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When Dialga and Palkia start to attack one another in Alamos Town, a Ponyta named Flare Blitz is caught in the crossfire. After falling into the dimensional rift, he finds himself in a strange new land filled with brightly coloured ponies. Flare doesn't know how he got here or if he can even get back home...

The question is, will he even want to go home?

Edit: So I finally got offa mah flank and started the re-write. I want to give massive props to Blazinblade7 for editing as well as my little bro, who is teaching me a great deal of authory stuff.

You can find the TV Tropes page here!

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.. Er, sorry. At least it's backwards, right?

Aaaaaaaaanyway, great story! I'm enjoying it so far. The only thing that I think could use with some fixing is the pacing. Seems a little too fast in my opinion.

*Reads discription*
Looks like you chose a good spot to get him there. That battle was hard.
I have some good expectations about the writing. Even if this is your first fiction I hope it has its recertch done. Pokémon is something I have followed in 12 years so I am serius when it comes to taking Pokémon in. Again, I hope this will be good.

Wel, well, well, this looks very interesting, I wonder how this will play out. Good beginning by the way, just pace it, it went kinda fast there. :twilightsmile:

Oooh, mesa likes! Mesa likes! Ehehe, can't wait for the next awesome chapter of APOP!(A pony out of place) :D Keep up the good work, mate!

860484 - Trust me, I have been a Pokemon fan since the release of Red and Blue version and love them to this day.
860462 - Thanks for the great comment. I still writing chapter one and I think I've slowed it down a tad.

i like ponytas they can be soooooooo cute, but when one becomes a rapidash it gets 20% cooler :rainbowdetermined2:

Good, also this will be interesting. Never seen a fiction where it is just a Pokémon that is moved to Equestria. Have found different Pokémon crossovers but never something in this style. But I have many fictions to read throuh. I hope I soon get to read this. Around 2k unread chapers and many read laters is hell to go throuh, especialy when it always comes in more...

I'll follow it. For now.
You definitely have a valid way of bringing a pokemon to Equestria, and so far, nothing seems to crazy or far-fetched. I'm interested in seeing if this plays out well, or just winds up being a crack-fic.


I'd like to see how Flare Blitz would react if Twilight got angry and evolved into Rapidash.

866860 - Crack-fic? No... my comedy is nowhere near good enough, though there will be some funny moments through out the fic. I actually thought about how to get him to Equestria for a while and the whole "Twilight screwed up a spell" is waaaaaaay overused.

870052 - That just might actually happen!

I'm almost done with the next chapter, just need to re-read it and make sure it's not too fast paced or whatnot. plus...:pinkiehappy:

Ill keep this in the fridge and see how it looks later.

Well, here it is. The next chapter of my fic. It seems that Flare and Twilight have a theory... but is that truly the whole story?:trixieshiftright:
I have hopefully fixed the pacing issue, if not then please tell me how I can.

Next chapter, Flare explores Ponyville. Being a new pony in town can only mean one thing... :pinkiegasp:

Will Flare be the only Pokemon-turned-Pony or can we expect more inter-dimensional refugees from his world?

925548 - I haven't decided on anything yet... but who knows what the future holds:twilightsmile:

925582 Imagine if Dialga and/or Palkia managed to find their way to Equestria. Alicorns with power over time and space would make the likes of Discord seem insignificant.

925582 Well, Keldeo looks a heckuva lot like a unicorn, and there's also Zebstrika...

one question, will flare still be able to evolve whilst he's in Equestria?

929921 - That's actually not a question I can really answer... not yet anyhow. Time will tell though.


...Yeah. That would be a pretty big "oh crap" moment.

One question only. Will Flare be regaining any of his special moves. I'd really like to see Twilight scratching her head at "Wild Charge" or, possibly, the amusing pun of Flare Blitz using "Flare Blitz" would be better.

930562 - Again, this is a question that will be answered in later chapters... I'm writing as fast as I can, so hold on guys.

Though I will say this... the next chapter will have Pinkie goodness.

Hmm.. not a bad job on the second chapter. The pacing is definitely better, and the only thing I could say needs work is punctuation. A lot of places need question marks at the end.

