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Pretend this is an amazing short bio message.

Get it right!

Their=shows possession
They're=they are
Lay=an action done to something else "He layed down the remote"
Lie=an action done to oneself "He lied on the bed"
Your=shows possession
You're=you are
To=position "He went to the fridge"
Too=occasionally replaces 'also', and used in saying stuff like 'too much' or 'too many'
Two=twice as many as one, but half as many as four

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I think I remember this same mysterious... Ball of pink?... From some other profile. :trixieshiftright:



Well I'm an idiot, I JUST realized that whatever browser I used to use wouldnt load images or videos......so.......that would explain why I thought people put spaces and they had no clue what I was talking about XD

  • Viewing 91 - 95 of 95
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The Silence is Broken! · 5:29am Aug 13th, 2014

After several long months of work and trying to find a college that will take me just so my mom would be happy, school is about to start up again, and so is my fanfic writing. Even though I don't have a large fan base hardly at all, throughout this period it has expanded. I will finally get back to writing because I have free time but don't expect much because, you know, school. In fact I already know which story I'm going to write, it's going to be a sequel to one of my lesser stories Cadence

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