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Nightmare Princess Ether

I am a champion of the great and magnificent Princess Celestia!

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Thanks for the watch!

I love how you draw in the reader, silently ensnaring us with you devious hooks of diabolical hookiness; *ahem*:applejackconfused: darn those hooks.. Well moving on, I got hooked on your silent ponyville. Having played the silent hill games myself, you instilled the same creeped out vibe reading it through as I got with the game itself. Secondly I like how you approach gore, I appreciate tastefully applied gore seasoned with a dash of realism, too many times I have seen it used with tasteless crass; I think it has a somewhat undeserved air to it but perhaps that is just me & of course some shameless smut never hurt *ahem*:raritystarry::rainbowwild:. lastly I love a good crossover; sadly my favourite crossovers will likely never be done.:fluttershysad::fluttercry: {MLP x Xenosaga(Princess x Kos-mos/T-elos) or MLP x Digimon (Princess x Renamon)} mostly since I barely have enough to cover rent 'n bills. (sorry for the drawn out post.)

I see I has a new follower! What drew you to me?

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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