I'm on my phone so I can't exactly point them out at the moment, but I advise you to look at it again.
Anyhow, it was overall a nice chapter, but maybe make them longer. The two up are a little too short for my taste. XD

941811 - I think I've fixed the punctuation problems... I think. I'll do what I can about making the chapters longer. Thanks for the positive feedback though. Glad most people like it so far.

Sorry about the lack of updates. I have had internet troubles and am also unhappy with the current chapter. (Currently on its 7th rewrite)

It should be ready by next week.

Sorry again... :fluttershysad:

Well... here's chapter 2. (finally).

It's a little longer than the previous chapters, and I've tried to fix the pacing problems. CC is welcome as I'm trying to improve.

Enjoy everypony!

This is funny and you should add when he races Dash:rainbowdetermined2: that would be interesting to see:eeyup:

Or at least Flame Charge. He'll get faster each time he uses it.

1158890 - That'll probably happen in chapter 4. It's gonna be totally awesome:rainbowkiss:

zebstrika/blitzle would be asome two and having a sort of horn but no magic O.o
what about evolution? it is in his nature to do so, the fact that hes gona grow a horn bounds him beeing a magic wielder no?
elvolving in a land of magic, gaining some of it, send back to his home and beening a psy/fire type lol
or twilight getting pissed again and set ablaze her own body again XD that would get some od looks from him

1236934 - I'm sorry that I don't update very often. I will make no excuses and it's mostly because I'm a slow writer.
The next chapter is nearly done so please bear with this slowpokepony.

Well, here's the next chapter and with this, Flare has finally met the Main 6.:twilightsmile::pinkiehappy::ajbemused::fluttercry::raritystarry::rainbowlaugh:

As for the next chapter... is your body ready!?:rainbowkiss:

One question: Would she be allowed to use her wings or not?:rainbowhuh:

1257984 - Dunno, Flare is an Earth Pony, so it wouldn't be fair in that regard. But only Twilight knows about his special 'abilities' (That sounds suggestive:trixieshiftright:)

Though think of the look on Dash's face to see an Earth pony keep up with her to an extent. A Rapidash's top speed is 250kph, a Ponyta is about half that so they're still no match for Rainbow's flying speed.

Crackpot theory: Luna became Nightmare Moon due to the influence of Darkrai.

O.o me like.. alot
sudenly many this getting very intresting (so many things that could be done with other pokemon there)

1260330>>1264024 - I have no plans to involve other Pokemon in the main story yet. One will show up near the end but... That. Is. A. Secret.:scootangel:

I already have a series of short stories once the main story is finished so keep tossing those ideas everypony, I might just use them^^

1268472 - Summons Cthulumon. Conquers the Multiverse

you can do tha--wait
is that rosie mcdonald on his shoulder?

This is good. This is very good. I heartily approve.

So what do you think everypony? I don't anyone pre-reading this cause, well, the only one I know who could is my brother and MLP really isn't his thing. :ajsleepy:Ooh ooh also, I've been thinking that after this story is done, I might start a 'Ask Flare Blitz' tumblr and jon the great and powerful world of Tumblrpon! What do you guys and girls think?:pinkiehappy:

hmm nice chapter but i gotta ask why did you just bring ponyta,

why not zebstrika too?

would have had a lot more options then just one.

1342807 - It's true that I had a lot of options in who I could use as my pokemon of choice (Ponyta, Rapidash, Blitzle, Zebstrika, Keldeo) but I decided on Ponyta because of several things.
1: Gen 1 pokemon just don't get enough love anymore.
2. With the episode involving Ponyta waaaay back in series 1 (Ep 33: The Flame Pokemon-athon to be precise) It gave me a lot of material to creat a solid background for Flare Blitz
3. I once saw a ponified pic of Ponyta and that's what gave me the inspiration to write this piece in the first place.
4. I just love Fire types and Ponyta and Rapidash are among those favs.

Plus with all the MLP characters that are in the main fic, it would just get bogged down with too many characters. I do plan to have more Pokemon orientated arcs after I'm done with the main story though^^

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