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This story is a sequel to Absolution

Applejack thought she was done with Pokemon. Heck, she wished that she was done with Pokemon. After her encounter with Cres the Absol three months ago she thought she would never have to hear the word ‘Pokemon’ ever again aside from Twilight’s new obsession with them. Unfortunately, as everyone knows, things rarely turn out how we’d like them.

Cres thought he’d never have to hear the word ‘Pony’ again outside of Ponyta. Three years have passed since Cres returned from Equestria to be with the one he loves most of all. In that time, he’s grown increasingly confident in both himself, and the life he’s picked. However, when a certain orange mare shows up inside of a Pokeball he begins to question whether or not he can ever catch a break.

Editing by DaedricPrinceSheogorath

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Abby Trombly is a Pokemon Ranger, well, to be more specific, she’s one of the best Pokemon Rangers in the Corps. Black Market Rarecandy operations, Slowpoke Tail selling, underground fighting rings, she’s seen it all and dealt with it using both the skills of herself, and her Pokemon. However, Abby has a secret. For years now she and her partner Arcanine Kasai have been much closer then regulations would ever allow.

Now upon being thrust into a new world, with a new, much fluffier body, Abby and Kasai are going to have to find a way to continue their old work while coming to grips with a new type of challenge entirely.

A side-story of A New World a New Way

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Clockwork is your average stallion, hard working, dependable, maybe a bit obsessive about the placement of his tools of trade. One day after a long afternoon of attempting to fix a clock he receives an uninvited visitor in the form of a confused (and confusing) grey pegasus known only as the Doctor. Now he and the Doctor, still adjusting to a completely new body, must find the Doctor’s missing friend and try to adapt to each other as best they can. Little do either of them know that a dark shadow watches from behind it all and will do everything it can to make this the Doctor's final adventure.

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A Collaboration with Omega_code

An Absol's life is full of pain and the tragedy of others but for one, Cres, that pain is much closer to heart. After a year and a day spent praying atop Mt. Coronet Cres is finally given the chance to obtain his long sought after Absolution.

However the strange new world he is thrust into is nothing like the one Cres knows and with the threat of never seeing the one he loves most hanging over his head, can this one Absol really find his peace?

Was originally going to be a short story until we realized that it had to be longer.

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This story is a sequel to Light Wanderings

Ethan the Wanderer’s main adventure in Equestria may be over but that doesn’t mean that the tale ends there, oh no, it still goes on. These are the stories that were deemed either too inappropriate (not that way, get your minds out of the gutter) to put in the story or that I simply didn’t have time to get to. Needless to say that if you enter into this without having read either Light or Dark Wanderings then you’re going to be confused, but hopefully, it’ll entice you into checking them out. For those of you who have read them I hope you enjoy this romp through Ethan and Sparky’s travels and life. No, I have no idea how long it’s going to be, or how often I’ll update and keep in mind that this is my C story at the moment.

Expect silliness tempered by seriousness.

Oh, and sorry for the lack of good cover art, this was kind of spur of the moment... anyone willing to donate would be awesome

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Edit: Now a collaborative effort with Loyal2Luna

Commander Shepard has been through a lot, but now that the Reaper War's over he can finally relax and take a little R&R, right? Soak up the sun, grab a few drinks, spend some quality time with Tali, introduce a new race to the galaxy... wait, what?

In the aftermath of the war, a new species has been discovered amidst the destruction and fire. A species that have access to powers never seen before, powers which could prove vital to the continuation of galactic survival.

The Citadel Council has elected to send Shepard, along with the rest of the crew of the Normandy, to introduce Equestria to the universe outside of their solar system.

Now Shepard must wade through obstructive bureaucrats, antagonistic journalists, and the odd, angry prince in order to bring Equestria into a new age of space and adventure.

So settle in, it's going to be one hell of a vacation!

Now has it's own TvTropes page

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A man wakes up with a blinding headache and no knowledge of where he is or how he got there. Furthermore, it turns out that the world that he’s found himself in is populated by Technicolor ponies. However, there’s a glitch in the matrix. This world is not the Equestria of old where peace and harmony reigned supreme. No, this is the Equestrian Wasteland. A place where ponies struggle for their survival against bands of murderous raiders, xenophobic Enclave pegasi, and mutated monsters of all shapes and sizes. Luckily, this man’s name is Ethan Smith, aka The Lone Wanderer, aka that Crazy Son of a Bitch. Join him on his crazy quest to find a way back to his home in the Capital Wasteland, and with any luck make Equestria a brighter place along the way.

A side story to Light Wanderings and Dark Wanderings but neither have to be read in order to enjoy this.

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A night of friendly catching up between Twilight Sparkle and her mentor Princess Celestia becomes a look into the past for them both as Celestia recounts her trouble history and her rise from the freak daughter of a simple earth pony to becoming Princess of Equestria.

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When what was supposed to be a simple assignment goes wrong Rainbow Dash finds herself trapped in an unfamiliar intimidating world that’s being ripped apart by a civil war and savaged by dragons. Now with the help of Arria, the imperial apprentice mage turned Dragonborn, and her trusty housecarl Lydia can Rainbow Dash help save the people of Skyrim from being consumed by civil war and the even greater threat of Alduin himself?

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This story is a sequel to Dark Wanderings

It's been nine months since Twilight Sparkle got back from her solo sojourn to the Capital Wasteland where she met Ethan Smith, AKA that Crazy Son of a Bitch, AKA the Lone Wanderer and was changed forever. Now with Equestria teetering on the edge of a three way war Ethan is called upon to save Equestria, or at the very least to keep Twilight alive. But dark things are awakening in the background and all is not as it seems, can Ethan save Equestria? Can Twilight keep her friends on her side? Will these questions never stop? The answer to at least one of these is yes but can you find out which?

Edited by TacoTown
Coverart by the awesome Derrem

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