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When one life was ended
Another will begin
With a body now mended
The shadows dwell within

Before he was weak and unable to act
In this new world he can change that fact
But these dark powers are not easy to control
In order to do so he needs a pure heart and soul

They see kindness as tricks
And his honesty as lies
A hatred they affix
His form they despise

Only one can understand
And assist with his plight
With experience firsthand
She will aid this creature of the night

I own nothing but my computer
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro
Cover art by Pridark

post Twilicorn, pre Tree of Harmony and will not be using season 4 events
Will be adding category and character tags as the story progresses
Thank you to MP3Jack for editing and thank you to Zamairiac for providing feedback on the first 2 chapters. Check out their stuff, its good

Featured 10 Feb 14 - 13 Feb 14

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 238 )

Omg I cryed for no reson this story i mean this truthely is the best i have read ever

Ignitus from Spyro...

You clever bastard you.

He should be a male version of Cynder. :3

is the next chapter going to be ready soon?
and also marvelous work on the story hope you counted:pinkiehappy: you

there is no set schedule for when i will be finished with new chapters. As i said in the prologue authors note, i have very few things set in stone for chapters and the rest comes out as i type. this can cause a few issues with writers block, like it did when i was writing the Steven Magnet scene. until i got to that point, he didnt even cross my mind as someone to include and the chapter was delayed a few days. I am however currently writing the next chapter and if all goes well, it should be done later this week

nice :pinkiesmile: can´t wait for the Next chapther to come out :pinkiehappy:

Wow...I'm speechless! :pinkiehappy: BEST FANFICTION EVAR!!! :rainbowlaugh:
Next chapter soon? :yay:
At first I was like [:rainbowhuh: "Why is there a Dragon fanfiction? Never read one before."]
Now I'm like [:pinkiecrazy: "Ya just earned a follower!" :rainbowkiss:]

i made this fic because i've read too many dragon (not spike) fics that have gone dead...well that and i bucking love dragons

Dude don't worry too much, practice makes perfect and its not like you're expected to produce literary gold. Good luck and simply have fun in writing and the rest will follow. :heart: :pinkiecrazy:

.....i have 5 other fics and a non-pony related book on my computer that i will never let the world see, well maybe the book if i can ever finish it. ive had a bit of practice and this is the early results. as for the fun factor, its dragons, there is no way for me not to have fun with dragon related things

You sir get a Fave and A Follow.:twilightsmile:
Keep it up. :heart: :pinkiecrazy:

I like how you made the beginning and how you made him as a dragon very badass, very cool, and very intimidating. Good job FAV!:pinkiehappy:

Ya finally got around to posting this :D Like the way you set the stage. Now to find out what all that was about. TO THE NEXT CHAPTER ONWARDS!

I love it when a writer or artist says "I own nothing." It makes me think they're just vagabonds who break into people houses to make art on their computers.

Awesome cover img plz never change it

^ For voice reference

i had that pic commissioned just for this. i will never change it

Your first story hit feature box? I ain't gonna lie, I'm jelly. Awesome story BTW.

i am as giddy as a school girl right now. :pinkiehappy: and thank you

Comment posted by GordonFreebrony deleted Feb 11th, 2014

This better not be a Chess Game of the Gods fic. I've gotten sick of reading them...

after so many additions it does get kinda repetitive. But no, this isnt a CGoTG fic

I suggest you get an editor. The story is good, if a bit rough around the edges, but the grammar and punctuation could do with some serious cleaning up.


He chuckles and replies, “Face it boy, you’ll never beat me.”

And in walks Tommy.


"as for the fun factor, its dragons, there is no way for me not to have fun with dragon related things"

This logic, I like it very much... oh, and the story too. :rainbowwild::trollestia: continue, my dear sir. :moustache:

So what's this story about?

patience. it will be fully revealed in time

3928783 That doesn't exactly help me decide if I should read it or not.

you should always give potential fics 1-3 chapters before writing it off if it catches your interest. its what i do for every fic that i read and while i do come across numerous bad fics, i have more than a few in my favorites that i didnt think i would like at first

Favorite for now, hopefully I can add a like once there is more story to read.

I like this story. I can't wait for future chapters.:pinkiehappy:

Celestia, Princess of The Day, raises the sun, and Luna, Princess of The Night, raises the moon and stars.

MASSIVE run on sentence in the first paragraph.

Great story so far, follow, but no like yet. I need to read more first.

“I must say, that very well done,”

That's or that is

What? I'm not writing it off though. I just want to know what the story is about. All I've got so far is that it's about a human that turns into a dragon or something.

I think the grammer could use inprovemnet, but i thinked it look cool but i didnt read it hahaha

I'll follow it, but I won't up-vote it yet. This has the potential to be very good or very cliché.

Also, I would keep this in mind: http://www.springhole.net/writing/marysue.htm
It's the Mary Sue test, which tells if your character is too good to be true.

Looks like my OC...:trixieshiftright:
May have to give this a read.


P.S. I saw what you did you cheeky devil you...
Nope, I'm actually using a computer to type textual responses out to the interwebz...

What about the girl D:
You bastard why would you leave us with that cliffhanger!?

but cliffhangers are fun. and so are teasers

Put it in my "read later". So far, it's interesting even if a bit clichè (as 90% of the fics on this site, so can't really hold it against you), but I don't know if to fav it yet.
Make me. I dare you. :rainbowdetermined2:

Also, you have my GREATEST gratitude for pulling Steven Magnet in. Seriously, I can count the fics that have Sea Serpents in it on the fingers of ONE hand. No one seems to like them, poor guys.

He was hard as hell to write but having him in the fic is going to make certain situations hella easier to pull off. and even though he is hard to write, once i figured it out, it was fun.

as for making you fav...next chapter might do it

Can't wait for more :pinkiehappy:

3928927 how are you still alive!? I killed you and your vile zanuka!:twilightangry2:

3928129 I guess I haven't read enough of them. I like thems. :derpytongue2:

Don't suppose you could list me a few? :twilightblush:

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