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Comment posted by Grave Walker deleted Jul 14th, 2015

Here guys, I have an idea...if anyone in this group wants to help me with one of the groups stories, please PM me your gmail account, I will add you to a google doc and we will write the story using the google doc, then I can just copy paste what we typed into a chapter!

Trying to grant access so the whole group can edit the story, but for some reason it won't let me. :fluttershysad: Help me?

We need to expand, find more people. We should write a story and post it to the website, make it the best we can come up with, and get as many likes as possible, make it a God Story, and this will put us on the map. I suggest huge fix with badass moments and romance, and very suspenseful. Pretty much a mixture of Fallout: Equestria, Past Sins, and just enough sadness as My Little Dashie. Lets do this boys.:rainbowdetermined2:


Frank Sinatra eh? So is Chuck Norris coming too or what?

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