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  • TAbsolution 2
    After Cres left, Applejack thought that she'd never have to hear the words 'Pokemon' again outside of Twilight's constant questions. However, it seems that hope was misplaced. With only the help of Cres, can she find her way back
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A Collaboration with Omega_code

An Absol's life is full of pain and the tragedy of others but for one, Cres, that pain is much closer to heart. After a year and a day spent praying atop Mt. Coronet Cres is finally given the chance to obtain his long sought after Absolution.

However the strange new world he is thrust into is nothing like the one Cres knows and with the threat of never seeing the one he loves most hanging over his head, can this one Absol really find his peace?

Was originally going to be a short story until we realized that it had to be longer.

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You did it again, another story I love....

Absol's emo as fuck. Interesting so far, though.

I honestly don't want to see Fluttershy use The Stare on Cres. He was just hungry and trying to survive.

As much as I enjoy your stories, I have no idea wtf an Absol is (a pokemon of some sort, but beyond that I got nothing) or why it should have to look for absolution or whatever, so I think I'm gonna have to give this one a pass......

My approval for this story has skyrocketed since I glanced at it. I don't really see many Pokemon Crossovers doing well for some reason, but this is very promising!

my mind began to wander as it oft does to why I was here on Mt. Coronet.


Absol: a four legged thingy that can predict natural disasters. Because of this, they are considered unlucky. They are a dark type, and have a curved horn on their head. In their Megaevolution, a Absol grows a emo hair flip and wings

*eye twitch* One of my favorite authors... story about my favorite pokemon...:pinkiehappy:x20

This story is amazing so far, and I'll continue on reading it. The only thing that I need to ask is what kind of Pokemon is Belle?

You have me interested good sir! Have a moustache :moustache:! You can have more when you release more chapters.

“Some... some awful white monster came out of a pond on the edge of the Everfree and ate three innocent beavers!” Fluttershy exclaimed

...and this is where my hope for this story plummets ever so slightly. Fluttershy lives in cottage, next to the Everfree Forest. It would be illogical to assume that she doesn't let obvious carnivores eat as is required of them. She's hung out with a bear, and has been seen in the show to be giving dead fish to two ferrets.

Granted, I'll still be watching this story, it's just as I said earlier: My hope for it has fallen a little bit.


My assumption is that there's a difference between fish and beavers (at least in Fluttershy's mind). Of course, that could just be me. Also, the beavers were most likely her friends so there's that too

Don't forget to mega evolve him

3925534 I think the reason it works is that beavers don't have too many predators. Granted, just like others, they've got their fair share, but for the most part, they aren't in much danger. That's why in this case, it's more severe.

Well that was sad...:fluttercry: But very awesome :twilightsmile:

3925534 FINALLY someone else makes that point...

But I do rather enjoy this story, keep it up author guy!

3924621 im honestly thinking the stare will just be LEAR or MEAN LOOK or something like that


Alicorn princess!~

Seriously. Wtf is up with Game Freak.

Finally, a story about my absolutely favorite pokemon. Heh heh, get it? Yeah. I shouldn't have done that.

“Very well, you will be heading to place known as Equestria. It is full of magical, colorful, little Ponyta who on occasion break out into song,” he replied in total seriousness in his voice.

I like how Giratina is portrayed in this story:twilightsmile:

My friend, I enjoy Pokémon crossovers, and I am the sole editor of, well... now one Pokémon crossover story, A New World, a New Way (the other author I was working with seems to have forgotten me). Two things:

What Pokémon species is Belle? (I can't help but think of Gardevior since that's the name of the Gardevior in the aforementioned story; also, Belle appears to be an Espeon from the description given. Sexy.)

Also, I'd like to help you as you continue this. Even though I'm only editing/proofreading one story, I think I'm making a name for myself here, especially since I'm preparing to post my own story. What do you say?

watched, faved and liked for the clever use of a pokemon name.


Sure, I'll start sending them to you if you pm me about it. Also; she's a Shiny Absol, probably should have been clearer about that :twilightsheepish:

so far i like it! keep up on the story! :pinkiehappy::heart:

This prologue was pretty well done.
Make me feel sad that they're gonna be separated soon.

…Yeah, you're gonna need something a bit stronger than a rope and a Stare.


