next! :ajsmug:

2448578 - Yeah, Kai is kind of a self insert and I actually do work in an EB Games (Australia's branch of Gamestop). Retail doesn't leave much fee time...

2450390 EB Games still exists? Where I'm from, it's nothing but GameStop. I know they're both run by the same corporation, but still. I know what you mean, though. I work in a casino and it gets a little hectic, which doesn't allow for much solitary thought time. Also, self-inserts are best since you know "yourself" better than anyone; quirks, talents, flaws, pet peeves, etc. Makes for much more interesting story-telling than most crossovers in my opinion.

I think I know what Twilight built..........I must say, I never expected the Alterans to evolve in to ponies instead of ascending, but at least their knowledge of Astria Porta managed to survive. But why didn't she arrive in Cheyenne Mountain?

Well that's odd," she murmured as she sighed and headed back to her bedchambers. "I could have sworn that I left my book and my snack in there..

Where the hay did she send them?

2466146>>2466171 - You are the first to pick up on that little gag, so congrats!:pinkiehappy: And as for what really happened to that book and apple... I wonder?:trollestia:

I can only hope that the test objects can be found, they may be useful. For some reason I'm not properly subscribed to you, so hopefully that's fixed now! ;)
Keep going! ;)

Well... So today I this'd.:derpyderp2:


MOAR! :flutterrage: Sorry not much thoughts other than nicely written.

It's fun. But we would anticipate Twilight will have more trouble regenerating her magic than she expects, seeing as there is no ambient magic in earth. I did have a chuckle when Kai had his own elements of Harmony return her to the real world. Without an external kick we believe it would have been very difficult to root her from his subconscious.
Either way, he totally forgot to mention his computer, but I believe this to be a good thing for now based on the general content that can be stumbled upon online...
Which brings up an important point: so far, it seems as if this is a type 2 AU, meaning that the characters do not have an in-world representation in said world (ie, no mlp show here). Is this true?
Keep going! ;)

And this doesn't end in romance?
You have a nice build up for it.

2636586 - Thanks!

2636641 - I decided against it and just went with the type 2 AU. (And thanks to you I now know there are actually different types). The computer will come up later, but this chapter was just some character building and showing some common interest between Twi and Kai.

2636712 - Honestly, I haven't decided if there will be romance or just friendship. If there is romance, then Kai will have to get past the fact that she is a pony.

...that one is for when he feels like being British.”

Oh good, I'm not the only one with one of those.

A bit slow to catch on there love?” a fourth Kai said with a thick British accent. He wore a monocle and sported a fine top hat. “Though since you’re here, fancy a spot of tea?

And 2637013. Being British, I take extreme offence at this, and demand that you remove it immediately! Looks at your faces...
Too easy!

I'm guessing that's all the books he could carry then!

Yes, Type 1 AU is the same universe as our own (i.e. here in the real world), which means that the characters of the universe could potentially be able to discover that they are, in fact, fictional (at least, in the point of view of those who "created" them). Type 2 is merely the same, but with references filtered out, and sociology adjusted to account for that (typically this is done by referencing from a time before the characters were created in reality). Type 3 is much more generalized, allowing for much more abstraction and not really being held to true-to-life standards. Usually Type 3 is used to host much more fantastical adventures than you'd expect in the real world, or sometimes even the universe the fic is based on.
I should make this a blog post maybe? That was a lot of thought, even for us!

One thing I noticed is the title. It seems to indicate there is one princess and one pony... Is this a hint at future events? :pinkiehappy:

2637958 - The things you know. Thanks for the info!

2637013 - I think everyone has one. Coincidentally I also have a Scottish guy and redneck.

2640184 - Indeed Doctor. We can only hope that our adorkable princess can survive the harrowing ordeal.:rainbowderp:

I feel like at the end of every summery of these kinds of storys it should say "because fuck you normal people"

Must admit, I really enjoyed the whole "MindSpace" scene. And funnily enough despite myself being British, I especially enjoyed the stereotyped "Inner Brit". In my own MindSpace I'd have to guess that my inner Immaturity would be well represented by Beavis and Butthead and that my Cowardice would be Arnold J. Rimmer...

Anyway, keep those chapters coming!

Well! This has been quite the interesting read, I'll need to stick with this one :twilightsmile:


If there is romance, then Kai will have to get past the fact that she is a pony


3309261 - I am aware of this. I do realise that Twilight is a pony. But there is currently no romance tag... not yet anyway. And besides, human/pony romance... yeah, totally never been done before.

Oh we can just imagine the anime nose bleeding twilight was giving him,
I'm a little confused why twilight ran off like that, even if he was extremely blunt and unthinking.
It was also rather risky going to work on a sick day, people can get fired for that...
Keep going! ;)

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