Yeah you should... probably should fix that now... or whenever you have the chance. (IE, add some sort of line in the prologue)

This song is this title

You made my day. Kudos good sir. :moustache:

Heh heh...Water Cres.

You have my attention.

“Of course not, Absols give me indigestion. Far too much angst,”

I like this ghostie.:pinkiehappy:

3925534 It may be that the immediate area around Fluttershy's house is a safe-zone, a sanctuary that predators are welcome in, but must leave if they are to hunt. With the fish and worms, maybe they are considered to be of even less intelligence as the other animals, and/or they were caught outside the perimeter of safety.

Tracking because Chuggaaconroy's LP of Pokemon Emerald made me interested in Absol.

“Very well, you will be heading to place known as Equestria. It is full of magical, colorful, little Ponyta who on occasion break out into song,” he replied in total seriousness in his voice.
I paused.
“No; honestly where am I going?” I asked him, not buying his words for a moment.

Oh Cres you have no idea, I also cracked up at Giratina being serious about it!

Either way, I'm sure it'll be SUPER EFFECTIVE! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know

Absol is one of favorite Pokemon!!! Also please have Cres kick both applejacks and fluttershys butt!!!

Favorite for now, I look forward to giving you a like when I have more of the story to read.

While I know I must bar my full review of this until it is finished, I have to say I absolutely LOVE IT! Absol was always my favorite Pokemon as I was born into a family of jocks and rednecks (nothing against those two demographics) but I ended up a "geek", and because I was good at maths and sciences my family treated me like a walking disaster. But then I found this community and it gave me the courage to move out and live a life where being an absolute brony is fine and awesome. You all are amazing. Keep on keepin' on.

Reading coz Absol is best pokemon :scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

This is likely the pokemon fic I've always wanted. Absol is one of my favorites after all, and I enjoy the 'darker' realism you've given this pokemon world :twilightsmile:

A few things concerning the Absol, are you going with the four move limit, or something different? He obviously knows how to Sucker Punch, and his attack on Belle might've been a Slash. I'm sort of hoping he knows Future Sight since it's just awesome, Detect too, and Perish Song is just evil. Altough I'm not entirely sure what the move he used on the rock was, he could've found a TM and somehow self-learned Shadow Ball, or he could've had a trainer at some point? Also, I think Pressure would be an interesting ability for him to have if you make it affect non-Pokemon, though somehow giving him Magic Bounce would open up for some great fun concerning Twilight (Possible Mega Evolution in the future?)

As for the story itself, it looks very good so far, though I do agree that Fluttershy should know how the world works regarding predators and prey. If it's an animal killed in her sanctuary then it's understandable, but out in nature, in the Everfree forest no less, animals kill animals. That's just the way of things. In any case, Faved and Liked, and awaiting new updates eagerly :pinkiehappy:

Oh. You're writing that kind of Fluttershy. The kind that doesn't seem to know how the food chain works. "Predators eating prey!? Disgusting!"

3929406 3929390

Looking back I should have clarafied this point a little bit, don't worry she's not a 'no one is allowed to eat meat!' kind of thing. I'll elaborate more in the next chapter.

You guys thought we'd use Arceus didn't you?

Eh, not really.

I like the Giratina spin. He gets way underplayed.

I will make a pridiction that belle will travel there to get him

Gotta say I'm a little surprised and at the same time not surprised at Fluttershy's reaction.
For one, she should know that there are predators in the world.
They eat other animals not out of malice but out of natural born instinct and necessity to survive.
If she's going to scold him for eating those beavers to live, why not outright say:
:fluttershysad:: Um excuse me but... could you perhaps be so kind as to die on the spot so no other animals would have to die instead? If you don't mind of course...

Now yeah, she is in character and all but still, she should know that this is nature at work.
Being angry and trying to prevent nature from progressing isn't the right state of mind.
Those beavers might have been her friends but... well, is she going for revenge or is this a plea to ask him to no longer eat her friends?
Cause if the latter is the case, then what animal will he be allowed to eat and which not? The fact he might ask that will most likely put her on the spot: who would she be to choose who is to die and who's not to die for the sake of Cres surviving.
I suppose I might be getting too much ahead as she assumes Cres is a monster that kills and preys for fun and not just another creature that preys to live.
I'll keep reading and keep an open mind.

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